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Friday, November 30, 2007

Massive Private Lable Rights Private Archive Being Open to the Public!

I know, for a fact, that many of my visitors either use Private Label Rights (PLR) products or HAVE used them.  Others have written to tell me that they are going to jump in and start using PLR in the near future.  While "gurus" are trying to step you up to their $5000 programs by telling you that what they sold you yesterday no longer works today, plenty of people just like you and I are doing quite well using Private Label Rights information.

Remember, as I'll elaborate further in an upcoming article, passive income doesn't have to be TRULY passive, as in "walk away and make money forever."  It only needs to be a heck of a lot more passive than anything you're doing now.  If, for example, you have residual affiliate commissions covering twice your monthly expenses, then who the heck cares if "theoretically" it's not "truly passive?"

Well, one of the BEST Private Label Rights info membership sites on the market is about to get better.  It's one of the ONLY two to which I belong.  It's current offer is already amazing enough.  When you join, you only get the most recent 3 months worth.  But now they are going to open up the WHOLE archive to new members for the usual monthly fee plus a ONE-TIME payment for archive access.

The Cool Thing Is...By Joining Now, You Are Totally Grandfathered In...!

You Get It All for No Extra Charge!

That means when they open the archives, you won't have to pay a dime more than I, or any of their current members, already do.  Anyone who joins after archive launch will have to pay EXTRA.

If you're looking for a solid, hot, private label rights information membership site, or want to add on a new one (I have two), then NOW is the time to jump in.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed and I am completely confident that you'll be amazed at what you see....

Get Grandfathered In Now!

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