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Thursday, November 22, 2007

An Internet Marketing Contoversy Blog Thanksgiving Poll

In keeping in line with the tradition and title of this blog, "Sam Freedoms Internet Marketing Controversy Blog", I'd like to extend to YOU the opportunity to be heard in a way that very few marketers or bloggers, in general, would dare allow.  But first, in honor of the Thanksgiving tradition, I present to you...

An Internet Marketer's Top 10 Reasons to be Grateful:

  1. Mastercard

  2. Discover

  3. Visa

  4. Amex

  5. Paypal

  6. 2CheckOut

  7. Blogger

  8. Sphinn

  9. Black Hat SEO

  10. A Sense of Humor

Now, as promised, here's your chance to speak out... no wait... it wouldn't be a good blog post without a couple of obligatory Thanksgiving videos.  But I must caution you, these are Sam Freedom Internet Marketing Controversy Blog type choices, so please empty your mouth of all liquids and shelter your childrens' eyes:

Sam Freedom Hand-Picked Thanksgiving Videos

Will It Blend?  Thanksgiving Dinner

Celebrity Bric-a-Brac Theatre:
The Story of Thanksgiving

Ok, and now, as promised, your chance to speak out...

Internet Marketing Blogger's Holiday Poll

Q.  Assuming you celebrated any given holiday in question, what do you think of marketers wishing you a happy holiday?


And if not...


Ok, we now return you to your regularly scheduled fleecing...

Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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Dennis Edell said...

I cicked "other".

When it's simply a Have a great weekend! email, it's fine. I do it too.

However, when it's followed with, Here's a 2% discount for the latest and greatest piece of crap, I may unsubscribe.

Svakanda said...

Damn Sam, thats funny. I should come back.

a Hostile redneck said...

It's usually just a marketing ploy and insincere. They blast you day in day out with the flavor of the day.

They seem to suffer ADD or multiple personality disorder.

At no other time do they just say hello, have a nice day.

Greed is a good, bad and ugly all at the same time.