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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Free Advertising AND Traffic - Why Did the Gurus Not Tell You Until It Was Too Late?

You know the deal. If you're in a rush, here's the link, but if I were to pick one out of all the posts I've written so far for you to read in it's entirety, this one would be it.

Or maybe you're just burning with curiousity?

Last week I told you about a special program. Now I know that both you AND I get so many offers in our mailboxes that everytime someone comes out with the "Next Amazing Thing!" you and I both give it that "Yeah, yeah.." response.

It's gotten so out of hand with so many mediocre programs and offers that it's nearly impossible to drive the point home when something really am'azing DOES come out!

Like this:

So here's what I'm going to do....

First, you should know that I was one of the primary driving marketing forces behind the brilliant and powerful application listed below. The author, Amy Cross, is a virtual genius to the point where it would be just way too much to explain every nuance of this. It's easy to use, but to explain all the brilliant reasons it works so well, and what AMY knows about the search engines that even SEARCH ENGINE GEEKS don't know, would take way too much space.

But this explains it simple, quick and clean:

I told all my partners and members and all but a few of the elite gurus came back with the "yeah yeah" except Mike Filsaime, Laura Childs, Cody Moya, Ken Reno, Lamar Owens and a fistful of others who I would call EARLY ADOPTERS. The ones who are about to PILE ON now are NOT the early adopters. They are the CROWD FOLLOWERS who just got a couple of lucky breaks and are thought of as gurus.

So when you see "gurus" screaming from the rooftops about BLOGSUBMITTER PRO, and it's up-coming phenomenal upgrade - vSearch, just know that YOURS TRULY saw the brilliance of it WAY BEFORE any of their grey matter finally caught up to speed.

I realized the brilliance of this program INSTANTLY:

Instead of taking up your time with a whole bunch of features and technical mumbo jumo, I'm just going to bullet point the things you need to know RIGHT NOW if you want one of the BEST, UNDER the RADAR applications that WILL, *I PROMISE* be DISCONTINUED at some point in the not-so-distant future. That is to keep it from being watered down by too many users.

Check out this beautiful proto-type:

So here are the points you need to know NOW
to make an informed decision:

1) The upgrade is coming out SOON. It could be tomorrow, or 7 days. It was supposed to be a couple of days ago but there was a minor delay. If you own Blogsubmitter PRO before vSEARCH arrives, you get vSEARCH for F'R'E'E. If you don't you pay an extra $100 and it really WILL be discontinued.

2) You get to use it RISK-FREE.

3) I have used it SUCCESSFULLY. Here are just a couple of my results.

a) Click Here for they phrase "seo keyword tip".
b) Click Here versus internet marketing top SEO experts.

And I have about 20 other keywords that were not even in the top 1000 and are now ranging from 20 to 55, and moving up fast, every single day...all in under SEVEN DAYS!

4) If you make your risk-fr'e'e purchase through the link in this letter, you will also receive the following:

a) A hot, new book on blogging for m'oney.
b) Totally fr'ee hosting with no catch whatsoever.
c) Auto-Advertister - You can see it at the sales page.
(right here: )

I've made over $3000/mo blogging so I know the book is valuable. And the fr'e'e hosting belongs to my partner, one of the best, most conscientious people in the business.

5) You'll be one of the first to use a product that actually DOES something for the everday man and woman who knows a little about web marketing but doesn't have all the fancy connections that the gurus keep a tightly closed fist around.

Sorry gurus..!

So take my word for it, as someone who USES it, and someone who BENEFITS from it. And someone who KNOWS the author and her plans for future upgrades, and couple that with your purchase is RISK-FREE.

Read that again - that means you're not going to end up throwing your m'oney away yet again on an over-hyped product that doesn't work. Your purchase is protected.

Take a look:

So thank you for reading this far. If you have, it tells me you are serious about succeeding online and that this product is for you. Use the link below to read more about it again including testimonials and to see the fr'ee program you'll be getting along with it.

Then email me with your receipt and I will furnish you with the m'oney making blog book AND the loaded up hosting account at no extra cost to you. Even if you return the blogsubmitter pro, which I don't recommend, you get to keep the hosting and the blog book for fr'e'e.

My very best wishes for your success.

Your friend,
Sam Fre'edom
PS. Watch, pretty soon your mailbox is going to be slammed by so-called gurus who got on board TOO LATE. By then it will cost $247 more but they won't write about how their inaction ended up costing their members an extra $100. Oh well...!

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