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Friday, November 17, 2006


Greetings Friend,

In A Rush? Click Here!

You've heard of it before, "Tag and Ping", probably so much that you have either bitten and taken a closer look by now OR you're so frustrated with not understanding what it's really all about that you get infuriated and resentful each new time you hear about it. If you're like me when I first started, you wish someone would just come along and practically take you by the hand and show you what to do. Well, finally someone has. And it's not a BIG WIG marketer who just fluffs you into a half-assed manual that takes you halfway across the Red Sea and then just drops you off as the waves close in on you and drown you, once again, in a sea of confusion.

Take a look now

Did you know I was "tagging and pinging" long before the hucksters came to town and started marveling as if they'd just made the greatest discovery. Yes, in both my 12dailypromadness blog plus this blog, I began tagging and pinging technorati (there's even a ping link in the border to your top right) and I was getting upwards of 1,000 hits per day per blog. That's huge. And I was making money hand over fist. BECAUSE I KNEW WHAT TO DO. Thing is, rather than taking all the time to teach it, I'd rather be DOING IT. And I'm glad when someone else comes along who both knows how and enjoys teaching it. And that's exactly what I'm about to show you.

Take a look now

If you have been interested in getting tons of traffic to ANYTHING you want using the "tag and ping" method PROPERLY and EFFECTIVELY then you need to get what I'm about to show you right now. I did. And I even got 3 bonus videos with it showing me some VERY cool extras!

See the BEST tutorial on getting disgusting amounts of traffic from TAG & PING that MAKES YOU MONEY right here!

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Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Screw It, That's Enough...!

That's it, I'm finally sick of it. Those of you who've known me since the earliest days have known, for some time now, that I've never quite done things the way many marketers, or marketers-in-training, do. In fact, I've even commented on some of their tactics with reproach.

You've also come to understand that I love to experiment and when I find something that works..
I WORK IT! And...

I tell you. Isn't that the golden rule in online business... that you can help yourself by helping others help themselves? So tell me..


How many marketers have helped you make any money? How much of your money-making has been limited by something like procrastination, laziness, doubt, disbelief and fear? So before I point you to a nice gift download, let me show you what's helped me to make almost $5k this past month - practically in my sleep, for real.
And I've turned my efforts towards helping others... just like you. Drop me with any questions. That slideshow shows about $2500 worth of $500 payments which is about 3 shy of the total this month. Each one is a nice, fat $500 comission.... and I've got it going on autopilot starting in a a few more days.
Just stay tuned... I'm letting down the marketing hair as I'm just sick of too many dingleberries spoiling the field and leaving you more confused than ever before...
As always, your friend in marketing,
ps. Here's the gift download I promised you.
If you already got this before, keep in mind it has master resale rights
and you can give it away or sell it, too.

Free Gift Download

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Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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Monday, August 14, 2006

Holy Sh*t...Not Naming Names, But...

Damn, I'm not claiming to be some kind of silver-tongued devil, but what is with the state of internet marketing today? Seriously, what in the Good Lord's name is going on? Have we reached some kind of critical mass where both every amateur who never took an "ad copy" course seriously AND even a good number of, supposedly, EXPERIENCED marketers have reached the upper limits of bad taste and just plain insulting assumptions about their readers?

I won't name any names, but take a look at this, for instance. It just arrived in my inbox:

"I'm in my office, and my office chair is a little -- well -- wet. I'm wearing a slightly damp swimsuit, my Tevas (a kind of sandal), and a ratty old T-shirt. You might ask "why?"....Simple.... It's August!...August is *prime* wakeboarding time here in [removed] where I live.Each morning the water on the [removed] river, running out of the majestic [removed] lake (one of the most beatiful and pristine lakes in the world), is perfectly flat and calm, and about 70 to 73 degrees."

Am I Overreacting? I Mean Who Gives A Crap?

Ok, I may not know you personally, but I really do put myself in the shoes of "a person with the wish to make it into a work-at-home business and OUT of the RAT RACE, the commute, the 9-to-5, the dreading of the next day's mail full of bills, etc" and I do my best to offer you and each other person at least TWO THINGS:

1) A little comedy, whether some kind of interesting way of looking at the otherwise mundane world, OR some kind of rant about those who basically do NOTHING for you but expect you to buy their products and keep reading how their office seat is wet and how the pristine lake next door "is perfectly flat, calm, and about 70 to 73 degrees." AND

2) Work-at-home opportunities which, IF YOU WERE TAKE THEM SERIOUSLY AND PUT THEM TO USE, have a PROVEN track record of greasing your eager palms with some


So, if I wax on about the world, or about my office chair being "wet", or the 4 pristine beaches within walking distance of my house, or how I haven't had to work outside my house for the past 1-2 years, please send me an email containing some version of


Now before I turn round and disappear back into the offline jungle, I want to live up to live up to #2 above so let me remind you of several TOP NOTCH, AWESOME opportunities which, WHEN TAKEN SERIOUSLY, will help you start to taste some of the freedom that I've come to experience daily. I still cook my own breakfast though. ;-) Alright, here they are:

1) SITESELL - Take you by the hand and step by step, with any combination of audios, videos or bustling forums, lead you to a point where you have created EXACTLY WHAT THE SEARCH ENGINES WANT. No short cuts, no silly tricks, no cutting corners, but the REAL THING except they've done EVERYTHING YOU NEED to make it possible for even the most web-challenged amongst us. AND, they back it all up with a SOLID money-back guarantee. You could not go wrong with sitesell IF YOU TRIED!

2) HYPERVRE - A totally free download that IS the SHORTCUT to the closes approximation of what Sitesell offers. I find this AWESOME, so I've done both. In marketing online, you have to have a REPETOIRE.."multiple streams of income"..and HYPERVRE is so incredibly SIMPLE, comprehensive, and well-thought-out that to NOT add it to one's repetoire, in my opinion, is a near-fatal mistake. Get your FREE copy NOW - and upgrade to GOLD if you like the upgrade features. I did. Don't wait, make sure to really get this now.

3) Mike Filsaime's BUTTERFLY MARKETING Manuscript - Almost always do I actually BUY the things I recommend. I HAVE Mike Filsaime's Butterfly Marketing SCRIPT so I KNOW it's just awesome. How I wish I had this THREE YEARS AGO when I first hit the web. I had envisioned something exactly the same for myself back then but I had no clue how to go about having such a thing made or even marketed. Well, Mike Did it...SEE HERE.

And later, Mike Released the STRONGLY RECOMMENDED Butterfly Marketing Manuscript that goes deeply into the formula and philosophy as to WHY the Butterfly Marketing method is the most powerful marketing formula discovered to-date. If you know of a more powerful formula, by all means, prove me wrong below.

So there you have it, folks. No stories about "wet office chairs" or about me "strolling along a foggy beach" or about my dog "jumping in the ocean after a marlin..." or whatever. You get my point. Stories can be cute but a fist full of cash allows you to go out and make your own stories! And THAT'S what *I'M* aiming help us both live a fuller, better life!

Look over the opportunities above again, then pick one and RUN WITH IT...because it's about time you started making some REAL money!! $$$$

Go get 'em Tiger!

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Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Rich Schefren...blah blah blahhhhh

Here's a tidbit about me that you don't know. I didn't come to web marketing out of desperation. I came out of intense curiousity which then turned into a blazing passion. I had spent 30+ years in my father's company enjoying relationships on a daily basis with over 1000s of customers and then we sold it (well, most of it.)

Why am I telling you this? TWO REASONS...

1) Marketers seem to think that revealing very little about who they really are makes them more mysterious and interesting. (lol, so intense!) and
2) You need to know that because I'm not desperate for a buck, I can tell you the truth. Woohoo! And that's what I love about this.

Now it gets really deep hang on tight!

If I can tell you the TRUTH about Finan'cial Fr'e'edom so that you can find your way there, then...YOU will be able to tell OTHERS the truth.

And telling others the truth is such a nice feeling and such a desperately needed relief from all that crazy ad copy that's designed to manipulate you like a chicken or a pig or a cow or a mule or a camel or a name it.
SO...MAYBE, not definitely, but MAYBE you've been receiving emails about this guy named Rich Schefren. And, of course, all the usual suspects are out ringing their dinner bells telling you that you MUST get coached by this guy.

And I say GO FOR IT....

...if you want to be chained to your desktop for the next 20 years. Or even your laptop, whatever, you get the point. If Rich was REALLY smart, he'd pick 20 skeptics like me and coach us...and then, if WE were convinced his coaching was solid, we'd ring the dinner bell all over the world.

But, like the usual suspects, he picks the few shining stars in our midst to do all the talking for him. Oh yea, that's called "social proofing", remember Jeff what's his name? Well, by using the shining stars to promote him rather than taking some hardcore skeptics under his wing and coaching them, Rich basically demonstrates the nature of internet marketing's '"Ol Boy Network...."


Yet they say knowledge is power. I believe it was Red Cloud and a few others who kept saying, "White man speak with forked tongue" Oh my, could it be true?

The real question you need to be asking is...

"Who am I going to give my money to this week? And why?"

And the answer is:

Now, BECAUSE (I never leave you wondering..) they have already taken 1000s of people JUST LIKE YOU and made THEM into shining stars who DO ring the bell and tell the world about it. And not the other way around, like RICH, who takes SHINING STARS and tries to make them seem like they're everyday guys and gals like you and me.

I might have had the good fortune to be in a great family business but, like my father, I've never forgotten my humble roots and that I'm really just an ordinary guy.

So now I'm passing on my wisdom to you...if you give this
your time and attention, THIS WILL LEAD YOU OUT OFTHE NOISE AND CONFUSION...and into financi'al fre'edom(which I explained in my last email as being easier than making a million dollars)

Stop delaying....I'm not kidding, or exaggerating, or dangling a shining star in front of you to make you salivate. I'm just telling you the truth:

Working for you,
Sam Fr'eedom
ps. Always do a ps!

Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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Monday, April 24, 2006

Please Critique These! Your Opinion is of Value to Me, Thank You!

Greetings Fellow Blog Traveller,

I've had three lessons sitting on mothballs for quite some time. I'm not sure why, either, because my friends and downline with whom I've shared them find them REALLY good. But I've just kept them off to the side for quite some time now.

They were initially created for members of Search Estate, a brilliant, visionary membership-driven "search-engine-that's-more-than-a-search-engine" (if you know what I mean!) You don't NEED to be a member of Search Estate to critique the lessons, just a member of the HUMAN RACE so I think you qualify. Or do you? :-)

But first, what many of ya don't know is the REAL story behind my involvement with Search Estate search engine:

One day, I saw the Search Estate website and was in awe of what they both offered AND what they were working towards - their vision. Admittedly, their vision is developing slowly but the opportunity they have been offering in the interim is simply AMAZING.

In a nutshell, you sign up for a FREE ACCOUNT and immediately get the following benefits:
  • Permanent Ad Spots on Your Own Search Results Page
  • Permanent Ad Spots on Your 1st Level Downlines Search Results Page
  • A 1-Stop Business Opportunity Page Where You Can List ALL Your Opportunities (well, up to 12 I think)
  • A Gateway Page That Leads Back to Your Biz Opp & Search Results Page
  • An Email Search Engine to Place In All Your Emails That Leads to Your Search Results Page
  • A Share in the Revenue When Their PPC Feeds Are In Place
  • A Share in the Revenue from Anything Bought From Your Search Results Page
  • And more...
Search Estate PRO MEMBERS Receive As Above, Except --
  • Permanent Ad Spots On Referrals' Search Results Pages SIX Levels Deep!
  • Earn Money on PRO MEMEBERSHIPS 2 Levels Deep!
  • Earn a More Generous Share of Revenue When PPC Feeds Are In Place.
For now, it is totally FREE and a MAJOR benefit for you to go in and get that 1-stop business opportunity page which I'll show you how to use to AMAZING effect later. The lessons below will show you how to set it up and then, in my next post, I'll show you how to hammer in the 2nd punch for a 2-step knockout.

To cut to the chase, I called the founders and asked them in the most sincere manner, "If I promote this, can you handle the traffic?" Naturally, they were a bit taken aback and laughed, but I was serious. I wanted to be sure that if I gave it a full promote, that the servers wouldn't get jammed up and give my referrals an unprofessional, "Server Busy!" error! What an impression that would leave, huh? A search engine company that couldn't handle a lot of traffic?

Well, they made sure their servers were beefed up and ready for the wave. What would good old Sam Freedom do to start an internet marketing avalanche into this really cool grassroots, socially conscious, freedom-loving search engine? I'll tell you soon enough! But for now, let's just say it inspired Search Estate enough to make me a marketing director along with my good friend, Lamar Owens.

My efforts added over 2,800 people to my frontline; 15,000 people to my total downline and all the buzz caused other members to repromote Search Estate and for wallowers to make the leap onboard. That resulted in somewhere around 30-40,000 new members in Search Estate and some really good new friends! Imagine having a BONAFIDE search engine (that doesn't SCRAPE results!) on your list of friends you can count on?

Wait, does that mean they would skew search results for me? How dare you! Never. Not in a million years. I don't even think that way but the question had to be answered before some maniac even asked it because you KNOW it was coming...!

Anyways, for those of you are inspired to get your own free email search engine, your own 1-stop business opportunity page to list multiple opportunities at once, and to start earning permanent text ads on others's search results pages, here's the link again, and THREE (3) lessons to get you up to speed:

And remember, I'd like you to critique the lessons!...stating reasons and experience, if possible.
Thanks, and best wishes,

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Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Butterfly Marketing: Mike Filsaime's High-Performance Viral Marketing Script - GOING FAST!

Mike Filsaime is re-releasing his Butterfly Marketing Site script but this time he's raising the price MONDAY. Even at Monday's price, Butterfly Marketing will do everything you dreamed it would such as build you a VERY big mailing list (you have a list already, don't you?), make you a LOT of sales, create an ARMY of affiliates and basically make your spouse and friends very happy that you were actually making money online.

(If you're anxious to see it now, just click here but first make sure to read my FOUR (4) "Limited Time Offers" in the post-script!)

Believe me when I tell you that I've seen rank amateurs using the Butterfly Marketing package and raking in the dough - RANK AMATEURS!! Imagine knowing almost NOTHING about web marketing except, "I really want to make some money fast!" and along comes a MUTANT POWER script by a PROVEN marketer that puts that power directly into your hands. I'm telling you, if I could have named it anything other than Butterfly Marketing, I would have named it, "Viral Marketing Script for Dummies" because that's EXACTLY what it is.

But those who use it look like anything BUT dummies.

Now, how long have you been online trying to make a decent living? Trying to make enough just to pay a few extra bills each month? How long have you been wishing to start generating some REAL cash so that maybe you could even take some time off from work or quit altogether (like me! woohoo!)? Well, isn't time you made a serious investment in yourself?

Mike Filsaime's Butterfly Marketing represents a significant step up in investing in YOUR financial freedom. When you actually SEE what the Butterfly Marketing site script is, and when you actually SEE what it allows you to do, and when you actually SEE how easy it is to set up and legitimize yourself in the eyes of the internet marketing community (and your family and friends), all of the other things you have invested in up until now will come to life in a whole new way...because your Butterfly Marketing Site and Package isn't meant to be NEW and independent of everything you've ever bought and done's meant to give you a means of tying it all together, and/or adding NEW promotions, and presenting it all in the most powerful way currently possible.

Now I don't like to rush people, but there's a very REAL price increase of FIFTY PERCENT on Monday! And I will come in here and change this part of the message because by then it will be too late. Mike will NOT lower the price for anyone, period and you'll have missed out on the Holy Grail of internet marketing viral scripts that

  • builds your list exponentially,
  • inspires people to spend their cash with you,
  • creates a massive hoarde of frenzied affiliates (I'm not exaggerating), and
  • keeps them coming back over and over

The potential in this one-of-a-kind script is extremely powerful. And if you wait until Monday for the 50% price increase, it would truly be a shame...a real bonafide shame. ESPECIALLY if you're not making the kind of money you'd have liked to have been making by now....

I've Got Mine...Now Go Get Yours..!

- When you wisely obtain this script, I'll go one step further to help you get a huge jump on things: I'll include EVERYTHING at the following site:


Yes, EVERYTHING! No BS, No Exaggerated Pricing, there's over $6000+ worth of MASTER RESALE RIGHTS products each with its own mini-site, and some rebrandable! Everything at that site you can repackage and resell ANY WAY YOU CHOOSE. (if you choose multiple payments, you will receive this bonus after your final payment is made)

PPS. LIMITED TIME OFFER #2 - When you wisely implement this script, I will also give you

  • a post-setup critique of your Butterfly Marketing site; AND,
  • a full promotion to my membership list; PLUS,
  • a link on my high-traffic blog for a minimum of 1-month!

PPPS. LIMITED TIME OFFER #3 - Another 15 HOT SECRET NICHE PRODUCTS with Master Resale Rights, Sales Letters AND Mini-Sites. You can't go wrong, my friend. If EVER there was a time to act for your financial freedom, it's now.

PPPS. LIMITED TIME OFFER #4 - OK, this is it! A Free 10MB Website with ALL the bells and whistles including UNLIMITED AUTORESPONDERS! Yes, this is for real! I've gone nuts! Take advantage of it before I regain my sanity...!

So, here's the recap...

  • A Critique of Your Butterfly Marketing Site by Sam;
  • A Promotion of Your Butterfly Marketing Site by Sam;
  • All of Sam's Masterights.Biz Master Resale Rights Products
    w/Sales Letters & Mini-Sites;
  • 15 More of Sam's Secret Hot Niche Products, All REBRANDABLE, and
    w/Masterights, Sales Letters & Mini-Sites!
  • PLUS! Your Own FREE 10MB Website with UNLIMITED AUTORESPONDERS to Host Your Butterfly Marketing Website...!


Now Go Get Yours...!
then email me proof of purchase at samfreedom AT
and I'll give you everything above (and even more...).


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Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Ebay, Google Adsense & Clickbank PROFITS All On ONE PAGE!

Whether you're an Ebay buyer, seller or just plain find it cool, here's an opportunity for you to make money in a very cool and unexpected way. It was only a few weeks ago that I introduced a whole lot of people to renowned Ebay auction EXPERT, Jason James right here: Auction Resource Network. Jason is, bar none, THE EXPERT on Ebay and how to use it to make a boatload of money without having to pre-purchase or wrap or ship ANYTHING!

Well, add to that a VERY VERY VERY COOL "Little Web Page" by Renowned Ebay Auction expert and dropshipper, Tim Knox and His Friend, Dave Purves, and you have a recipe for a 1-2 money-making knockout punch that no person really intersted in making money online should ever be without.

Think I'm exaggerating? Wait'll you see what I know have added to my income stream arsenal for a ONE TIME LOW PAYMENT! It's mine FOREVER. It has incredible resources, some high quality tools and a MINIMUM of 3 ways for me to make money - WITHOUT EVER HAVING TO LIFT A FINGER TO SELL ANYTHING ON EBAY! I CAN also utilize Jason James proven strategies on a completely seperate level, but this beauty by Tim requires NOTHING but an initial set up and then directing traffic to see MY page and how I've set it up,


Once there, you can play around, but then click the top banner to "get your own" (or go directly there) and you'll see Tim and Dave's site and their short movie and explanation as to how you can really make GREAT money to add to your monthly income stream with it.

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Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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Monday, April 03, 2006

Neil Shearing's "Insider Rollout Secrets" A Smash Hit!

If you've *ever* wondered how the "gurus" make fortunes while the little guys struggle to sell online, you have to read this...

Neil Shearing is the guy who "tells it like it is" and is also the driving force behind ScamFreeZone since 1997! Now that's an online pedigree to be proud of... helping people build their online businesses for almost a decade.

Well, Neil's just released an ebook which blows away anything I've seen before... he describes in precise detail how he took one ebook idea and turned it into sales of $253,603.47... yes, that's over a Quarter Million Dollars! How many other people online can do that? How many are willing to share all the secrets used to generate that massive total from one ebook idea?

Luckily, Neil's done just that in "Insider Rollout Secrets", and I strongly suggest you grab a copy...

...this is an ebook that will change the way you think about making money online. As Michael Cheney said... "Every once in a rare while I come across information online that is so valuable it makes me feel like I've just had my eyes opened for the first time. I can say, hand on heart, it's one of the most valuable things I've ever read in my ten years online."

Neil's new ebook does that to you... it makes you see the "big picture"... the way you *should* be doing things instead of the way you've *been* doing things... and then goes on to show you exactly *how* to do everything!

Check it out... I give it my strongest recommendation... Click here...

ps. By the way, Neil is offering a $10 introductory discount on orders for the first few days only, so check it out and grab your copy today to save ten bucks!

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Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Private Label Audio Books?! Whoa!

You know there are three things that have to happen for you to make money in an internet based business:

1) You need to have a great product for sale;
2) You need to get traffic to your website; and,
3) Once that traffic is there you need to be able to convert them from prospects to buyers.

[note: make sure to discover the 72-hour only coupon in the P.P.S.]

Of the three, a great product is most important and can be all the difference between an average and a successful business.

No Amount Of Marketing Is Going to Make Up For Not Having A Killer Product.

What if I could tell you that the secret to making an insane amount of money with INSTANT AUDIO Products, was literally at the tips of your fingers? And what if I told you that it's absurdly simple? How much would that be worth to you?

"But what do I sell?" you may ask. "And what will make me the most money, the kind of product that may earn me Tens of Thousands of Dollars?" The answer...


PRIVATE LABEL Rights to ANYTHING of quality has been massively profitable! And here's a totally new type of private label rights product made freshly for you to put YOUR name on, month after month! So what exactly ARE Private Label AUDIO BOOKS?

Well, Click Here To Visit The Website To See For Yourself.

Sam Freedom
P.S. To make things more profitable for you Cody is limiting the number of people who can join to 1000 and once that number is met he will cut off all memberships. Get In Now, This Is Brilliant, Incredibly Original and Just Plain Awesome...!
Visit This Private Label Audio Books Website.
P.P.S. This is a 72-hour launch special only! When you Act Now, use the coupon below and you will get the whole thing for $5 off/month, the exact same thing for which others will later be (gladly) paying more. But this deal is good only when you use a coupon you have at the bottom of this post and within 72-hours only (or the coupon expires). When you get your membership using THIS coupon (4B744CA45F), the already low membership fee will remain locked with a PERMANENT $5.00 discount for as long as you are member. Here it is again: 4B744CA45F
Private Label Audio Books 72-Hour Only Launch Special.
P.P.P.S. Anyone who picks this up through me will receive a FREE copy of Mark Joyner's "Confidential Internet Intelligence Manual Volume 2"!! Just drop me a line immediately after you're done (samfreedom2 AT gmail DOT com)

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Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Will I REALLY Make $500 Per Day With the 1-Step System?

So, Will I Really Make $500 Per Day With the 1-Step System?

I want to resolve this common question I have been receiving lately.

The premise of the 1-Step System is that you have 1 step to perform in order to start making $500/day over and over and that get people to your 1 Step System replicated Website. I'm drop dead serious when I say that your site and their teleconference presentation are VERY attractive and it does ALL the work of signing people up for you. Take a second and you'll see exactly what I mean: My 1-Step System Website.

So, Will I Really Make $500 Per Day?

Yes! But you probably won't make it from Day 1. You might make only $500 per week when you first start out, but due to the 1-Step System's Aussie 2-up system, it can eventually reach $500 (and more!) per day, just not immediately. Like me, or anyone else making good mon'ey online,you have to make an initial effort to get over the first hump and then, essentially, you get to coast for a while. My first effort was in advertising this in PAID AUTOSURF!

Here's an example of how you will end up making many INDIRECT sales on AUTOPILOT...

In the Aussie 2-up, you give your first 2 sales to your sponsor - Boohoo! But that will only bother you if you continue to think like a consumer. I would rather you think like a business owner and think of what it means to RECEIVE the first 2 sales from YOUR referrals.

Now Watch Closely...

You pass up your first 2 sales (big deal)...
Your 3rd sale pays you back 95% of your original investment.
So THAT'S a big relief.
Now, are you ready for what comes next....?


And that PURE profit can come from either your next DIRECT sales, OR from the Aussie 2-up referrals you receive FROM your DIRECT sales. Here's another way to illustrate this...

You make your 3rd DIRECT sale (referral). So watch this now...
That person gives you THEIR first 2 sales (referrals) ($1000).
Then THOSE 2 referrals give you THEIR first 2 referrals
(4 - $2000).
Then THOSE 4 referrals give you THEIR first 2 referrals
(8 - $4000)
And so on and so on...

So EACH Direct Sale You Make Beyond the Second Has the Potential of DOUBLING OVER AND OVER AGAIN Without Your Involvement!

You can receive ALL those INDIRECT sales starting from your 3rd referral -- INDIRECT sales for which you did absolutely NO EXTRA WORK AT ALL!

Every DIRECT sale you make beyond the 2nd goes to work for YOU because of the Aussie 2-up system whereby you recieve the first 2 sales from EVERYONE you sign up directly AND from everyone that gets passed up to you indirectly! One initial super effort in promoting 1-Step System and that can add up REALLY FAST!

So tell me you can't make $500 per day by making the initial effort to get to that 3rd direct sale and beyond and I'll tell you that you aren't cut out to be in online business.

But Stop And Think Of It This Way, Too...

Where else can you make virtually 100% return on your investment over and over and over again with each sale starting an AVALANCHE of INDIRECT sales for you on autopilot?

NOWHERE....nowhere I know of anyhow.

So if you've been swamped with a bunch of emails raving about the 1-Step System, remember who takes the time out to explains things to you and to answer your questions frankly and as accurately as possible....Sam Freedom, that's who.

Remember also! Instead of thinking of how much it will cost you, think of how much it can MAKE YOU. The 3rd sale pays you back around 95% of your original investment and all the direct and indirect (aussie 2-up) sales are, from there on out, pure and total profit forever and ever. Pretty awesome, huh?!

So join me here:
Your first payment is for your marketing toolbox and make 100% sure your second payment goes to MASTERIGHTS.BIZ because I only give help and advice to people on my team.

Once that's done, I'll have to activate your website so you can set up payment options and start earning money!

Here's to Your Profitable Future!
PS. Fear has no place in these matters. Those who make intelligent sincere efforts always win the day. Your 1-Step System back office (marketing toolbox) has an ABUNDANCE of marketing materials, audios and videos...all easily help you get started promoting in any number of places. If, at this point, you are concerned about making it to your 3rd sale, you really need to be pushed out of the nest! GET STARTED NOW!

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Name That Babe!

Who can name this blossoming babelicious beauty that is also one heck of a talented singer? And what does she have to do with internet marketing?

Oh give up so quickly do ya?

I'll give you a hint: Free Traffic.

Still drawing a blank? Maybe that's because she was about 15-16 when most of us saw her advertisements in our totally unrelated internet marketing subculture. And on her album cover she looked more like a cute, young kid with braces than the lady she's growing up to be now.

So just click either pic and you'll instantly see which well known internet marketer first had this female's voice serenading us on his widely recognized join page.

And when you're done there, CLICK HERE to get one of her FULL LENGTH songs completely and totally FREE! Her latest stuff is even more mind-blowing but the free song you're about to receive is still going to blow your mind.

After you download it, you'll be brought to her homepage and who knows, she might be playing in a town near you!

Best wishes and I hope you enjoy!
Sam Freedom
ps. Time's Running Out on the Fastest
Way to Make Big Money Daily With Adsense
Starting from Day 1. Here's the Details
in Case You Missed Them the First Time Around.

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Friday, March 03, 2006

$500/Day or $297/Day - Really?!

1stepsystem, 1 step system, rod stinson, chris keohl, make money
Recently, Rod Stinson and Chris Keohl released "The 1-Step System", a marketing system designed to redeem the marketing world from all the shortfalls and inadequacies both men say they suffered in previous systems. They do it ALL for you except for ONE STEP, hence "The 1 Step System". What is that one step? Get people to their teleconference. That's it. From there, Rod Stinson explains everything in the only way a superbly trained public speaker could. He speaks quite fast but it allows him to cover a LOT of ground in just 37 minutes which seems about right regarding the limit of attention spans.

Rod says, emphatically, that this is the only system where you do worse if YOU try to do the selling. You literally have ONE STEP, again, to get people to the call. As for getting people to the call, they provide you with a marketing toolbox, high quality support materials, a tricked out contact manager and VIDEOS, VIDEOS, VIDEOS. They aren't long boring ones, but are just right to help you learn EVERY aspect of the back office and how to GET people to the call.

Of course you can use Google Adwords PPC, forum signatures, ezines and all the usual online methods, AND you're also given offline materials for things such as flyers and drop cards. Imagine people finding one of these at the laundromat, or the local convenience store, or coffee shop:

1stepsystem, 1 step system, rod stinson, chris keohl, make money
The claim of $500/day seems high, at first, but on my first 3 days, three people DID contact me with the express desire to signup though they had to wait a couple of days, each for various reasons. But the mind is a funny thing and it manufactures its own case such as "if I made even just 4 sales per MONTH I'd be happy! Even $500 Per WEEK would be WAY better than I'm doing now!" And that is true for most people. So the question is...can you DO the 1-step?

Now, the old saying is true, "You have to spend money to make money." but for some people, $597 is just too steep.

So, in steps "Easy Daily Cash" by well-known marketers Mike Corcoran and Craig Garcia, paying out 100% commission INSTANTLY!

"Easy Daily Cash" is very similar except there's several factors that make it WAY more attractive to a LOT of people. First, the product around which it exists is one of the LARGEST packages of MASTER RESALE RIGHTS SOFTWARE I've ever seen. Master Resale Rights means that not only can you USE the programs and READ & LEARN from the books and reports...but you can RESELL them at ANY price you want. You can also give them away as gifts, or to get people to sign up to your mailing list, or whatever you want. But the point to be made here is that, everything else aside, it is a software and ebook package that FAR outclipses it's price.

Second, "Easy Daily Cash" is HALF the price of "The 1 Step System" and not only that, you keep it ALL paid INSTANTLY (after your first 2 sales)! This makes it MUCH more attractive to prospects who aren't able to afford the higher price tag of "The 1 Step System". PLUS it has the largest treasure trove of Master Resale Rights products I've ever seen in my 3-4 years of marketing online.

"Easy Daily Cash", also, has a back office loaded with support materials and they, too, give great tele-calls on Tuesdays and Thursdays. At first, I theorized that "Easy Daily Cash"'s two tele-calls per week versus "The 1 Step System"'s tele-call every night was it's one downside, but after further analysis, it dawned on me that "Easy Daily Cash"'s MUCH lower price and the HUGE Master Resale Rights package being much more accessible and attractive to the everyday person translates into less tele-calls needed.

Personally, I would not have joined the "1 Step System" without listening to the telecall. But I joined "Easy Daily Cash" within minutes of reading about it. Very simply, I knew that many more would join at "Easy Daily Cash"'s much lower price with the huge package of software than would for the sophisticated back office and toolbox of the "1 Step System".

So it's not a question of whether or not you SHOULD be working one of these, but WHICH one you deserves your best effort because I know of no other programs designed so well as to afford the average guy or gal the opportunity to earn so much money so quickly. Think you can make 3 sales over the next year? Over the next 6 months? Over the next month? Or week? If you're a quitter, no, but if you're done sitting around watching the bills pile up and the bank account dwindle and you're motivated to take a minimum of initiative with the generous marketing tools supplied in the back office, it's my opinion that "Easy Daily Cash" is your ticket out of that mess.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention, if this paragraph is still here that means if you join right after reading this, I'm currently offering a $100 refund for my Easy Daily Cash referrals and will also rotate your link on one of my blogs for 1 week. But I'm probably taking this offer down soon so that's my incentive for you to get off the fence and make up your mind to make a difference in your life NOW!

Click the Banner and It Will Take You Right There.
(Make sure to listen to the short audio, it's VERY important!)

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Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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Saturday, February 25, 2006

EWEN CHIA Grows a Conscience! Or Does He?!

What follows is a letter Ewen Chia posted, a thinly-veiled SLAMMING of Rod Stinson and Chris Keohl's "1 Step System" that's been suggesting potentials of $500 per day or more using the Aussie 2Up method of downline building. NOTE: I'd appreciate a link to this article from any of you with a blog or a site related to internet marketing. Also, I know some people are drama queens and take the internet marketing celebrity guru scene way too seriously, so if that describes you, please feel free to tell Ewen about this directly. I'd email him but, as you'll soon see, his inbox is quite full.

From: Ewen Chia

Dear Valued Subscriber,

Seems my last email really helped a lot of people...

You don't really believe this do you? The thing with internet marketers of the celebrity guru subculture is that once they get a taste of the power of bullshit, they can't kick the habit.
Similar to any addiction, the addict eventually believes what he or she is saying and it makes them seem even more believable. And there's hardly anything more beguiling as a liar that believes himself. So how does the reader really know how many got helped and how Ewen verified that it was really helpful?

Now, some of you guru celebrity groupies might consider this nitpicking. It is not. It is meant to set the tone for the rest of this response.

Thanks for all your replies, I appreciate it. If I didn't reply you personally yet, I apologize as there're now more than 1,200+ unread emails in my inbox.

Maybe it's time Ewen took some of that money he's been making and bought himself a secretary.

Just to answer some questions:

I do not have an agenda or monetary gains from sending you that message, and I'm not trying to pitch another system as a replacement. It was simply information I wanted you to know about with no catches whatsoever :-)

There's a catch. So either he's lying, or he's unaware of it and I tend to believe it is the latter. But eiither he's a salesman or a public servant - not both.. So, you decide.

You may find it hard to believe that a marketer will do such a thing - but it's really about caring enough to take the time and effort to do so when permitted.

This is a kind of gibberish that some people seem to nod their heads with as if they understand it, but upon intense scrutiny actually means nothing. And upon close questioning, the people who agree with it turn out to not be so sure as to exactly with what it was they were agreeing.

In any case, caring is something totally different and rarely convenient. He is just continuing to groom his readership which is what all marketers do. It just makes him think he is being magnanimous to refer to his list grooming as caring. But without a doubt, there are list members who will believe him. And when someone like myself points this out, we are then accused of being cold, uncaring, unsympathetic or bitter and disenchanted. And to an extent, that is true...we're not bitter and disenchanted in general, but with having to deal with the results of letters like Ewen's which some people will think is either true or, at least, benign.

If you want to truly make it online, you've got to focus on setting up REAL lifetime businesses that work long-term.

Is this news? Here's a guy who comes from the school of ad copy that says things like, "High School Kid Makes $8,000 in 3 Days!" or "Stuff Your Inbox With Cash!" yet suddenly he's promoting sound business principles. It reminds me of how the Chinese restaurants in my area serve all the greasy, fattening, MSG-laden food to the locals who devour it gladly while in the back room, all the employees are eating healthy vegetables and rice. It reminds me of the family dog who smells the homeowners fabulous 7 course meal but then gets the same old dog food as it does every night.

Businesses which you can CONTROL.

"The most flexible element in the room
controls the situation." - ??

What does Ewen's statement really mean? Nothing.

Everything in life is inter-connected:

The tax structures change - it affects your business.
The building codes change - it affects your business.
Nature knocks your building down - it affects your business.

You're never really in control just because your name is on the deed. You're in control of a situation as per the other statement I quoted above - if you are the most adaptable, flexible element in the room. Ewen Chia has focussed mainly on "affiliate marketing" as long as I've known of him. Is selling others products your own business? You could argue it, but it's not. It's being a salesman or an agent without salary or benefits. If you want to call that a REAL business, " then you'd have to incorporate, get a DBA, yada yada yada. In theory, again, many people will nod with such statements which, in reality, are just fluff, and for reasons which will become readily apparent.

Now, can a business INCLUDE affiliate marketing? Sure! Must it EXCLUDE opportunities like "The 1-Step System"? Not at all. So why is Ewen singling out the 1-Step System as a stand-alone business rather than another stream of income to add to your growing business?! Can anyone figure that one out?! Is it really because, after hyping products like "STUFF YOUR INBOX WITH CASH!!!" for years, that he somehow magically grew a conscience?

Businesses which build YOUR brand.

Isn't this a guy who is constantly promoting affiliate marketing? How many affiliate marketers who are out selling others products have a shot at branding? "Sam Freedom" sounds like one, but what is Ewen talking about? He's cherry-picking good advice that has been said a million times. A hen can be trained to type the same thing out on a typewriter - but how is that relevant or caring as regards his belittling the "1-Step System"?

Businesses based on VALUE where everyone wins.

The old "win-win" philosophy. Nothing new here. But why is it regarding a rant on the "1-Step System"? Has Ewen achieved or verified that all of his customers have won? It's easy to repeat such words, but more difficult to achieve the results they suggest. Has he?

Anything that adds to the above is good, anything that takes it away is questionable. This is the 'secret' to zooming pass information overload and hype.

I'm sorry, that is funny. That is coming from the guy who wrote this:

" Once You're Armed With My Secret Toolkit That Has Helped Me Sell Over $832,697.85 In Products And Services In The Last 12 Months Alone, You'll Be Able To Trigger A Synergistic Chain Of Events With Machine-like Repeatability, Resulting In Huge Cash Windfalls As Fast As Humanly Possible… And Without Limit!

In fact, you’ll increase your sales so much faster than you would without this “insider” help… and do it so easily and effortlessly your friends will accuse you of robbing a bank!

(Remember, someone has to sit around saying, "What Stupid Things Can We Say to Get People Excited Now?")

Anyways, that seemed like information overload and hype to me.

Some models of these include affiliate marketing, information marketing, list-building, content publishing etc. just to name a few.

Again, I'm not putting down the said program, the "Aussie 2-up" structure or
other marketers promoting it
, some people have had great successes with it. It's just a difference of opinions depending upon which angle one is looking at.

Since you're my subscriber, I see it as my duty to share this with you.

What is the difference of opinion? He said others have had great success with it, so what's his problem? If it were just a difference of opinion and not a subtle put-down AND "some people have had GREAT successes with it" then why did he feel it was so important that it was a "duty" to tell you? Do you really believe Ewen considers it a DUTY...a matter of conscience to tell you?

Methinks it is just an attempt to CONTROL HIS BUSINESS (meaning YOU) from floating away to a product that will REALLY make you a LOT of money, a LOT Faster. Wait until I tell you a little later just how much my sponsor has made since Jan 31st....and this guys is NOT an internet marketer! Oh alright, it's $40,000.

The below email I received from one of your fellow list members reaffirms I did the right thing, and if I can help you make a more informed decision, it's all worth the time and effort.

It reaffirms nothing. If his reaffirmation is based on one letter from an unsuccessful marketer who, like so many of us, mistakenly and lazily expect that spending $1000 or more should yield us SOMETHING in the next month, then his original argument must be pretty weak. Rather than continuing to dialogue with this unsuccessful marketer to uncover possible flaws in his PPC, or general marketing, strategy, Ewen just takes it as fact that it supports his weak assertion that the 1-Step System must be flawed, ineffective, or, at best, benign. How weak is it to use a rant from an unknown entity whose actual marketing abilities are unknown as PROOF of conscience?

Here's the email:

Click the picture for a slightly less crappy version.

Have a great weekend!
Ewen Chia


Here's my original message...

"Read This Now Before Spending $597
Of Your Hard-Earned Money..."


From: Ewen Chia

Dear Valued Subscriber,

This is NOT a sales letter.

I'm not promoting a single thing here (I could do that and make 5 figures in days but I won't).

Was it necessary to let you know that he could make 5 figures in days? Yes, if he wanted to make 6 figures in weeks. By convincing even himself that he has a duty to inform you of something which, in his very own words, has worked out great for some people, he creates the possibility of making himself seem selfless, thereby endearing others to him.

"Isn't that Ewen fellow real nice? He thought it a matter of conscience to forego 5 digit earnings in order to warn us about something he says some people have had great success with!"

It really just decreases the likelihood that you will look at a VERY fine product, 1-Step System with a kind of support that Ewen can never give you. Ewen even said he had 1200 unread emails in his inbox. Perhaps yours is number 1200? Or 1199? Do you think his JV partners write to him at that address? In fact, I bet he'll read this letter LONG before he gets through those 1200 emails. Yet the 1-Step System is loaded with all kinds of videos and pdfs and support materials that make one-on-one support virtually unnecessary and YET they HAVE a support desk and they have answered my emails in less than 6-12 hours.

Is it just me who catches these bizarre, illogical statements? Is it just me who remembers that Ewen Chia is a SALESMAN and not a socially committed public servant?

It's a quickly put up message that may help you save $597.00 of your hard-earned money.

It might also PREVENT you from make $40,000 of someone else's well-spent money. But to borrow some clever wording from Ewen, "but this is just an opinion, depending on the angle from which one views it." Why isn't the cold logic that Ewen and other marketers of his ilk use, "JUST 2 SALES AND YOU'RE IN PROFIT!" equally applicable to this situation? Have any of his "valued subscribers" ever read "The Millionaire Next Door"?

Before I continue, I'd need to point out that these are my personal views, and I do not claim them to be the absolute truth. It's just something I need to share and I've no intention to put other marketers in a tight spot.

However you'll see why I HAD to write this to you shortly. It's a 'duty' so to speak.

Yes, marketers everywhere are depending on Ewen for their daily dose of good sense. Remember, what follows is not, as he says, Absolute Truth. He just feels duty-bound to share his PERSONAL views, in which his conviction was reaffirmed by one angry, unsuccessful marketer with unrealistic expectations. And Ewen says, without showing proof (and probably having none) that MANY people were helped by this letter of his that I am currently dissecting for you.

Here's the story...

(sleepy dreamy music)

You're (as I am too) probably being bombarded by many emails promoting a 'single step' program (which will remain unnamed here) where you could make $500 daily without doing a thing.

Now, emulating Ewen, what I'm about to say is not absolute truth, but just my personal views. In light of what Ewen has written, I feel duty bound to share this with you. It is just my opinion that were Ewen referring to one of his JV crony's promotions, he would not refer to the notifications everyone was receiving as "a bombardment." Just pay close attention to the choice of words and you'll continue to see that that is nothing more than a defensive business maneuver in reaction to...


I was intrigued to say the least and wanted to promote it, cos if I did I'd probably make at least $25,000 in the next 3 days from this.

He thinks you're too stupid to decide for yourself whether or not you want to give something a shot? Do you realize what the hidden message is there, folks? He thinks they are better with the bs than he.

"Isn't that Ewen great? He forewent $25,000 because he cares about me."

So I did what had to be done - pay the price of research.

How noble of him. Translated into non-hype English, we call it "a business investment."

Here's what I found...

In the broadest sense, this is a glorified affiliate program paying 80% commission on a $597.00 info-package, which is a series of ebooks, software and audio recordings.

In the narrowest sense, the 80% commission on a $597.00 product package is true. But Ewen doesn't tell all. There's also plenty of top-notch videos and marketing materials in the back office as well as a tricked out contact manager. PLUS, they do the selling for you on a high-quality tele-conference. In fact, I CHALLENGE you, REALLY, to listen in just ONE TIME and tell me yourself, on my BLOG or wherever, that it is not a Drop-Dead Amazing Tele-Call. Square Mark Joyner and you still haven't adequately described how slick and smooth this 37 minute tele-call is..

It's not MLM though it looks like it. The program is based on a structure called the "Aussie 2-up" where you'll have to pass your first two sales to your sponsor. The same applies to your 'downline' across one-level.

Who makes the most money? The experienced marketers with the list who get in early, and the creators.(apparently one of the creators had a similar program which is now on a parked domain page, go figure).

Go figure? I thought this was just personal views and not an attack. I've been marketing for around 3 years, and I can tell you there are countless big name marketers who have shelved programs that are on parked domains. That doesn't dismiss Ewen's shoddy work in this letter.

And, wait a second. Is Ewen trying to convince you that there's something wrong with
(or any) program because more experienced marketers make more money? Is the hidden message that he thinks his readership is full of inept people who can't break even with 4 sales per year (while having having 2 of those 4 go on to produce more sales via the 2-up?) What am I missing? It always seemed logical to me that the more experience you had as a marketer, the more you could put that experience to work for you. If anything, the Aussie 2-up actually HELPS LESS EXPERIENCED marketers do WAY better than a straight affiliate program.

Is Ewen selling communism? Is there something wrong with those who have worked hard to build the biggest lists reaping the benefits of greater profits than those who haven't? Does he, therefore, mean that if you haven't a big list, or no list that you shouldn't even bother attempting to win affiliates through something like signature files in forums, or by paying $200 for an ad in a hot ezine? OR BY EVEN USING EWEN'S METHODS FOR "STUFFING YOUR INBOX WITH CASH"!??!?!?!?!

So what is this really?

That's what I'd like to know. Why did Ewen get a hair across his behind about a program that uses the Aussie 2-up which he even admits has proven successful for some people? About
a program that affords the least experienced marketers the chance to benefit more so than if it was not an Aussie 2-up? About a program which allows experienceD marketers to leverage their hard-earned experience for exponentially greater returns? About a program with some very useful audios, videos, pdfs, contact management system, super professional tele-call for sales conversions and a responsive support desk?


Is it because Ewen didn't think of it himself?
Let's See....

It's basic info-product marketing done very smartly. You get on a free teleseminar and get pitched with a time-sensitive deal to invest $597.00 on the package.

Ok, sounds good so far, right?. In fact, Ewen's fellow marketer, Mark Joyner, did the same with a far inferior product called, "The Secret Weapon."

My question is: Do you need another marketing package?

No, not if "Stuff Your Inbox With Cash!" had stuffed their inboxes with cash. But listen, marketers know that a big contributing factor to business longevity is the ability to reconstitute and repackage. There's no mystery there. So yes, people do need ANOTHER marketing package. And just notice that Ewen is writing AS IF the reader has already seen or bought a marketing package from someone. Mighty presumptuous, huh? But you can come to count on that because internet marketers, in general, copycatting their predecessors, love to make these little assumptions.

The income opportunity is very appealing, but as with all things, you do need to work on marketing it, even if it's a 'free' teleseminar.

BRILLIANT! GENIUS! CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! Where do I send my check for this amazing information?! There's only ONE step. Get people to the call.

My concerns are:

1. Quality of the product

Notice there's nothing SPECIFIC...just enough to make you doubtful. It's something many competitors attempt to do to their customers who are considering a 3rd party purchase. The fact is, if you got the 1 Step System's Marketing package then, when it came time for Ewen & Friends to BOMBARD YOU with emails, you might hear a little voice saying, "Do you really need another marketing package?" And I feel reasonably assured that for anyone who joins the 1-Step System the answer will be a resounding, "NO!"

2. Saturation of the product (which will likely happen)

Wasn't it widely known crony, Mark Joyner, who addressed the same concern with some other products by quoting some stastic having to do with with 70,000 or so new people coming to the web every day? Add that to the fact that some companies who have proven themselves successful once, can be perfectly capable of, and prepared to, reinvent themselves...roll out a phase 2....or a new line of product for charter members to sell.

3. Long-term future of the program

What about it? I can worry about the long-term future of a lot of things, but if I expect people to believe me (and if it's REALLY as a dutiful service and not just self-promotion) then I should give some very clear reasons for my concern. Instead, the way Ewen has presented this is to underhandedly suggest a negative possibility and then let his readers' imaginations go nuts with it.

4. Long-term returns on YOUR investment As I said earlier, these are my personal views and the program may work well for you.

What is the point of saying something like that other than to get people to think this is not a thinly veiled put-down? How can Ewen try to now bring this down to the "casual" level of mere personal opinion and say it might work well for some when he begins the whole thing by referring to it as a matter of duty. He tries to play it off as a matter of conscience by which he is duty-bound to inform you that he has some VAGUE, UNDEFINED personal questions. These questions are regarding something that he also admits has worked very well for some people and might work very well for the reader.

I hope you're understanding this. Ewen seems unable to just let you believe that this is nothing more than what it is.. A BUSINESS DECISION to put down another business' product. And guiding his conscience with reaffirmation of an unverifiable amount of "help" people have supposedly received, is one lonely, disgruntled, unsuccessful marketer pining about his questionably competent PPC campaign efforts.

From what I've found, I can't bring myself to promote this to you with a
clear conscience - so I'm not.

Excellent! That's $25,000 more potential for us. Oh wait, it uses the Aussie 2-up so that's more like $1,000,000 more potential for us. Alright, mate! Gotta get me a FOSTER'S!

Hope this resonates well with you and you've found this useful...

Somebody please tell me how in G-d's name this could have possibly been useful.

Have a good day,
Ewen Chia

PS. I'd probably have to remove this webpage anytime soon. Please do NOT share this page with anyone else, it's for your eyes only.

Yeah, "..don't tell the owners of the 1-Step System that he's bashing their high-quality product and presentation that offers everyone from highly experienced marketers down to the least experienced to make a ton of cash...because he doesn't want them suing him."

Folks, now it's time for the SURPRISE QUIZ!

Was Ewen Chia's letter...
a) a conscientious call to duty?
b) a waste of intellect? or,
c) a thinly-veiled SLAM of Rod Stinson's and Chris Keohl's "1 Step System"?

Tune in for the answer in tomorrow's post,
Sam Freedom
PS. Make sure to check out my other blog:
Sam Freedom's 12DailyPRO Madness Blog!
and the home page of The Coolest Guy on the Planet!

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