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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Name That Babe!

Who can name this blossoming babelicious beauty that is also one heck of a talented singer? And what does she have to do with internet marketing?

Oh give up so quickly do ya?

I'll give you a hint: Free Traffic.

Still drawing a blank? Maybe that's because she was about 15-16 when most of us saw her advertisements in our totally unrelated internet marketing subculture. And on her album cover she looked more like a cute, young kid with braces than the lady she's growing up to be now.

So just click either pic and you'll instantly see which well known internet marketer first had this female's voice serenading us on his widely recognized join page.

And when you're done there, CLICK HERE to get one of her FULL LENGTH songs completely and totally FREE! Her latest stuff is even more mind-blowing but the free song you're about to receive is still going to blow your mind.

After you download it, you'll be brought to her homepage and who knows, she might be playing in a town near you!

Best wishes and I hope you enjoy!
Sam Freedom
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