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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Scientology and The Secret - Perils On the Way to Your First $100 Month

While many people are busy just trying to make their first measly $100/month online, there are all these crazy mind-control shenanigans going on all over the place but from a much higher scale. That's right, you've got dreams of making beaucoup bucks online, whooping it up with your friends, vindicating yourself from all the naysayers who insist you are wasting your time, and you're gonna make it big time.... if only these cults, and secret government agencies would stop fighting each other for control of your mind and let you make money online in peace!

It heats up pretty good around the 2:10 mark

I forget how many times people said "great things will come to pass", and didn't. I forget how many times the world was supposed to end, and it didn't. I forget how many times someone said they were gonna kick someone's ass, and they didn't. And I forget how many times someone promised to do something helpful, and they didn't.

So Many Disappointments; So Little Time.

Well, apparently, Scientology was scheduled to come to an end on February 10th, 2008; but, if you're prone to splitting hairs or were, say, a cult leader trying to re-define a prophecy that never came to pass, you might say that Scientology was supposed to "BEGIN" to come to an end on February 10th, 2008. And, from there, you could cite a whole bunch of unverifiable occurrences that, to feeble minds, could suggest the beginning of ANYTHING, really.

Hey, Maybe Barack Obama Will Correct All That?
Can I Get a "Yes We Can!"?


Yes, maybe Barack Obama will slay Scientology. Maybe Barack will dismantle "Anonymous" and maybe, just maybe, Barack Obama will expose all the secret government agencies who are behind "Loose Change's 9/11 Conspiracy" and we can all get back to making our first $100 per month, right? Or maybe not.

WAIT! How About "THE SECRET"?!?!

Surely "The Secret" will attract to us untold wealth... right? If we only just belieeeeeeeeve!!!


Maybe Internet Marketing's Hypnotic Marketing Guru, "Doctor" Joe Vitale, who has bragged about manipulating people with "hypnotic ad copy" techniques and is featured in "The Secret" movie, can help you?

Darn, This Woman Is Pretty Sure He Really Can't
This Guy Is Awfully Sure He Can't Either....

"The reason for featuring Vitale, Gray, Demartini and other successful self-help gurus in The Secret is, obviously, to convince watchers that these people became successful because they learned how to use the law of attraction in their favor. Never mind the years of trial and error, hard work and dumb luck, that got them to where they are now. Steve Salerno, author of the book SHAM: How The Self-Help Movement Made America Helpless, wrote in his review of The Secret on Amazon: “One seldom encounters a better/worse example of the logical fallacy known as a posteriori reasoning. To take a successful person, look backwards at the attitudes they held on the way to becoming successful, then use those as proof-positive of WHY they’re successful, is as fundamentally silly as using the fact that Bill Gates and Ted Turner were college dropouts as justification for why you or your kids should drop out of college, too. (‘See? You’ll become a millionaire, just like they did!’).”" ~The Wrath of the Secretrons!

Let Mark Day Set You Straight...

And If None of That Cheers You Up,
Take Solace In the Fact That Aliens
Are Finally Fed Up With Scientology...!

Alright, people, it's safe now. You're all safe. You can get back to making your first $100 month now... no Aliens, no Secrets, and no Anonymous are going to stop you. We have Barack Obama's reassurances that, "Yes We Can!" and the REAL "Law of Attraction" from the early 1900s to guide us.

So What Are You Waiting For?
Get Earning!

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thanks to Alexa, I'll C U Next Tuesday!

Some things, you just can't stop... no matter how hard you try.

Take, for instance, Alexa.  Anyone who is here by intent knows Alexa.  It's a website that many take as the final arbiter of which sites on the web are most visited.  Are you gonna stop Alexa?  Probably not, and why would you want to anyways?  For web marketers and related service industries, it's a valuable resource.

And Then There's P0rn.  Good Ol' P0rn.

You can throw it, you can kick it, you can scream "Get thee back, Satan!", wrap it in a plastic bag, put in a lockbox, toss it in a chest, fill it with cement and drop it off a ship in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and, sooner or later, it's back again, somehow showing up on your doorstep.

And, let's be honest, many of you invite it back in.

After all, you're good people, you don't like to judge, you like to give everyone and everything a second chance, right?.  So maybe, just maybe, if we all show a little more discipline, a little more self-control, a little more understaaaaaanding, we can reconcile with our dear beloved p0rn and live happily ever after, right? (click Ashcroft's picture)

Well, It Looks As If You're Going to Have To...

After all the typical, obvious Top 500 Alexa-ranking websites such as Yahoo, Youtube, Microsoft Live and all the social networking sites on which tons of kiddies hang out, we find, just barely eclipsed by Google Chile, Megarotic, in position number 23.  It makes me wonder, out of 195, or so, countries in the world, just what the heck are all those Chileans searching for?  I'll bet if Chileans knew about Megarotic, Google Chile's high-ranking would become a thing of the past.

Seriously, do you think Chileans are searching for "how to" instructions on growing hydroponic maize?  Or how to breed virus-resistant farm-raised sea bass?  Don't think so.  They are, most likely, searching for Megarotic AND, in position number 32, YouP0rn (they also beat out Apple, Craigslist and Amazon).

Just Think About That For A Second...

Since it's abundantly clear that the bulk of searches are composed of people looking for free p*0rn (have to do that to avoid the p*rn bots), if searchers checked Alexa we would see a MASSIVE restructuring of the online, and world, economies.

First, people would stop paying for it since they could get massive amounts of it for free.  And, second, all the major search sites would take a massive hit and, ultimately, be eclipsed, on Alexa, by sites like Megarotic and YouP0rn, the new "movers and shakers."  Adult sites would go down the tube, with major search sites clinging to the tube.  Social networking sites, however, would continue to reign supreme because that's where all the degenerates would go to see if they could find anyone with which to actually do all those lovely new tricks they learn on Megarotic.

In Conclusion

It's like I said folks, you can beat it, you can kick it, you can fry it in trans-fatty acids and feed it to the poor and it's still going to come up smellin like rose petals (<--- sheer brilliance on wordplay):  p0rn is here to stay.  The tension of the opposites, the battle between the forces of good and evil, the invisible influences that shape our economies and our lives is not only the simple fact of life in this world but it's the only way that an otherwise lifeless piece of clay called a human being can develop.

In short, p0rn is your friend.  It will never abandon or betray you no matter how disloyal or inconsiderate you are towards it.  What the heck more can you ask for in this day and age you ungrateful bastards?!

Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Spam, Scam, Thank You, Ma'aM - FreeIQ Vendor On The Loose?


Just want to get this out of the way.  There's a big misconception floating around - that I somehow like, or thrive off of, controversy...

I wish.

The truth is... I can't stand it.

So, before I clue you in on the latest, let me reiterate what this blog is about...

Here (when I'm up to it), we can discuss pretty much anything about the world of marketing whether it is good, sound, marketing techniques, stealth applications or boneheads who make life difficult for everyone else.

And here's what it is isn't...

This blog (and myself) do not go out looking for, or creating, controversy.  It either comes to me, or I stumble across it, and I usually don't shy away or back down from it... unless there'd be a really good reason for it.  It's only the perpetrators who accuse me of bullying but whoever steps back and looks at the scene objectively will see that the "bullying" is nothing short of a simple, long-term discussion where they begin by defending their actions and then end by claiming they're being harrassed.  That's the formula...

  1. Defend actions, at length;
  2. Have defense questioned;
  3. Call Sam names and accuse him of being mean;

What can I say, folks?  I'm like a Timex that just keeps ticking.  If someone responds to me, I respond to their response and, generally, I'll keep going until the matter is resolved or until I think the public has witnessed enough to make their own intelligent decision.  Onward...

Today's Controversy:

Now, here's one of the latest controversies.  I discovered it - as it happened to me - and took the time to analyze it - so you probably won't find news of it anywhere else.


I got a couple of SPAM emails in which the doofus spammer accidentally included a bunch of the emails from the spam list.  Knowing that one of the spam-prevention tricks people use when signing up for a mailing list is to create a mail account specifically for that mailing list (like if you were to sign up for mine, you might create "samslist AT" as your email address), I scanned them for any signs of similarities.

To my chagrin, I spotted recurrences of a site name belonging to a well-known internet marketer, Brad Fallon.  And the site was...

A "YouTube"-Plus for Internet Marketers
(here's my author page, for example)

Now, let me be clear.  Knowing Brad's reputation, I can easily stipulate that he would never resort to breaching anyone's privacy.  He seems well capable of making money and helping marketers quite honestly and legitimately.  I also can't even say that it really did HAPPEN at, or through, FreeIQ, but the presence of "freeiq", five times, in the email addresses of people on the spammer's list is pretty good evidence of a connection.

And the names on the list aren't no-namers either... some of the names on the spammer's list include some well-known internet marketers with whom Brad is acquainted such as Mike Filsaime, Armand Morin, Cody Moya and Joel Comm.  There's even an email address FROM FreeIQ on the list so someone AT FreeIQ is on the spammer's list, too.

So What Happened?

More than likely, it is the work of some unscrupulous vendor at FreeIQ.  The vendor probably made some sweet-as-pie offer or is a good-guy-turned-bad since the list included big-name marketers who generally don't need the kinds of things offered by average marketers.

I honestly just can't believe anyone would be this evil and stupid and I hope Brad takes this seriously and gets to the bottom of it even if his privacy policy warns of it.

Last I heard, VIA TWITTER FOLKS, is that Brad had been looking for venture capital.  I'm not sure why he'd need it since everything I read about StomperNet, etc, talks about how 100s pay $1000s monthly to be members but there it is on Twitter: he's seeking venture capital.  And I think there would be some concern, and rightfully so, if somehow, users of FreeIQ are having their private information compromised.... even through a vendor.

And I have some thoughts on how, very simply, he can investigate this problem.

The Solution

This is really simple, actually.  And it should be taken seriously.

From what I can see, whenever someone buys or signs up for something from a FreeIQ vendor, the vendor collects the lead information including the email.  FreeIQ SHOULD keep a list of those leads somewhere in its database even if the vendor imports then deletes them.  This will allow FreeIQ to EASILY follow-up on spam concerns and to cross-reference any such spam lists that come to light such as was accidentally included in the spammer's mail.

I know, for example, that I don't recall signing up for much, if anything at all, at FreeIQ so if FreeIQ had a way to determine how many FreeIQ vendors have received my lead, the whole field would be narrowed down immediately and significantly.  And I'm willing to provide him with the portion of the spam list found in the spam mail.

In Conclusion
"Why didn't you just go tell him privately, Sam?"

I would have liked to, really, but let's face it - things never really work out that way.  It would be nice if they did.  But what I've come to expect in similar situations is a pleasant little form letter saying something like, "Thank you, we'll look into it." after which one never hears back from them again.

As I said, clearly, I am not definitively stating that this happened via FreeIQ but that, having been in this field for some time now, I know how people set up their email addresses for spam prevention when joining lists and "freeiq" appears at least 5 times in the list - and some major marketers with whom Brad is acquainted are on that list.

Whatever the case may be, I'll definitely keep my readers updated.

Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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