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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Scientology and The Secret - Perils On the Way to Your First $100 Month

While many people are busy just trying to make their first measly $100/month online, there are all these crazy mind-control shenanigans going on all over the place but from a much higher scale. That's right, you've got dreams of making beaucoup bucks online, whooping it up with your friends, vindicating yourself from all the naysayers who insist you are wasting your time, and you're gonna make it big time.... if only these cults, and secret government agencies would stop fighting each other for control of your mind and let you make money online in peace!

It heats up pretty good around the 2:10 mark

I forget how many times people said "great things will come to pass", and didn't. I forget how many times the world was supposed to end, and it didn't. I forget how many times someone said they were gonna kick someone's ass, and they didn't. And I forget how many times someone promised to do something helpful, and they didn't.

So Many Disappointments; So Little Time.

Well, apparently, Scientology was scheduled to come to an end on February 10th, 2008; but, if you're prone to splitting hairs or were, say, a cult leader trying to re-define a prophecy that never came to pass, you might say that Scientology was supposed to "BEGIN" to come to an end on February 10th, 2008. And, from there, you could cite a whole bunch of unverifiable occurrences that, to feeble minds, could suggest the beginning of ANYTHING, really.

Hey, Maybe Barack Obama Will Correct All That?
Can I Get a "Yes We Can!"?


Yes, maybe Barack Obama will slay Scientology. Maybe Barack will dismantle "Anonymous" and maybe, just maybe, Barack Obama will expose all the secret government agencies who are behind "Loose Change's 9/11 Conspiracy" and we can all get back to making our first $100 per month, right? Or maybe not.

WAIT! How About "THE SECRET"?!?!

Surely "The Secret" will attract to us untold wealth... right? If we only just belieeeeeeeeve!!!


Maybe Internet Marketing's Hypnotic Marketing Guru, "Doctor" Joe Vitale, who has bragged about manipulating people with "hypnotic ad copy" techniques and is featured in "The Secret" movie, can help you?

Darn, This Woman Is Pretty Sure He Really Can't
This Guy Is Awfully Sure He Can't Either....

"The reason for featuring Vitale, Gray, Demartini and other successful self-help gurus in The Secret is, obviously, to convince watchers that these people became successful because they learned how to use the law of attraction in their favor. Never mind the years of trial and error, hard work and dumb luck, that got them to where they are now. Steve Salerno, author of the book SHAM: How The Self-Help Movement Made America Helpless, wrote in his review of The Secret on Amazon: “One seldom encounters a better/worse example of the logical fallacy known as a posteriori reasoning. To take a successful person, look backwards at the attitudes they held on the way to becoming successful, then use those as proof-positive of WHY they’re successful, is as fundamentally silly as using the fact that Bill Gates and Ted Turner were college dropouts as justification for why you or your kids should drop out of college, too. (‘See? You’ll become a millionaire, just like they did!’).”" ~The Wrath of the Secretrons!

Let Mark Day Set You Straight...

And If None of That Cheers You Up,
Take Solace In the Fact That Aliens
Are Finally Fed Up With Scientology...!

Alright, people, it's safe now. You're all safe. You can get back to making your first $100 month now... no Aliens, no Secrets, and no Anonymous are going to stop you. We have Barack Obama's reassurances that, "Yes We Can!" and the REAL "Law of Attraction" from the early 1900s to guide us.

So What Are You Waiting For?
Get Earning!

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Jordan Pearce said...

"The only way you can control people is to lie to them." --- L. Ron Hubbard

It seems that Hubbard did make up the word intribulate.

Yesterday I learned some powerful insight about marketing and doing business...Being cut throat has its perks.

Not my style but it works for some people.

Sam Freedom said...

Hi Jordan, there is a saying, "What profiteth a man if he gaineth the world but loseth his soul?" which tells me that it really comes down to one's aim.

If one has awakened to something they experience as the soulful life with the potential to evolve then certain tactics would become undesireable to them in that regard.

This is why, though the church of Scientology claims to be so pure and helpful, they have fed and grown so much opposition.

Pete said...

About 30 years ago I was given the Scientology bible as it was then. Can't remember the title but it had a Goldy, shiny cover with flames licking up it. Caught my attenton a treat.

Soon after, I was getting bombarded by the newsletters and updates to the services of 'Getting Clear'.

Now while I appreciated their wrath against the drug, drink and every other life-wasting activity as a definite move in the right direction, I couldn't help but notice that ALL of these services that would make me the 'ultimate' humanitarian was going to cost me an arm & a leg.

Action? I continued to receive their literature and actually enjoyed a lot of it. Couldn't work out how Ron l Hubbard had managed to sit so long writing all that stuff, but then again, wasn't he God?

Over the last 20 years I've read and listened to a more believable source of information. The sort of rhetoric that you assume would get you shot in some dark alley by the fed's, (but as yet it hasn't happened.)

David Icke is a joke to a lot of people. but never underestimate a 'perceived fool'. He has stood up to ridicule for 20 years now. His children and his marriage has taken the burden of his mission.

But at last, he's being taken seriously as the cracks he started to prize open 20 years ago are now so large that the blind are falling down them. They can't be denied any longer. The truth is the truth. It doesn't change, unlike lies that 'have' to change by their very nature.

This post is a particularly good one for all the right reasons. But i think with a little more research you could have had the 'Masters' video's up there as well.

Remember that name;
It could be our only salvation in a world full of deceit.



Sam Freedom said...

Hi Pete, did David Icke teach you, and others, to automatically assume that someone like myself hadn't done his research simply because I hadn't included him in a blog post?

I had published a YouTube video of a David Icke speech on Monsanto, aspartame, Rumsfeld and flouridation of water. After I had published it, it disappeared although it has popped up elsewhere since then such as here.

Anyways, there's a lot more to wise men, transformation and redemption than meets the eye. Some of the wisest people, and/or their students, could be right under a person's nose without that person even knowing it. But, for now, it will suffice to say that the higher can see the lower while the lower cannot see the higher.

Thanks for chiming in,

Pete said...

Hi Sam,

"Hi Pete, did David Icke teach you, and others, to automatically assume that someone like myself hadn't done his research simply because I hadn't included him in a blog post?"

For the life of me I can't see what angle you're coming from here.

Someone has rattled your cage by the sound of things.

David Icke teaches me 'nothing' I don't already know.

Not sure what your beef is about video's disappearing. I get that all the time. Sometimes I just think the publisher, (Often not the 'subject' of the video's on YouTube, don't like the website that hosts them).

It usually has no input from the subject. Can you really imagine that David Icke would disagree with 'your' content? I think he'd be grateful that you were giving him the right exposure.

You can insult me all you like, it's water off a duck's back.
(I forgive you. lol)


Sam Freedom said...

Hi Pete, nothing's rattled me. You attributed the absence of "the master's video" to a lack of research. I just hinted that such an attribution was an assumption. You then assumed it meant my cage was rattled.

Here, I'll simplify things a bit: knowing a master is not the same as being a master.

I also had no beef with videos disappearing. I was referring to an Icke video I'd posted on one of my MySpace blogs and was stating its disappearance just as a matter of fact. How you read "a beef" into it is something I'm not willing to spend too much time thinking about but I have no beef with such disappearances as such events are quite common.

And any suggestion of it being related to Icke not liking a host's website content did not come from me.

As for inviting me to insult you and telling me that, in essence, it wouldn't bother you, that is an oddity. Most people don't go around inviting people to insult them with a postscript of how little effect it will have.

I think, if you just go back to the part where you said that were I to do a little more research, I would have included "the master's video", you'll find that I found it ignorant, addressed it and then whatever else happened, happened.

Maybe you didn't mean to sound so insulting but it was I who forgave you. Interesting turn-around, though.

Big Pappa said...

Yeah, I just watched about bunch of that scientology stuff this weekend. MAN that whole organization looks scary as heck.

Heather said...

That scientology video is scary. I used to be a Tom Cruise fan, but I can't watch him anymore. I don't know who Mark Day is, but I enjoyed his review of The Secret. :-) Thanks for sharing!

Sam Freedom said...

Hi Heather and Big Pappy,

I agree, at first encounter, Scientology seems scary, however, I was taught that "understanding" dispels fear. Even if, for example, a T-Rex eats 20 people per night in your town, understanding how it hunts, what it looks for, where it frequents, when it eats, etc, can increase your chances of avoiding it.

The next level of understanding concerns how to remove the threat entirely.

The reason people ever join Scientology is because they are low in positive connections to members of their family and society... or there is, altogether, a huge disconnect, period.

Scientology then offers them a refuge, a place that seems to care and once that connection is established, people will attempt follow their regimen through hell and back. They call it "getting cleared" when, in reality, they are being totally deconstructed as a human being and reconstituted as a CoSbot.

thanks for your comments,

JTPratt's Blogging Mistakes said...

Scientology is for nutjobs (celebrity or not). explains it all.

police sunglasses said...

Apart from an intuition that there were any number of more serious issues facing the world, the report struck me as particularly ironic as Tom Cruise was quoted as calling psychiatry a "pseudo-science."

dolce and gabbana sunglasses said...

Not much in life comes for free but I had an hour to kill so I took up the offer of a shiny Scientologist called Steve to sit in a plastic chair on the sidewalk and answer some questions.

christian dior sunglasses said...

I was seated in front of a black device that looked like a cross between a CB radio and a games machine from the early 80's -- the E-Meter. Two wires ran to a couple of narrow tin cans that I was instructed to hold in my hands while Steve fired at me questions about my personal life. I answered as best I could and a little needle picked up electric signals from my body. Steve took down the measurements with a grim nod of the head.

bolle sunglasses said...

Despite its extensive advertising campaign, including half-hour TV infomercials for Dianetics, the Church has been careful to maintain a veil of mystery about its teachings, in part by outlawing any meaningful discussion or analysis of them.

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