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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Sam Freedom - The Coolest Guy On The Planet SEO Contest - There Can Be ONLY ONE!

The Final Update: After finishing this article, see the final results of my efforts in this post.

Who IS really the coolest guy on the planet? Cool guys have roamed the planet since the earliest of days, but here, in the 21st century, being the coolest of the cool guys on this planet takes a new twist. Read on...

Here's MY Results in YAHOO Going Up Against the Net's Top SEO Experts:

UPDATE #1 08/18/05: Bye, Bye, Willy Crawford!

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UPDATE #2 08/26/05: Bye, Bye, Brad Fallon!

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UPDATE #3 08/??/05: Then I SQUASHED Brad Callen to Take the Top! #1!!!

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And Also Me at #1!

coolest guy on the planet top ranking

So, what happens when Internet Marketing geeks all take a small breather from spamming the net with promotion after promotion? Don't even try to guess. But instead, just imagine the fun and the thrill of having a whole bunch of guys participating in a good-natured SEO competition.

Yeah, that's right. A whole bunch of guys who are out of their prime and no longer the coolest guys on the planet are trying to see who can best optimize a site for "the coolest guy on the planet" and get the #1 position at Google, Yahoo, MSN and so on. So far Brad Whatshisname and Mike Whosamajiggee are in it, as well as a bunch of other people are jumping in like fish trying to get back up stream to their spawning grounds.

It's actually kind of funny, and in a strange way pretty cool, but since everyone knows that I'm really the coolest guy on the planet then the contest is really moot. I mean, I'm all for letting the guys run amok and squeeze out whatever small bit of testosterone remains in their systems, but no matter who gets to the #1 position in Google or Yahoo for keywords containing cool guy and planet, etc, I'll still be one of the coolest guys the planet has ever known.

When woman look for a cool guy, they don't promenade over to the computer and Google for one. Or am I that out of the loop? Maybe they do. Ladies? Do you Google for the coolest guy on the planet? Or do you do what you've always done which is scan the environment for the tallest guy sporting the fattest wallet.

Oops. Did I really just say that?

Why, yes I did. Being the coolest guy on the planet means you can pretty much say whatever you want...within reason, you know, nothing truly injurious, but good natured sometimes callous barbs are perfectly within the realm of the most cool guy the planet has ever known. Anyone with half a mind would surely agree. And anyone with the other half of the mind would surely recognize that if the coolest guy was going to show the rest of the planet that he was the coolest guy, then surely he would have to quickly jump in and dominate the SEO competition for the coolest guy on the planet keyword, and put it to rest so that every man, woman and child could put their curiousity to rest and get back to work.

Now what I'd like very much for you to do is to leave a link back to your site as my way of saying, "I, the coolest guy on this planetary rock, want you to get some Pagerank." All I ask in return is...

...for you to assist for this month by adding a link for the coolest guy on the planet pointing to and together, we shall rule the cool in styyyyyyyyyyle.

Sam Freedom
ps. Remember, the final results of my efforts are right here in this post.

Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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Ray said...

Hey Sam. Thx for the comment. I appreciate it coming from the coolest guy on this planet! u rock!

Anonymous said...

Coolest guy on the planet: Thanx for visiting Zorck blog and thanx for ur comment too. Keep the good job your blog is truly the coolest. Keep in touch with Zorck and maybe one day we will rock your town!

shak- vocals

SugarBoyfriend said...

indeed a very cool blog

LBseahag said...

Thank you for restoring my faith in mankind.
I bet you make beautiful babies.

Qivan said...

You confuse me, but intrigue me too.

Qivan said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. said...

Hey there, Coolest Guy On The Planet - It's good to see you playing the Coolest Guy On The Planet Game :-)

Thanks for all you do and your wry sense of "humor" (and I do use the term lightly...)


Developmental Support Associates, LLC

Ray said...

hey sam. i changed my url a couple of days ago incase ur wondering what the hell happened to me. :)

Qivan said...

sam, i wish you had another blog, your comments on mine show that yoo have tons to say and an entertaining way of doing so.

p.s. broke my tough guy cherry quite some time ago, i've been to the rodeo more often than i want to remember,

Anonymous said...

Hey Sam,

Just interested, you are now no where listed on yahoo for the first page is this possibly because the links generated with blog submitter pro are short lived?

Sam Freedom said...

Hey Sam,

Just interested, you are now no where listed on yahoo for the first page is this possibly because the links generated with blog submitter pro are short lived?

Not even close. I Yahoo'd just now and saw my position as #2. It dances between #1 and #2, and I'm perfectly happy with that.

As for the links via Blogsubmitter PRO being shortlived, why would you think that? If they're on long enough to be around for Yahoo's weekly spidering, they're likely to be around for a long time.

The tool is automated and the upgrade is going to be way more amazing. Just let it run in the background a little each day and you'll never have to worry about SOME backlinks being short-lived because you'll have many that won't be short-lived.

I'm very comfy with my other keywords that I don't share for obvious reasons.

Thanks for the question.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sam, This software looks very interesting, therefore I bought it yesterday following your link. I wish I had bought it earlier and saved $100. I really worry though that the search engines are going to change their rules making this purchase obsolete and I won't be able to use it since my new site is coming up in next few weeks. What do you think, Sam? I am wondering if I should try to get my money back because I can't afford $250 if it won't last.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Sam... it's June 3, 2006, and you've been left behind by both Brad Fallon AND Andy Jenkins.

Still, not bad.

And is there any truth to the rumors that "Sam" is really short for "Samantha"?

Just wondering.

And do you still mail to your list? It would be nice to hear from you when I'm not reseaeching autosurfs!

Best regards,

Sam Freedom said...

Hey Anony-Tom, by June 6th, I had already proven my point and had all my screenshots ready. The guys you mentioned are considered internet marketing's "SEO gurus" and I blew past them all in a rather short period of time and got all the screenshots to prove it.

It was fun...made about $8k that month, too, from everyone watching the event, seeing me up there and wondering how the heck I was doing it. It was using multiple methods, but one of them I made accessible to the public and well, the rest is history...


Anonymous said...

Umm, according to the only search engine that matters, GOOGLE, Brad Fallon is definitely the coolest cat in the universe.


Delonix Radar said...

Is this software still current, and as above mentioned, will it become obsolete soon? Also,
"...seeing me up there and wondering how the heck I was doing it. It was using multiple methods, but one of them I made accessible to the public..."

Sorry if I'm a bit behind, but could you give me a link for the method you made public?


Anonymous said...

Don't bother, this guy is not what he says he is. How do you sleep at night "sam"? These poor people putting faith into someone like you! Get over yourself "Sam Freedom", you are NOTHING! You sit behind your computer and hide from the world just like everyone else! Stop mind-fucking these people and do something real with your life!!

i know all about youi said...

You crazy son of a bitch! Dont they do stories about people like you on dateline? You all better be careful dealing with this scam artist!! take it from someone who knows

Sam Freedom said...

LOL, ok, it's mid-2007 now and as I look back over some of these old comments, I just have to laugh. Anyone who is going to make it in this business recognizes such voices as those of bitter, jaded people who always have a chip on their shoulder.

I gave CLEAR screenshots showing me in the #1 position in both Google and Yahoo. I also explained that it was 4-6 weeks. The point was, I won the contest.

When using the software, a person can reach very high rankings for their keywords but, if they let it go, eventually they are going to sink back down to some extent.

And yet, if you are any kind of a marketer, or didn't just fall off the turnip truck, you'll know that a LOT can be accomplished with a top ranking for even just a short period of time.

Visitors can be given a very sweet deal to signup for a mailing list for all kinds of long-term backend sales, for starters.

So the important factor here that the jaded people never think of before they launch into their same old jaded song routines is that you have to start out anything with a GOAL... with a MISSION STATEMENT.

Otherwise, you get caught in the illusion that your site is supposed to hold the number one rank for eternity just by hitting a few buttons for a few weeks. Yeah, right?

Does anyone really need me to tell them THAT much isn't true?

To the last 3 negative comments, use your brains. And my #1 position owned Brad Fallon for the period I attempted to win the contest.

Happy marketing, folks...!

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Anonymous said...

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