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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The #1 Coolest Guy on the Planet on Google AND Yahoo

From the desk of Sam Freedom, "The Coolest Guy on the Planet":

Forgive me while I gloat. It's something I do very rarely and never to the detriment of another. But in this case, it is because bragging rights were the goal in this good-natured contest between internet marketers (many of them self-proclaimed SEO experts.) And out of what seems like nowhere, this guy, this internet marketing demagogue sweeps past what must be about 4-5 dozen guys and takes 1st place in Yahoo and Google.

What's even more odd is if you check the winning site's backlinks, there are only 8. :-)

What does this mean? Hmm? Google doesn't honor "nofollow tags" in blog comments the way Yahoo has been, so it's not due to anything like Blogsubmitter PRO. So who can tell me? Whose on the same plane as Good Ol' Sam Freedom here...comment below if you have some wild and crazy thoughts as to why, with only a scant EIGHT backlinks, Sam Freedom outflanked 4-5 dozen prolific internet marketers (some SEO experts) and took the #1 spot in both Yahoo AND Google!sam freedom coolest guy on the planet

All along, I had really hoped Brad Callen had a good sense of humor because I'm a marketer who marches to the beat of a different drum and I really thought this one was pretty funny:

the coolest guy on the planet sam freedom

But then it got just a little bit funner...juuust a little bit. See, people were so curious about my Google ad that all their clicking on it earned it a spot in the top sponsors section and the end result looked something like this...

the coolest guy on the planet whoops brad callen

So, why do you think Sam Freedom has a #1 ranking in Google for a term competed for by top internet marketers with only 8 backlinks and surely less experience, right? And do you think Brad Callen has a healthy sense of humor?!

Until next time, best wishes.
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Roger said...

Well, it looks like there are actually 200-600 backlinks with "coolest guy on the planet" anchor text.

It seems like Google only shows "quality" backlinks, perhaps?

The same thing happened on one my sites listed in DMOZ. I have hundreds of backlinks from separate copies of DMOZ, but Goog only shows a few of those backlinks.

Sam Freedom said...

Hi Roger,

Yes, someone told me that Google only shows like links from PR3 or higher. So they all still get credited, but just not shown.

How did you find them? Thanks, Sam

dataminer said...

Hi Sam,
Congrats and great blog and keep up the good work.

Dataminer Freebies

Roger said...

I just did backlink searches from Y! & MSN to find them.

Apocalyptica Angel said...

It's very diffrent that's fo sure. Yes I can say it's good and creative but very cluttered. It's hard to pick things out on the page and everything's a mass of color and text, just fix that and your ready to go!
Apocalyptica Angel

Sam Freedom said...

Well, hang tight Angel. I'm getting all kinds of opinions, some private, too, and some actually like the unusual look of the Google ranking and its colors on the white backdrop. And things that belong in the sidebar are in the sidebar, and things that belong in a post are in the post.

So many like it, I'm surprised, but I can appreciated where like something that makes more sense to you. :-)

Thank you for the feedback, though. I hear you.


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