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Monday, May 18, 2009

Wolfram Alpha not a threat to Google.... YET!!!

Holy brain strain, Batman! Wolfram Alpha has just gone live!

For those of you who don't know, WolframAlpha.Com is a new, computational search engine which some have described as the first real competitor to Google. As a marketer, I try to look beyond that fluffy crap and see what's really behind the statement.

Well, my first impressions of Wolfram Alpha were exactly what I'd expect from most people.... booooooring. But that has NOTHING to do with Wolfram Alpha. It's because, like most of you, I've been conditioned to type all kinds of things into Google and get some kind of pertinent result from which I could continue my research.

Easy, right? Google has become a household word and "googling" is now an official verb. So who needs Wolfram Alpha?


At first, it's going to seem as if only nerdy, techy-types are going to be the ones going ga-ga over Wolfram Alpha but, MARK MY WORDS:

The more people use Wolfram Alpha the more they will discover some amazing everyday uses for people from all walks of life and the more they will create tutorials to help people learn how to use Wolfram Alpha efficiently. You'll see what I mean... watch the following video as the founder, Stephen Wolfram, demonstrates some of the power of Wolfram Alpha and it's astounding ability to take bits of information and drill down into a myriad of fascinating, fact-filled results which, if you're not careful, can become quite addictive.

Trust me, watch the video. If you just go to Wolfram Alpha and dive in with your "Google-conditioned" mind, you're apt to think Wolfram Alpha is a nerd's boring dreamworld. But, once you watch the video demonstration, you won't be able to help but realize there's a whole lot of power in them there hills!

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