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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Here's How Much $$ I've Made This Month

Dear Reader,

I know you hear from amateurs all the time, well-intended individuals who have either made nothing or had 1 or 2 lucky paydays and then rave on about how they're making thousands..."and you can, too!" It really doesn't bode well for those of us who really do because it makes our work at earning your trust just a little more difficult each time.

Every day I receive mail telling me that the latest and greatest has just arrived and that, if I don't join immediately, I'm going to miss out on the biggest, baddest, most profitable venture of my life. Amateurs. Why do they lie? And why do program owners let them? Do you? Why?

If you lie, or have been lied to, I want it to stop right now. But I'm not just going to lecture to you on a stump or from a bully pulpit in a self-righteous tone as if I know what's best for you because I know that positive change doesn't come that way. The only time I have ever witnessed positive change taking place is when someone who UNDERSTOOD MORE actually involved themselves with some READY AND WILLING persons who understood less. For each there is a price, and for each there is a result.

The one who understands more pays, in part, by suffering the ignorance the one who understands less. And the one who understands less pays, in part, with his ignorance. In other words, if you really want a positive change then you have to find someone who understands more than you and be willing to let go of ideas that have either never served you, or no longer serve you. And for that, of course, this person of greater understanding needs to be someone you can trust.

Otherwise, the changes you think of as positive happen by accident - not from understanding, but from happenstance, from Nature. And lacking understanding one attributes it to all kinds of forces that are beyond the ability of one to verify. This comforts the individual just enough to allow him to go about his merry way thinking that good fortune is a random event, or left to the mere whims of a Higher Being. Perhaps there's some truth in either, but it isn't difficult to reason that were a Higher Being at some kind at the helm, it would be intelligent and wouldn't just zap people with good fortune. In fact, take a look at what happens with many of those who win huge sums of pure luck...their understanding of money is lacking and they eventually lose it and/or self-destruct.

That is why most of the people who are reading this post are not making money to their satisfaction and are resigned to chasing around some 19-29yr old kids who... by lucky. And beyond verification, as I'd said earlier, their luck is wrongly presented as having been from understanding...from some supposed effort they made, or some "scroll that was found by a priest in the caves of Brazil." I mean, the nonsense is never in short supply.

So you must find someone you can trust and be willing to give up ideas that are ineffective and keep you in poverty. It's not your fault that such ideas exist in your mind - you never had much of a defense against them when they were first put there. You can read more about it here in a pdf article that I made available in an earlier post:

There are many marketers who "won the lottery" and learned about things like "Hypnotic Marketing" and "NLP", but not all of those marketers understood their power or how to wield them. They have brought many of you into a group of people who run from one side of the ship to the other in order to keep the boat from capsizing. Quite often, someone not much different than you falls off the boat and is washed away, never to be seen again. However, thanks to viral marketing tactics, you are easy to replace. Did you do it to yourself? Or, did it just happen to you?

Or wait...maybe you think you're not caught up in all that, that you're an exception to all of this and you just happen to be here reading this because you made some collosal choice to be here. Wow! Who the hell am I to say all this, right? Who are you Sam Freedom that you think you can speak so knowingly, with such an aire of authority? Why don't you just [expletive deleted]!

As a group, we may never know why I speak about these things, but, perhaps, a few people can.

Let's bring this back down to the level of marketing for our daily bread:

This past week, I presented two opportunities:


Each of these opportunities exists for a different kind of person. The first opportunity is for those among us who are stuck - who feel like they've kind of got their feet wet but they can't get any traction and might even be starting to backslide a little. If the thought of your next month's bills is bothering you right now, or of even any concern, then the first opportunity is for you.

Liz is top-notch and made $100,000 her first year online. She's considerate and dedicated and is going to see all of her students through to a place where they are finally making money online. If you qualify, as stated above, and are ready to shed your ignorance, click here:

The second opportunity is for those among us who have an extreme desire to make a lot of money online but they just have trouble discerning what is a high potential opportunity and what is not. It is also for those who are relatively happy with the results of their marketing efforts but are starting to feel like taking a big step up on the earnings ladder. If that describes you, then the second opportunity is for you:

In that, you would be aided by my trusted online partner, Lamar Owens and myself. Lamar has 6 years of solid experience with every aspect of marketing. He has successful webhost services, autoresponder services, a huge leads business and this list could go on for quite a while. Suffice it to say his 6-figure/yr earnings plus stellar testimonials from 100s of people are what attracted me to joining forces with him 3 years ago.

We are taking that infrastructure he already has in place and using it to build our team's downlines. Since resources are not infinite, we too, like Liz, are limiting the amount of people we take into our fold though we haven't come to a number yet. In any case, having made approximately $30,000 in sales in the past 2 weeks, with no sign of slowing down, it's pretty clear to those who have signed on already that we understand our business.

You are either desperately in need of a break where someone will work with you until you are finally making money, OR, you are already making money but just looking for a great place to invest some of it for a big step up the economic ladder. Once you've qualified yourself, and know under which category you exist, choose the proper link below and we'll get to work on creating a positive change for you.


Lamar and Sam:

As always, I wish you the very best,
Sam Freedom

Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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Friday, November 18, 2005

Gary Ambrose & Nickelmania - 100% Commissions!

We all have marketers we get along with, and those we don't. Those we don't like, and those we do. So let's just say that Gary and I have never quite seen eye to eye - to our credit, however, things have always remained civil.

Just the same, I give credit where credit is due. I absolutely LOVE the marketing concept that Gary just employed. He created 2 really cool products that will be VERY useful to people throughout this holiday season and the years to come.

But here's what he did differently, he started the package off at a NICKEL....yes, FIVE CENTS. Then the price is set to raise by 25 cents per hour, then 15 cents, then he states.

The price has already crept up a little! Click Here to see what it's at now!


That's not the hottest thing about it. What's REALLY HOT is that after you buy it, you get to resell it and keep 100% of the commissions for yourself! Holy COW! Do you know what means?


Wow, cool one!

Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Liz Tomey's Unbeatable Offer for Struggling Marketers

Chances are that by the time you read this it will already be over. Liz Tomey came online just a little over a year ago and has already made 6 figures ONLINE. That does not include her offline business which brings in close to the same.

Liz is now offering to mentor a LIMITED number of people up close n personal and knowing her as I do, you would be insane to miss this. Unfortunately, even all the people who desperately WANT this kind of personalized help won't be able to participate because, as I said, she's limited the number of people so that everyone gets high-quality attention.

SIX FIGURES her first year!

Anyways, I'm not a "copy/paste" email kind of guy, but I also believe that "if it ain't broke, y'don't fix it!" so here's what Liz cooked up for her friends to share with the public. Two thumbs up, folks. Liz is a class act and you will find what you're looking for in her offer below:

Subject: How Did She Make So Much Money So Quickly?

If you hadn't heard of Liz Tomey by now, you've really beenmissing out. Not because Liz is some great "Guru", but because she has learnedhow to make money online very quickly and teaches peopleeverything she knows about doing just that! Recently I had the chance to really find out who Liz Tomey is, (sam: I really know her) and what she's doing for people who are struggling to make moneyonline (sam: I really do!). It's really incredible, and it shows that Liz is exactlywhat I thought she was sam: she really is!) - a very caring person who wants to see the"little guy" succeed. Reading about Liz is one of the most uplifting success stories I have ever read (sam: ok she's pushing it here, but it IS uplifting!) and I encourage you to check it out right now (sam: I do!)
Learn More About the Kind of Help You Will Get from Liz.
If you already know Liz, check out what she's offering to those of you who are struggling to make money online. If you are already successful online please don't take her up on this offer. This offer is only for those struggling to make money online. Believe me when I say that. This is the most remarkable and giving offer I have ever seen an Internet marketer like Liz Tomey make! Take a look now...
Learn More About Liz's Fine Offer to Help Struggling Marketers

Really, take a look now. If you're having slow (or NO) results making money online, then you don't want to pass this up. Liz is top notch and if you're struggling, well, what else is there to do? Buy another book? Buy another service? Here's an offer to help STRUGGLING people to make it online for real, so unless you have some kind of fascination with "struggling" then you owe it to yourself (and whomever else depends on you) to see for yourself if Liz's offer is for real:
Click Here to Learn More About Liz's Offer.

Wishing You the Very Best...
Sam Freedom

Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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Friday, November 11, 2005

Oh No! Not Another Firesale! Aaaaaaaaaaarghhh!

In case you're new to the internet marketing culture, a "Fire Sale" is something like a "Going Out of Business!" Sale. In real life, a store would be selling remaining inventory at drastically reduced prices due to either going out of business soon, or a recent fire had ravaged their building.
Fire Sales," quite frankly, would be PACKED with lines of eager consumers going down the street because everyone thought they were going to get a super-hot deal. In fact, people would often buy large lots consisting of many things they didn't need, nor would ever use, in order to get just ONE very hot item still at a substantial discount. They reasoned that they could either resell the rest of the package somewhere else and/or give some of it away as gifts.

(note: If you're feeling a bit rushed, you may just see the finished product by clicking on this box):

Fire Sale Profits - Secrets of Successful Fire Sales

It was about 1 year ago that successful internet marketer, Mike Filsaime, introduced the first ONLINE "fire sale." Now, not only do online fire sales offer the same HUGE discounts on large package sales, but they also incur an even GREATER sense of urgency *because* the price of the sales package is scheduled to increase *EVERY DAY*! Add to that, each customer is then offered the opportunity to RESELL the package for FIFTY-PERCENT (or more) of the package price - PAID INSTANTLY! (Since most sales are made at the lower prices of fire sales, purchasers scramble to inform others as quickly as possible because each day that passes represents a price increases, and the result is an unprecedented frenzy!)

Now to cut to the chase...

...shortly after the first fire sales, Mike Filsaime offered an early peek inside the fire sale process in his free series, "Firesale Secrets." This was very nice and helpful, BUT it wasn't really complete; however, since it was FREE, nobody complained. They just soaked up what they could. :-) What followed, though, was an onslaught of hugely amateurish attempts to re-create the feeding frenzy of the original fire sale phenomenon. Every time one opened his or her email box there were notices of fire sale this, fire sale that, and most of the fire sales were horribly lacking in one, or more, areas that had made the original fire sale phenomenon a BLAZING success.

And the plain truth is...

...people starting becoming sick of hearing about fire sales. And with the exception of a few stragglers, most people concluded that the days of the monolithic fire sale had abruptly come to an end.


What almost none of us could have even fathomed, though, was that all the while, Michael Rasmussen, another successful entrepeneur and good friend of Mike Filsaime's, had gone deep into his think chamber and started developing the most comprehensive, in-depth, inside look at how to PROPERLY run a fire sale for MAXIMUM PROFIT! This is like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, no pun intended. The fire sale was, is and continues to be THE most effective and reliable way to generate the LARGEST amounts of profits in the SHORTEST period of time - PERIOD! No longer do we have to cringe when we see the words "Fire Sale!" because now, for what amounts to almost NOTHING to those already in this game a while, ANYONE can access ALL of the most important secrets of what constitutes a beautiful and wildly successful fire sale!

In fact, let me put it to you this way.

If ever again should you see a fire sale that annoys you, then you will know, without fail, that the site owner did not study Michael Rasmussen's wealth of information. And to boot, if YOU ever want to make the LARGEST amount of profit in the SHORTEST period of time (and that means *not annoying people* with an amateur display!) then you really owe it to yourself, right now, to pick up a copy of what is going to be one of the biggest "sleeper products" of the decade:


By "sleeper product", I mean that, truth be told, unfortunately, most marketers are too green (new and inexperienced) to know that other than *passive income*, a fire sale is the absolute next best thing for making a super huge smile appear across your face. Take a look. See for yourself. Here's exactly what I mean...


P.S. As a goodwill gesture of help and kindness, I will gladly aid
anyone who purchases "Firesale Profits" from this page with a completely FREE WEBSITE and FREE UNLIMITED AUTORESPONDERS to run your very first fire sale. Because I put my money where my mouth is when it comes to helping you succeed!

"FIRESALE PROFITS" by Michael Rasmussen. Get it Now and PROFIT!

Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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Monday, November 07, 2005

The Lazy Pig vs RoboRiches

What's this? First The Rich Jerk took on RoboRiches and RoboRiches opened a can of whoop*ss on The Rich Jerk. Even at HALF PRICE, The Rich Jerk was outsold FIVE to ONE! So what does that mean?!

It means that all we really do is the only thing that really matters: we help people like you discover which product is best for you. Now, The Lazy Pig awaits you.

The Rich Jerk, it was stated, is the best buy if you're already IN Business and need an advanced set of strategies and tactics to super-magnify your results. And RoboRiches, we discovered, is ALSO advanced, but instead of a set of tactics, it's a SYSTEM whereby Brian Garvin, renowned in internet marketing circles, basically says, "Do what we tell you and it will work." Obviously, you have to have some faith in the guy but to his credit, he has proven himself many times over in the eyes of the public.

Then in comes The Lazy Pig! - kind of a nice blend of both worlds. As far as monetary potential, I'd say it's claims are dwarfed by either The Rich Jerk or RoboRiches, but The Lazy Pig concept is so simple and so delightful that once you hear it, your mind will say, "Yeah, but there has to be something MORE."...."There's no WAY it's THAT simple..."

It really is...but you have to see for yourself so I'll let The Lazy Pig tell you himself!
Go see Lazy Pig here so you can see EXACTLY what this totally new strategy is all about.

Your friend in success,
ps. If you're on a tight budget and need money FAST, then The Lazy Pig is the way to go. But if you've got the funds to spare then AT LEAST 2 of the products mentioned here belong in your private internet marketing library.

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Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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Friday, November 04, 2005

Get a FREE LOGO - You Better Hurry!

Just came across this on my sojourns. The gentleman asks for a link back in exchange for a professionally designed LOGO. The thing is, to me, a link back to him is WAY more valuable than a logo.

In fact, how bout you link TO ME, and I'll BUY you a logo?! Then again, it all depends on what your site rank is. If you have a piddly no traffic site that you just set up for this purpose then....

...oops, never mind!

Click Here to See if Any FREE Logos Are Left
(and would you kindly post a comment here if his offer has ended?)

ps. If you haven't yet rated this site, please take all of 3 seconds to do so here. Thanks!

Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The #1 Coolest Guy on the Planet on Google AND Yahoo

From the desk of Sam Freedom, "The Coolest Guy on the Planet":

Forgive me while I gloat. It's something I do very rarely and never to the detriment of another. But in this case, it is because bragging rights were the goal in this good-natured contest between internet marketers (many of them self-proclaimed SEO experts.) And out of what seems like nowhere, this guy, this internet marketing demagogue sweeps past what must be about 4-5 dozen guys and takes 1st place in Yahoo and Google.

What's even more odd is if you check the winning site's backlinks, there are only 8. :-)

What does this mean? Hmm? Google doesn't honor "nofollow tags" in blog comments the way Yahoo has been, so it's not due to anything like Blogsubmitter PRO. So who can tell me? Whose on the same plane as Good Ol' Sam Freedom here...comment below if you have some wild and crazy thoughts as to why, with only a scant EIGHT backlinks, Sam Freedom outflanked 4-5 dozen prolific internet marketers (some SEO experts) and took the #1 spot in both Yahoo AND Google!sam freedom coolest guy on the planet

All along, I had really hoped Brad Callen had a good sense of humor because I'm a marketer who marches to the beat of a different drum and I really thought this one was pretty funny:

the coolest guy on the planet sam freedom

But then it got just a little bit funner...juuust a little bit. See, people were so curious about my Google ad that all their clicking on it earned it a spot in the top sponsors section and the end result looked something like this...

the coolest guy on the planet whoops brad callen

So, why do you think Sam Freedom has a #1 ranking in Google for a term competed for by top internet marketers with only 8 backlinks and surely less experience, right? And do you think Brad Callen has a healthy sense of humor?!

Until next time, best wishes.
P.S. Free Membership to 4-Site Business Suite...Enjoy!!

Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Free Gift For Rating My Blog Please - Thank You!

As we happen across some unusually cool things from time to time, the latest is "Blog Hot or Not" by the original creators of "Hot or Not". In the ORIGINAL Hot or Not (which is now heavily copied) people would rate each others pictures on a scale of 1 to 10. Now, with Blog Hot or Not, well, you already know...we rate another's BLOG. Anyways, in this actual post is a button that will take you immediately to a voting form. You just choose a number between 1 and 10, with 1 being like an F and 10 if you like it to the extreme, and that's it!

Now this download is on the honor system, I'm not actually forcing anyone to vote, just please do. Thanks!

Here are both the voting button and the "Mystery Thank You Download" Gift! Both open in new windows so you won't lose this page:

As always, I value your feedback immensely, so if you have addtional thoughts about the site that you'd like to share, please do so in the comments section.

And thanks again! I hope you enjoy the mystery download! It's advanced stuff, and very effective!

Your friend in success,
P.S. Download this now also, and get targeted visitors within an HOUR..!

Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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