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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Congratulations! Apparently You Have a Brain! - "The Rich Jerk vs. RoboRiches". Which One Is Right For You?


RoboRiches Robot

The Rich Jerk

Ok, the gloves are off! RoboRiches, by Bob Williams and Brian Garvin just hit the streets hot off the presses. Being in the loop, and one of the first to know, I looked it over and blasted out to my loyal list members immediately so they could get the jump on the crowds while their heads weren't yet full of distortions or distractions from the swarm of copy/paste ads that would soon find their way to my list members inboxes.

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A number of people wrote to me shortly thereafter with some version of the following question:

"Sam, which one should I get?
The Rich Jerk or RoboRiches?

Understandable, since each makes some really big claims:



Tough choice, huh? Either $25k/mo. or $100k/mo. seems like a no-brainer, right?


The Rich Jerk:

Offers strategies. To its credit, these are some of the finest strategies without which most successful marketers would not be where they are today. Even with all his experience, Willie Crawford wrote that he had learned a nugget or two that made getting it worthwhile (and that was at twice it's current price!)


Offers an in-depth, detailed SYSTEM with ongoing notifications from Brian Garvin and Bob Williams, two of the most successful marketers today. Besides, Robert Kiyosaki, author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" says if you want to break free of the rat race, you NEED a system!

And this is directly from the RoboRiches sales page:

"The only requirements are that you need to follow exactly what we've done and you will never have to worry about Money again.

If we tell you to Turn Left.. just do it OK."

So, The Rich Jerk gives you a steamship full of truly secret, proven, money-generating strategies that all successful marketers know and use; while Robo Riches gives you a SYSTEM and tells you what to do - direct from the wisdom of two PROVEN successful marketers.

So Then Which One Should YOU Get?

That depends on two things:

1) Your current setup; and,
2) Your current financial situation.

For a limited time only, The Rich Jerk is on sale for HALF PRICE!

That makes it a "MUST...GET...NOW" for anyone's educational library. But if you absolutely had to make a choice, then here's how I would make the determination as to which one wins my hard-earned money:

If you are already in motion, setup on the web, either taking orders or getting ready to take orders, you have your own little system and your own product and/or business, then
is for you. It will show you powerful STRATEGIES as to how to make your current, and all such future endeavors SIGNIFICANTLY more profitable.

However, if you fashion yourself to be a pretty fast learner and are desirous and confident enough that "...if only someone would lay it out clearly and show me exactly what to do, I would do it." then ROBORICHES is for you.

And in case you're wondering, "Sam, do you actually buy or look over these things before you recommend them?" Well, you be the judge...

From inside The Rich Jerk...

From Inside Robo Riches...

See, Proof of Purchase AND a brain! Woohoo! I have a brain!

Warmly Wishing you great SUCCESS,
Sam Freedom
PS. When it comes to "RoboRiches vs. The Rich Jerk", one thing is abundantly clear: both are must-have resources for your ongoing education but AT LEAST one of them belongs in your possession RIGHT NOW. All that's left is for you to remember what I wrote above and decide.

Check Out RoboRiches:

Check Out The Rich Jerk:


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Jim Allen III said...

Hello Sam,

I appreciate the fact that you are willing to show proof of purchase on both products. As they are actually quite different animals in my view of the information provided.

The Rich Jerk has some great information and content. But quite frankly I don't like jerks.

Robo Riches provides a system that implements the strategies described in the jerk deal.

Now in the short period of time you have owned both these products what are your results? Probably none to speak of as you have yet had time to compile them, as I am sure you will share them.

Just because a program is New does not mean it is the best way to go today. Remember generating profits is the name of the game and sometimes New just sounds good and will make a few quick sales. Then you have to do it again... and again...and you know again. Before long you are churning out a new flavor a day and then you are just a churnin and burnin. :-)

Thanks for sharing Sam.

Jim Allen

Sam Freedom said...

Just because a program is New does not mean it is the best way to go today. Remember generating profits is the name of the game and sometimes New just sounds good and will make a few quick sales.

This is true, and a good point to bring up Jim III (but following you on Ibuzz and other places, I've come to expect good points from you. ;-) )

So let me just add that by now a large number of people from beginner to very accomplished recognize me as not peddling the latest and greatest "just because". I have certain criteria that I factor in, and I really do listen to reader feedback. In fact, this week alone there were at least 10 products that I did not offer because I felt they didn't offer enough value to prospective customers.

I get JV offers regularly, and even when deals are very sweet, still I don't automatically promote them.

In the case of RoboRiches and the Rich Jerk, each has valuable information. And each has highly accomplished marketers behind it. What was left, really, was to help a person determine which one was the best one to choose.

Those two points above, for starters, make it worth an investigation by any person who is going to sincerely put the information to use. In cases like this, it is my opinion that it is unnecessary to put everything through a kind of lab test before mentioning it to people.

By then, they will most likely have heard about it by someone else with no guarantee of their being any more or less scrupulous than I. So my policy is, if I see a real value in a product and my personal criteria tell me it's worth an investigation, then I'll be passing on the info.

However, if there's no value, but I'm offered 90% affiliate commission as a perk for promoting it, you'll never hear about it. And people will only be able to grow to trust me as I continue on that way.

So your points are good, but in particular, the suggestion of X "not necessarily being great" or useful does not apply directly to me. I have a strong 6th sense for high value.

Thanks for your feedback,

Trent Enterprises Inc said...

Personally, I think they are both great! The first one wetted my appetite for the second one. Why not gain as much knowledge as possible? They complement each other.

Pat Trent - Trent Enterprises Inc.

Anonymous said...

Both are outstanding products, and I recommend them.

Free Business Articles To Supercharge your Entrpreneurial Success!

Nick Hetcher said...

I think RoboRiches is one of the wisest purchases I made in 2005.

I have used Robot Reply for a year now and love and trust what Bob and Brian do for the average person wanting to make it in this dog eat dog world.

RoboRiches just makes good business sense. Get it.

Nick Hetcher

Andy L. said...

Hi Sam,

I'm searching for real and objective reviews about 'online money making' things. I'm glad I found your review, it's the most objective review I can found.

Well, I haven't bought a single ebook yet, but I think that most of that 'promised huge income' will come (or streams) from many affiliates you can join in.
My only problem is: I live in a country (Indonesia) which is not on the list of supported countries by most major payment processors (ClickBank/PayPal).
Suppose, I'm a bit optimistic here, and I'm sure I'll make some money.My question is: can I still potentially benefit/MAKE money as promised by those authors without having a ClickBank/PayPal account? Can those affiliate programs pays by, say, checks?
Right now I'm considering between 'Rich Jerk' and 'RoboRiches'. Which one of these two that I can benefit most based on my situation? What would you recommend?

Many thanks in advance,
Andy L.

The Hostile Redneck said...

Hey Sam,

Sorry it took me so long to come back to this post. As you know I am a bit pre-occupied at times. Thanks for your comments.

It has now been a while and I was curious as to your opinion now on the two products. As I am a fan of Robot Reply, I am leaning towards RR. As I had a small windfall and feel I best be served by using it to build for the coming year.

Your thoughts?

"Make It Happen Everyday"

Jim Allen III

GIMS Report Online Meet
the "Hostile Redneck"

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