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Monday, October 10, 2005

Ad Tracking 202 - What Do These 5 Links Have In Common?

Greetings Fellow Entrepeneur,

Without clicking any of them just yet, take a moment or two and see if you can tell what the following links have in common:

At a glance, you might say it's the "http://" at the beginning and technically you'd be right. But non-technically, from the viewpoint of a marketer who needs to pay the bills each month, there is nothing obviously connecting them.

Now go ahead and click on a couple of them and, suddenly, it becomes obvious - they all point to the same opportunity, "Powerlink Generator" by Mike Filsaime. If you're an experienced marketer, you might have even guessed that they were all tracking links. But how could you? Because you recognize the ugly links by now. You're familiar with them because you've seen them being used all over the place.

So they must be good, right? I mean, if they're being used all over the place, how could they possibly be bad for your online health? Besides, aren't many links stuffed behind link text?

Well, there's much more to this than meets the eye, so let me tell you why I chose to write about LINK TRACKING POWERFULLY. Plain and simple, there is so much taken for granted about it and most people, unfortunately, are none the wiser. First of all, if you're NOT tracking your campaigns, you are WAY, WAY out of the loop. Link Tracking is just a fact-of-life for successful marketers. You have to know, with a fair degree of certainty whether the places in which you are advertising are worth your time and energy. And sometimes you discover a hidden gem, like a signature line in a certain forum, for instance, might get you more clickthroughs and sales than a $99 advertisement in a 20,000 member ezine.

[If you are an "advanced" marketer and think you know all of this, read on, you might be surprised...]

Without TRACKING, you are blind to the results of your efforts, and are almost certainly losing time, energy and, therefore, money. And the bill collectors don't care that it's because you're not tracking your campaigns. So then listen closely because I am really here to help, and I do, and I track my campaigns.

So then what's all the fuss about tracking links?

Let's be honest, here. If you were to read over the following links and could pick only one, which would it be?

Most people who've answered this question for me pick one of the following:

But mostly the first one made by Mike Filsaime's Powerlink Generator. And why is that? Because...

#1 It speaks to your mind in a familiar language.

It's an actual full sentence.
#2 It means something to you instantly.

You can wrap your head around it without any tiresome brainwork. AFTER the fact, you can theoretically argue anything, but knowing how the brain works, it always gravitates towards what takes the least effort to digest.
#3 It identifies and promotes the link owner and his or her site,

(rather than the site of any free link tracking services with the ugly non-meaningful links).

The more people see your Powerlink, the more they say, "Hey, who is that person?" Think not? You would be surprised. Coca-Cola knows that, in a market full of colas, having their name in as many places as possible is just as important, if not more so, than having a good cola. In fact, Pepsi usually wins the taste tests rather decisively.

A few people chose the 2nd link:
because it, TOO, had a catchy phrase in the domain, but even to get that result (still with an ugly ending) was not free. PLUS I had to have it installed by a professional (I don't do installs!). Mike Filsaime's Powerlink Generator installation is PARTIALLY AUTOMATED and gave me the final steps by VIDEO which made installing it a CINCH! I literally had it up and running in under 5 minutes.

So Here's the Million Dollar Question....

WHY..., do you put so much time and energy and cash into things like list building and traffic generation only to try to close the deal with a stinky, ugly link? SOMETIMES you can stuff the link into HTML but you know that's not always convenient or possible. Don't your hard efforts at traffic generation and list building and forum posting deserve the click? Why, at that last crucial moment of getting people to go where you want them to, do you limp in with a link that looks like it was created in the dead language of Sanskrit?

AND WHY..., with all the desire to get people to your affiliate programs, or your own sites, do you let all your efforts go into promoting SOMEONE ELSE'S site that generates free ugly links when you could be getting all that pagerank and backlink credit from the search engines for yourself?
AND WHY, ALSO..., do you put all of that effort into promoting someone ELSE'S name when you could instead be identifying yourself as an authority or some kind of expert in your field? You work SO HARD for everything online, why let such an important part of it all slip away?
This is a perfect example of what seperates the successful from the unsuccessful - the successful take such details as these very seriously. Otherwise, no pun intended, these details become "the weak link" in your sales process. You somehow get to thinking,
"Oh, it won't matter. As long as I get people to read what I write, I can pretty much toss any link at them and it won't matter what it looks like...if they're hungry enough, they'll go."

So Then Please Tell Me...
If you're an expert fashion designer, and you're wearing rags to parties where no one knows you, do you think they can tell from across the room that you're a fashion expert? Do you think even if you are introduced as a fashion expert that they'll take you seriously? EVENTUALLY MAYBE...but the point is that it will take a LOT MORE CONVINCING if you are wearing rags.

And it will take you a lot more to convince people that you are qualified to make recommendations if you are using ugly links from free services or an affiliate back office.

A lot of people now realize that I know what I'm talking about (most of the time!), so I might be able to get away with some ugly links...but knowing what I know, I am now going to be using Powerlink Generator almost every chance I get. It's nice to have a good reputation, but there's no need to lean on it all the time - especially with something like Powerlink Generator to present the professional appearance that increases good reputation instantly and therefore increases your clickthrough rate.

And you know what else? I didn't even get around to telling you how Mike Filsaime's "Powerlink Generator" also allows you to store your affiliate login page, username and password so you don't have to run all over the place looking for the back office login info for the affiliate programs you're tracking.

Bottom line is...., that it not only doesn't pay, but can cost you significantly, to understimate the significance and importance of both tracking the results of your efforts, AND presenting prospects with a link that promotes you as a professional and an authority in your chosen field.

Now with that being said....

Here's to your success, my friend!
Sam Freedom

Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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