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Sunday, October 30, 2005

A Big List, or a BIGGER List? Those Are Your Only 2 Options...

(Near the end, I explain how you can also obtain Unlimited Autoresponders that DO NOT require you to reconfirm your optin leads...just LOAD and GO! FREE!)

Not having a list is not an option. The title clearly says, "A Big List, or a Bigger List?" and since you are reading this, you have, unbeknownst to you, tacitly agreed to one or the other. So if you do not have a mailing list, or you think it's way too hard for you to get one, or you're unhappy because yours is really puny, then you won't get any sympathy from me. Because I'm going to show you, and give you, concrete ways to build your list - to either be BIG or....

Let me come at this from another angle.

As of this same time next year, there's going to be somewhere on the order of another 24 million people surfing the web. Out of those 24 million, some of them will have built a mailing list in less time than it took either of us. But MOST of those 24 million are going to be looking to BUY something.

And out of those who want to BUY something, MANY will want to buy something that YOU have already heard about and/or have tried. Now...

In the previous article, I spelled out clearly how it is I continue to both survive AND thrive even when my webhost is under a Denial of Service Attack. I spelled out, clear as day, that because I had paid the modest fee on the one-time-only offer upon signup at ListDotCom, I am now able to email 5,000 random people EVERY OTHER DAY for as long as I, or Mike Filsaime, live. :-) And that I earn between $50-$200 each time.

As you can see in the previous posts comments (and in my email moreso), people wrote to me asking,

"Ok Sam, you've made a very good case for the ListDotCom Diamond Membership Upgrade, now what should we sell?!!"

Well I can't tell EXACTLY everything I sell or people would copy me and I would lose my shirt big time. However, in some comment replies, I DID link to Mike Filsaime's PayDotCom which has 100s of merchants with 1000s of affiliate product to choose from. And I said that since Diamond Membership upgrades have every other day FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES to email 5,000 people then, unless there was a financial crises at hand, they would have ample time to experiment and to do a little testing to find out what was right for them.

Furthermore, I went on to say that any member of my list who reads my emails and blog posts is constantly exposed to some fine examples of writing that he or she can study (not copy, but study) to help get a good idea of how to do the same. I mean it's all right here, like out in the open, a REAL way to go about making some cold hard cash rather quickly and regularly.


Now if you're on my list, you may know that I've already told people TWICE about what you're going to see next, however, I've never quite framed it this way before, or told people HOW I have used it to explode my list huge. I just offered this awesome list building product simply AS a list building product without ever having mentioned that I use it in conjunction with ListDotCom.

But before I tell you what it is, let me tell you WHY I use it. Even though we get to email 5,000 people every other day for the rest of our lives - live people just like you and me! - I still consider EACH and EVERY mailing PRECIOUS! Each one you miss, or mess up, is like throwing money and leads out the window. And you work too hard for that...I know I do. So here's the formula I use to maximize my ListDotCom Diamond Membership mailing results every other day.
Each outgoing message (except for rare circumstances) must contain both,
  • A brief tempting description, about 1-2 paragraphs long, of a hot, direct sale item that invites or teases the reader to have a closer look, and
  • Something FREE - and USEFUL. (lead generation)

That's the minimum necessary for a ListDotCom mailing. Strictly speaking, the reader often gets the fr/eebie and then sometimes buys the product. Win-win-win...

Since I'm burning the midnight oil here, I'll now just show you what it is I use in ListDotCom that gets me signups OVER and OVER and OVER and will make your list BIG!


With it, I get to give away the following (all the links lead to the same place, but I'm showing them so you can see what some of your splash pages would look like..)

Splash Page 1
Splash Page 2
Splash Page 3
Splash Page 4

(Go ahead, get one, I don't mind! ;-) )

And if you said you wanted your list to be even BIGGER...then


So, now you have the final piece...and you can make the most difficult decision of deciding whether you want a BIG list, or a BIGGER list!
Here are the culprits again...!
And remember, those are just GREAT starters for collecting TONS of leads. You get to give away the memberships on the splash page above wherever allowed...forever and ever...! I do it REGULARLY and that's why my list isn't BIG, but....
Alright, don't just sit there staring at your screen! Between mailing 5,000 people every other day at ListDotCom and stuffing each offer with AT LEAST 1 tempting direct sale item and 1 free membership giveaway as per above, you should soon be styling with a bulging mailing list in JUST enough time to be ready for those 24 million people next year!!! :-)
Now get crackin!
PS. As mentioned at the top of this post, if you either join LDC under me as a Diamond Member, OR obtain either license above, I will GIVE you FREE UNLIMITED AUTORESPONDERS that DO NOT REQUIRE YOU TO RECONFIRM YOUR LEADS. Yes, you can upload your leads lists without having to ask them to opt back in! And don't worry - my friend who runs it watches it VERY carefully so anyone who attempts to spam is GONE...!
A One-time VERY Low payment lets you give away Free Memberships FOREVER...
PPS. Ah, I forgot, this you'll appreciate...the Ultimate License comes with SIXTY THOUSAND LEADS. And MAN those "no reconfirmation required" unlimited Free autoresponders are going to come in SUPER handy, huh? ;-)

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