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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Free Gift For Rating My Blog Please - Thank You!

As we happen across some unusually cool things from time to time, the latest is "Blog Hot or Not" by the original creators of "Hot or Not". In the ORIGINAL Hot or Not (which is now heavily copied) people would rate each others pictures on a scale of 1 to 10. Now, with Blog Hot or Not, well, you already know...we rate another's BLOG. Anyways, in this actual post is a button that will take you immediately to a voting form. You just choose a number between 1 and 10, with 1 being like an F and 10 if you like it to the extreme, and that's it!

Now this download is on the honor system, I'm not actually forcing anyone to vote, just please do. Thanks!

Here are both the voting button and the "Mystery Thank You Download" Gift! Both open in new windows so you won't lose this page:

As always, I value your feedback immensely, so if you have addtional thoughts about the site that you'd like to share, please do so in the comments section.

And thanks again! I hope you enjoy the mystery download! It's advanced stuff, and very effective!

Your friend in success,
P.S. Download this now also, and get targeted visitors within an HOUR..!

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Anonymous said...

well written

Irene said...

Hey Sam, I enjoy reading your blog. I like having an on-line "guru" LOL, who's willing to call it like he sees it. Much too much fluff, same old same old under different disguises flying on the net. Thanks for opening some people's eyes. Irene p.s.
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Kim Martin said...

Some thooughtfull isights.
More genuine than most
Kim Martin
Director Creative Concepts marketing

Terra said...

Hi Sam! I love the Multi-color scheme
against white that you have created from your banners, buttons, Google,etc. It has a striking effect that is much more effective than colored backgrounds and colored boxes.
I know from your newsletters and websites that your blog will be upfront, outspoken, and informative.
I highly recommend your comments to anyone interested in creating a strong internet marketing base. I know I always look forward to your "colorful" insights. Congrats on a great blog!

Terra Stone

Terra said...

P.S. I got so interested in your blog I forgot to get the free gift the first time.
And may I say, it is a TERIFFIC freebie!


Mark Potes said...

HI Sam,

One of the nicest looking blogs I have come acrossed. Also has clever marketing.

Nice job!


Anonymous said...

Hello! I see that you have put alot of time into your blog. Your information is top notch.


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Levada said...

Sam you are the greatest! I really admire your courage to "tell it like it is" and always in a fun and entertaining way. Not many folks have the talent to do that.

Plus your honesty is refreshing, and to me it makes you a big fish in the murky pond of internet marketing.

Please keep up the good work, and I am going to bookmark your blog so I can come back often, I always learn something useful from you.


Carson said...

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