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Monday, November 07, 2005

The Lazy Pig vs RoboRiches

What's this? First The Rich Jerk took on RoboRiches and RoboRiches opened a can of whoop*ss on The Rich Jerk. Even at HALF PRICE, The Rich Jerk was outsold FIVE to ONE! So what does that mean?!

It means that all we really do is the only thing that really matters: we help people like you discover which product is best for you. Now, The Lazy Pig awaits you.

The Rich Jerk, it was stated, is the best buy if you're already IN Business and need an advanced set of strategies and tactics to super-magnify your results. And RoboRiches, we discovered, is ALSO advanced, but instead of a set of tactics, it's a SYSTEM whereby Brian Garvin, renowned in internet marketing circles, basically says, "Do what we tell you and it will work." Obviously, you have to have some faith in the guy but to his credit, he has proven himself many times over in the eyes of the public.

Then in comes The Lazy Pig! - kind of a nice blend of both worlds. As far as monetary potential, I'd say it's claims are dwarfed by either The Rich Jerk or RoboRiches, but The Lazy Pig concept is so simple and so delightful that once you hear it, your mind will say, "Yeah, but there has to be something MORE."...."There's no WAY it's THAT simple..."

It really is...but you have to see for yourself so I'll let The Lazy Pig tell you himself!
Go see Lazy Pig here so you can see EXACTLY what this totally new strategy is all about.

Your friend in success,
ps. If you're on a tight budget and need money FAST, then The Lazy Pig is the way to go. But if you've got the funds to spare then AT LEAST 2 of the products mentioned here belong in your private internet marketing library.

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Jennifer Rog said...

Hey Sam,

You've done it again! You've captivated me with your unique writing style, and sense of humor! Keep it up Sam, you sure can keep me entertained. In fact I look forward to my email notifications of your new posts.

I also wanted to thank you for all the help and advice you've given me over the past while. You've been a great teacher! Thanks for saving my butt more than once and showing me how it truly is!

Your friend,
Jennifer Rog

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