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Friday, November 11, 2005

Oh No! Not Another Firesale! Aaaaaaaaaaarghhh!

In case you're new to the internet marketing culture, a "Fire Sale" is something like a "Going Out of Business!" Sale. In real life, a store would be selling remaining inventory at drastically reduced prices due to either going out of business soon, or a recent fire had ravaged their building.
Fire Sales," quite frankly, would be PACKED with lines of eager consumers going down the street because everyone thought they were going to get a super-hot deal. In fact, people would often buy large lots consisting of many things they didn't need, nor would ever use, in order to get just ONE very hot item still at a substantial discount. They reasoned that they could either resell the rest of the package somewhere else and/or give some of it away as gifts.

(note: If you're feeling a bit rushed, you may just see the finished product by clicking on this box):

Fire Sale Profits - Secrets of Successful Fire Sales

It was about 1 year ago that successful internet marketer, Mike Filsaime, introduced the first ONLINE "fire sale." Now, not only do online fire sales offer the same HUGE discounts on large package sales, but they also incur an even GREATER sense of urgency *because* the price of the sales package is scheduled to increase *EVERY DAY*! Add to that, each customer is then offered the opportunity to RESELL the package for FIFTY-PERCENT (or more) of the package price - PAID INSTANTLY! (Since most sales are made at the lower prices of fire sales, purchasers scramble to inform others as quickly as possible because each day that passes represents a price increases, and the result is an unprecedented frenzy!)

Now to cut to the chase...

...shortly after the first fire sales, Mike Filsaime offered an early peek inside the fire sale process in his free series, "Firesale Secrets." This was very nice and helpful, BUT it wasn't really complete; however, since it was FREE, nobody complained. They just soaked up what they could. :-) What followed, though, was an onslaught of hugely amateurish attempts to re-create the feeding frenzy of the original fire sale phenomenon. Every time one opened his or her email box there were notices of fire sale this, fire sale that, and most of the fire sales were horribly lacking in one, or more, areas that had made the original fire sale phenomenon a BLAZING success.

And the plain truth is...

...people starting becoming sick of hearing about fire sales. And with the exception of a few stragglers, most people concluded that the days of the monolithic fire sale had abruptly come to an end.


What almost none of us could have even fathomed, though, was that all the while, Michael Rasmussen, another successful entrepeneur and good friend of Mike Filsaime's, had gone deep into his think chamber and started developing the most comprehensive, in-depth, inside look at how to PROPERLY run a fire sale for MAXIMUM PROFIT! This is like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, no pun intended. The fire sale was, is and continues to be THE most effective and reliable way to generate the LARGEST amounts of profits in the SHORTEST period of time - PERIOD! No longer do we have to cringe when we see the words "Fire Sale!" because now, for what amounts to almost NOTHING to those already in this game a while, ANYONE can access ALL of the most important secrets of what constitutes a beautiful and wildly successful fire sale!

In fact, let me put it to you this way.

If ever again should you see a fire sale that annoys you, then you will know, without fail, that the site owner did not study Michael Rasmussen's wealth of information. And to boot, if YOU ever want to make the LARGEST amount of profit in the SHORTEST period of time (and that means *not annoying people* with an amateur display!) then you really owe it to yourself, right now, to pick up a copy of what is going to be one of the biggest "sleeper products" of the decade:


By "sleeper product", I mean that, truth be told, unfortunately, most marketers are too green (new and inexperienced) to know that other than *passive income*, a fire sale is the absolute next best thing for making a super huge smile appear across your face. Take a look. See for yourself. Here's exactly what I mean...


P.S. As a goodwill gesture of help and kindness, I will gladly aid
anyone who purchases "Firesale Profits" from this page with a completely FREE WEBSITE and FREE UNLIMITED AUTORESPONDERS to run your very first fire sale. Because I put my money where my mouth is when it comes to helping you succeed!

"FIRESALE PROFITS" by Michael Rasmussen. Get it Now and PROFIT!

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