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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Liz Tomey's Unbeatable Offer for Struggling Marketers

Chances are that by the time you read this it will already be over. Liz Tomey came online just a little over a year ago and has already made 6 figures ONLINE. That does not include her offline business which brings in close to the same.

Liz is now offering to mentor a LIMITED number of people up close n personal and knowing her as I do, you would be insane to miss this. Unfortunately, even all the people who desperately WANT this kind of personalized help won't be able to participate because, as I said, she's limited the number of people so that everyone gets high-quality attention.

SIX FIGURES her first year!

Anyways, I'm not a "copy/paste" email kind of guy, but I also believe that "if it ain't broke, y'don't fix it!" so here's what Liz cooked up for her friends to share with the public. Two thumbs up, folks. Liz is a class act and you will find what you're looking for in her offer below:

Subject: How Did She Make So Much Money So Quickly?

If you hadn't heard of Liz Tomey by now, you've really beenmissing out. Not because Liz is some great "Guru", but because she has learnedhow to make money online very quickly and teaches peopleeverything she knows about doing just that! Recently I had the chance to really find out who Liz Tomey is, (sam: I really know her) and what she's doing for people who are struggling to make moneyonline (sam: I really do!). It's really incredible, and it shows that Liz is exactlywhat I thought she was sam: she really is!) - a very caring person who wants to see the"little guy" succeed. Reading about Liz is one of the most uplifting success stories I have ever read (sam: ok she's pushing it here, but it IS uplifting!) and I encourage you to check it out right now (sam: I do!)
Learn More About the Kind of Help You Will Get from Liz.
If you already know Liz, check out what she's offering to those of you who are struggling to make money online. If you are already successful online please don't take her up on this offer. This offer is only for those struggling to make money online. Believe me when I say that. This is the most remarkable and giving offer I have ever seen an Internet marketer like Liz Tomey make! Take a look now...
Learn More About Liz's Fine Offer to Help Struggling Marketers

Really, take a look now. If you're having slow (or NO) results making money online, then you don't want to pass this up. Liz is top notch and if you're struggling, well, what else is there to do? Buy another book? Buy another service? Here's an offer to help STRUGGLING people to make it online for real, so unless you have some kind of fascination with "struggling" then you owe it to yourself (and whomever else depends on you) to see for yourself if Liz's offer is for real:
Click Here to Learn More About Liz's Offer.

Wishing You the Very Best...
Sam Freedom

Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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Liz Tomey said...


I really appreciate the blog post.

I just wanted to comment really quick to let everyone know my sincere drive to help people. I've been talking to Sam for about a year now, and he's taught me a lot about people. Mainly that we all need help at some points in our lives. This is why I have made this offer. I really want to help those who are struggling out there.

If you have any comments or questions, just post them here or email me and I'll be glad to help.

Again, Sam, I appreciate you "spreading the love"!


Creative Ways said...

Hi Liz. What is your email address please?


Gene Veinotte

Anonymous said...

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