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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Here's How Much $$ I've Made This Month

Dear Reader,

I know you hear from amateurs all the time, well-intended individuals who have either made nothing or had 1 or 2 lucky paydays and then rave on about how they're making thousands..."and you can, too!" It really doesn't bode well for those of us who really do because it makes our work at earning your trust just a little more difficult each time.

Every day I receive mail telling me that the latest and greatest has just arrived and that, if I don't join immediately, I'm going to miss out on the biggest, baddest, most profitable venture of my life. Amateurs. Why do they lie? And why do program owners let them? Do you? Why?

If you lie, or have been lied to, I want it to stop right now. But I'm not just going to lecture to you on a stump or from a bully pulpit in a self-righteous tone as if I know what's best for you because I know that positive change doesn't come that way. The only time I have ever witnessed positive change taking place is when someone who UNDERSTOOD MORE actually involved themselves with some READY AND WILLING persons who understood less. For each there is a price, and for each there is a result.

The one who understands more pays, in part, by suffering the ignorance the one who understands less. And the one who understands less pays, in part, with his ignorance. In other words, if you really want a positive change then you have to find someone who understands more than you and be willing to let go of ideas that have either never served you, or no longer serve you. And for that, of course, this person of greater understanding needs to be someone you can trust.

Otherwise, the changes you think of as positive happen by accident - not from understanding, but from happenstance, from Nature. And lacking understanding one attributes it to all kinds of forces that are beyond the ability of one to verify. This comforts the individual just enough to allow him to go about his merry way thinking that good fortune is a random event, or left to the mere whims of a Higher Being. Perhaps there's some truth in either, but it isn't difficult to reason that were a Higher Being at some kind at the helm, it would be intelligent and wouldn't just zap people with good fortune. In fact, take a look at what happens with many of those who win huge sums of pure luck...their understanding of money is lacking and they eventually lose it and/or self-destruct.

That is why most of the people who are reading this post are not making money to their satisfaction and are resigned to chasing around some 19-29yr old kids who... by lucky. And beyond verification, as I'd said earlier, their luck is wrongly presented as having been from understanding...from some supposed effort they made, or some "scroll that was found by a priest in the caves of Brazil." I mean, the nonsense is never in short supply.

So you must find someone you can trust and be willing to give up ideas that are ineffective and keep you in poverty. It's not your fault that such ideas exist in your mind - you never had much of a defense against them when they were first put there. You can read more about it here in a pdf article that I made available in an earlier post:

There are many marketers who "won the lottery" and learned about things like "Hypnotic Marketing" and "NLP", but not all of those marketers understood their power or how to wield them. They have brought many of you into a group of people who run from one side of the ship to the other in order to keep the boat from capsizing. Quite often, someone not much different than you falls off the boat and is washed away, never to be seen again. However, thanks to viral marketing tactics, you are easy to replace. Did you do it to yourself? Or, did it just happen to you?

Or wait...maybe you think you're not caught up in all that, that you're an exception to all of this and you just happen to be here reading this because you made some collosal choice to be here. Wow! Who the hell am I to say all this, right? Who are you Sam Freedom that you think you can speak so knowingly, with such an aire of authority? Why don't you just [expletive deleted]!

As a group, we may never know why I speak about these things, but, perhaps, a few people can.

Let's bring this back down to the level of marketing for our daily bread:

This past week, I presented two opportunities:


Each of these opportunities exists for a different kind of person. The first opportunity is for those among us who are stuck - who feel like they've kind of got their feet wet but they can't get any traction and might even be starting to backslide a little. If the thought of your next month's bills is bothering you right now, or of even any concern, then the first opportunity is for you.

Liz is top-notch and made $100,000 her first year online. She's considerate and dedicated and is going to see all of her students through to a place where they are finally making money online. If you qualify, as stated above, and are ready to shed your ignorance, click here:

The second opportunity is for those among us who have an extreme desire to make a lot of money online but they just have trouble discerning what is a high potential opportunity and what is not. It is also for those who are relatively happy with the results of their marketing efforts but are starting to feel like taking a big step up on the earnings ladder. If that describes you, then the second opportunity is for you:

In that, you would be aided by my trusted online partner, Lamar Owens and myself. Lamar has 6 years of solid experience with every aspect of marketing. He has successful webhost services, autoresponder services, a huge leads business and this list could go on for quite a while. Suffice it to say his 6-figure/yr earnings plus stellar testimonials from 100s of people are what attracted me to joining forces with him 3 years ago.

We are taking that infrastructure he already has in place and using it to build our team's downlines. Since resources are not infinite, we too, like Liz, are limiting the amount of people we take into our fold though we haven't come to a number yet. In any case, having made approximately $30,000 in sales in the past 2 weeks, with no sign of slowing down, it's pretty clear to those who have signed on already that we understand our business.

You are either desperately in need of a break where someone will work with you until you are finally making money, OR, you are already making money but just looking for a great place to invest some of it for a big step up the economic ladder. Once you've qualified yourself, and know under which category you exist, choose the proper link below and we'll get to work on creating a positive change for you.


Lamar and Sam:

As always, I wish you the very best,
Sam Freedom

Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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Creative Ways said...

I did receive your introduction.
Good to hear from you.Thanks Eric.

I have sent an email to Liz and to you as well. Looking forward to a reply.


Freeways To Success

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