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Friday, November 04, 2005

Get a FREE LOGO - You Better Hurry!

Just came across this on my sojourns. The gentleman asks for a link back in exchange for a professionally designed LOGO. The thing is, to me, a link back to him is WAY more valuable than a logo.

In fact, how bout you link TO ME, and I'll BUY you a logo?! Then again, it all depends on what your site rank is. If you have a piddly no traffic site that you just set up for this purpose then....

...oops, never mind!

Click Here to See if Any FREE Logos Are Left
(and would you kindly post a comment here if his offer has ended?)

ps. If you haven't yet rated this site, please take all of 3 seconds to do so here. Thanks!

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Helene Solinga said...

Hi Sam, This is a great idea. I have put a link on my home page at:

I am looking for a logo that is in keeping with the type of business I'm promoting. Since it's web hosting, perhaps pictures of servers would be appropriate? Colors should be in line with my site - (i.e. Blue & Gray to replace the globe).


Helene Solinga

P.S. I have more than one site. If I put a link on another site you'll do another logo?

Sam Freedom said...

Oh HELENNNN... could ya just slow down a bit and read the article again a little more closely this time?

The "how bout ya link to me and.." was a rhetorical humor question. Just below it was a link that said, "Click here to see if there are any more free logos left.", right?

Now, being a good samaritan, I don't expect you'll check this comment immediately, so I'm gonna have to surf on over to your site, or check your profile and kindly email you so you don't sit there waiting for a logo from me that is never going to arrive.

I am not the logo creator. The guy at that link is...! Sorry if I was vague, but I just didn't think so (until now!).

Ok everyone, click that link for your logos. I'm not the logo maker!


Irene said...

"Thanks once again Sam for keeping the value in FREE. Especially for all those looking for a little help from dare I say it: (drum roll here) the coolest guy on the planet. LOL. Better get back to working out with those weights again, seeings as you're so famous ;~)! Could have used this guy 4 months ago. From the virtual hands of Toronto's on-site essential restoration service -

Sam Freedom said...

Thanks much, Irene. As always, your kind comments are much appreciated. One of these days, maybe you will take a few moments to learn the a href html tag and get a LIVE link back to your site.

Check out w3school or something like that...!


Teena said...

Hey Sam, cool site!

Just popped over to free-logo-guy site and yes, still available - I'm about to order one for myself. Thanks for the great tip!

Ciao ciao

Trang Vuong said...

Hi Sam,

I checked out the Logo site. I can use a logo. Thank you.


By the way, what is the purpose of these curly letters in the comment area. Is that to prevent automatic blogging (from a computer, and not a live human being)? If so, how do you install it?

Magi said...

Hey Sam mate,

Top Recomendations as usual, and my policy of

"do as they do
not as they say to do"

applies only to all those OTHER so-called marketing gurus, not YOU!

Your blog is evolving into one of the must have readings for all of us who have no time for bullsh*t!

You don't just talk the talk, you walk the walk!

Keep on truckin!


Anonymous said...

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