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Friday, June 27, 2008

Elephantiasis Outbreak Strikes the Entrecard Blogger Community!

The Entrecard blogging community has suffered it's first ever epidemic of Elephantiasis. For those of you who yet have no clue, elephantiasis is a disease where you grow some REALLY big balls.

Yes, the picture to the left is a ball - a testicle ball. And an abnormal amount of Entrecarders have grown them to such an abnormal size that it actually caused "The Good Ship Entrecard" to list to one side.

Make no bones about it, a good set of balls is both healthy and integral to the functioning of life. But once they grow past a certain size, they become weighty - no longer perfectly suspended and floating freely - and just plain cumbersome on what should otherwise be an idyllic march towards progress.

So, to their credit, these ballsy Entrecarders, loaded their weighty vesicles into weighty vessels and set sail for "groaner" pastures. After a tempestuous journey across deep and pensive internet seas, they found safe harbor in the VERY shallow waters of the Superficial Gallery...

Entrecard Superficial Gallery(don't get your hopes up - it lives up to its name)

If you want to visit this leper-style colony, it is advised that you possess an advanced understanding of infectious diseases and do so at your own risk.

However, if you just can't get your fill of elephantiasized Entrebabies, you can find a milder, slightly witty and much safer reportage from the nearby island of...

Entrecard blog firestorm
Entrecard has been stablized and is now steadily recovering.

Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Make Money Online - Should You Take Weekends Off?

Look, it's no secret to experienced site owners that there comes a sharp drop in website traffic from late Friday evening to sometime Monday morning. Sure, sure... you're off spending time with your loved ones; or, perhaps, you are deep in prayer all weekend, meditating on gratitude and world peace. Maybe you take a limo to the Poconos, or fly your private jet to Macau for some high stakes poker... or maybe you take your million dollar yacht to Belize.

It's more likely that you stay in, walk around in your underwear scratching your nether regions and eating pints of Ben & Jerry ice cream. Maybe you mow the lawn, or take the kids to the mall, or lie out on the porch after a night of sucking down 30 margaritas. Whatever... just fill in the blank.

But what's clear, is that a HUGE majority of you don't surf the web, or visit your favorite informative websites or blogs and that leads me to believe that you're not serious about making money online. Notice I didn't say, "that leads me to believe you don't THINK you're serious about making money online" for, obviously, you believe you are.

Ok, if your religion orders you to take a weekend day off each week, fine, but both? And, just how long does it take to check on your favorite sites? How long does it take to quickly peruse sites/blogs that have been most helpful to you? What if you logged on Saturday morning for 30 minutes and read your favorite blogs? You'd have the rest of Saturday and Sunday for your mind to consider the new possibilities of any good advice given you?

Do you understand? Just because you are given a day off doesn't mean you have to take it. But it doesn't mean you have to bust your tail that whole day either. Seeing as no site exists in a vacuum, we know that most of the time we sit down to surf the web, a simple 30 minute excursion can easily turn into a 3-5 hour journey so, naturally, many of us would be hesitant to do any surfing on weekends.... even if it were just to take 30-45 minutes to skim through our favorite blogs.

Monkey See, Monkey Do, Monkey Do, Monkey See...

So, you set yourself into a pattern whereby you are missing some golden nuggets of information just because you grew up in a society that takes a weekend vacation. And if you continue to BE like the masses, you will continue to LIVE like the masses, always thinking it is "something else" that is keeping you from living your dreams.

Or, if you're just oh-so-brilliant and think you're really on top of the game, perhaps you'll excuse your weekends-off by explaining how you have things set up so neatly that you definitely make sure you'll receive all the excellent weekend nuggets on Monday.... AS IF there's absolutely no cost, or downside, to cramming 3 days worth of information into 1 day's worth of attention.

Look closely, even though I KNOW the vast majority of the work-at-home-wannabe masses don't show up on weekends, I still posted on both weekend days anyways. Why? For one, because the masses don't. For two, because there ARE some people who don't see weekends as a time to completely turn their brains off. And for three, because it keeps me in shape.

So, What About You?

What do you do with your weekends? How much of your weekend is still devoted to your ongoing financial/online marketing/blogging education and how much do you give to the devil?

Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

I've Done You a Great Favor These Past 2 Months (poll)

When I tell you what it is, it might not seem like much of a favor, but it really is... it's one of those favors that generally isn't appreciated right away but somewhere down the road, after reality further imposes itself on your fantastic hallucinations, some of you will sit down on that quintessential "big rock" and, with head in your hands, say something remotely like,

"Hey, that guy really understood me."

Or maybe you won't... but some of you definitely will. So, what is that great favor?

I've Kept Silent

I've told you before that just about everything the "Probloggers" tell you was sound advice... THREE YEARS AGO. They used that information to build big followings and because they have big followings, newcomers think they MUST be an authority on what they're talking about. But what they're generally doing is milking the masses, getting whomever will listen to buy their latest, greatest reconstitution and repackaging of old information....

...or, in the very least, get you to click on an ad.

Speak Not, Unless You Can Improve Upon the Silence
(Which Is a Very Difficult Thing to Do...)

So, I noted the situation and took the appropriate course of action: I let you be for a while. Are there not enough "authorities" trying to tell you what works or doesn't work? Are you wealthy yet? Or maybe you really don't even care because your motivation is something like "the wish to belong" rather than "the wish to profit."

Such People Are Referred to As...

"Program Junkies"

So what are you: a marketing blogger, a blogging marketer, or a PROGRAM JUNKIE?

And, most importantly, what have you REALLY learned today about increasing your profit/influence? Or even this week? Or how about this month?

Or Are You Just LONELY and Living Vicariously
Through Others Who DO Make Money Online?

Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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