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Saturday, June 21, 2008

I've Done You a Great Favor These Past 2 Months (poll)

When I tell you what it is, it might not seem like much of a favor, but it really is... it's one of those favors that generally isn't appreciated right away but somewhere down the road, after reality further imposes itself on your fantastic hallucinations, some of you will sit down on that quintessential "big rock" and, with head in your hands, say something remotely like,

"Hey, that guy really understood me."

Or maybe you won't... but some of you definitely will. So, what is that great favor?

I've Kept Silent

I've told you before that just about everything the "Probloggers" tell you was sound advice... THREE YEARS AGO. They used that information to build big followings and because they have big followings, newcomers think they MUST be an authority on what they're talking about. But what they're generally doing is milking the masses, getting whomever will listen to buy their latest, greatest reconstitution and repackaging of old information....

...or, in the very least, get you to click on an ad.

Speak Not, Unless You Can Improve Upon the Silence
(Which Is a Very Difficult Thing to Do...)

So, I noted the situation and took the appropriate course of action: I let you be for a while. Are there not enough "authorities" trying to tell you what works or doesn't work? Are you wealthy yet? Or maybe you really don't even care because your motivation is something like "the wish to belong" rather than "the wish to profit."

Such People Are Referred to As...

"Program Junkies"

So what are you: a marketing blogger, a blogging marketer, or a PROGRAM JUNKIE?

And, most importantly, what have you REALLY learned today about increasing your profit/influence? Or even this week? Or how about this month?

Or Are You Just LONELY and Living Vicariously
Through Others Who DO Make Money Online?

Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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testking 1z0-043 said...

hello, well your post is bit confused. and i think so i can't understand it completly. well you talk about silence. this is good. and in your poll i am click on none of above.

ccna exam dumps said...

Malaysians are generally a discreet and quietly compliant lot. Many are quite content to maintain the status quo, without rocking the proverbial boat of peace, stability and absence of civil disorder, while letting the "authorities" do their own thing.

1z0-052 said...

A sizable number may indeed be part of the "silent majority", although it is debatable, if all are such a homogeneous whole.

220-701 said...

Many of us would like to live unobtrusive, encapsulated and secluded lives. Many believe that getting too involved in any public-spirited endeavour particularly controversial ones, is beyond the reach of the common man or woman. They believe that socioeconomic and political matters don't mix, and that the potential repercussions are too heavy a price to pay.

220-702 said...

We have shown that we can achieve many things, through the spirit of Malaysia Boleh or "Can-do-ism". Recent events however, have cast a paralyzing cloud of uncertainty over Malaysia, and some of us have become imbued with the sense of languishing capitulation, negativism and exasperation, even nihilism.

Craigslist San Diego Jobs said...

Interesting post and thanks for sharing. Malaysia is the meeting point of many diverse culture and Islam is the official religion of Malaysia.