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Monday, July 26, 2010

How to Piss Off Your Internet Marketing List Members

It's bad enough getting spammed with offers every 3 days, but one of the most insulting and lowest tactics used in an attempt to get people to open emails is to put something in the subject title like,
  • A Paypal Payment Has Been Made

Let's see, Charles Mutrie, Phil Mutrie, Matt Bacak, Gary Baker, you're all doing this. It's deceptive. It worsens the work field for the rest of us who really DO have something useful to share with readers. Put your talents to use, if you have them, and come up with a catchy email headline that's HONEST and COMPELLING.

What kinds of email subject headings are you getting that are deceptive, insulting and objectionable?

Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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Change to Ebay Policy

This stuff usually sneaks up on people so I'm posting it here... nothing overtly controversial but when you end up having your Paypal funds held and don't know why... now you'll know why.

Updates to the eBay User AgreementDear samfreedom,I'm writing to let you know that the eBay User Agreement has been updated to support policy and other changes. The updated Agreement is effective immediately for new members, and on September 7, 2010, for current members.There are two key updates to the User Agreement:

Provisions have been added regarding eBay Buyer Protection. If a seller changes his or her reimbursement method for eBay Buyer Protection cases from PayPal to a new one, the new method will only be effective for transactions not yet paid for, and for future transactions. In addition, eBay may correct payment processing errors made in connection with an eBay Buyer Protection Claim. Please refer to the eBay Buyer Protection policy for the full terms.

Clarification is included about instances where seller funds may be held as pending in their PayPal accounts. eBay has at times requested, and may continue to request, that PayPal hold seller funds to help facilitate smooth transactions. eBay will make such requests based upon factors including, but not limited to, selling history, seller performance, riskiness of the listing category, or the filing of an eBay Buyer Protection claim. PayPal may also hold funds pursuant to their own Funds Availability Policy. As with earlier updates, other changes have been made to keep the User Agreement up-to-date with our product and service offerings.You don't need to take any further action to accept the new eBay User Agreement. If you choose not to accept the new terms, visit this help page for further direction.Thank you for being a part of the eBay community.

Braden Dong
Senior Counsel
eBay, Inc.

Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

TWITTER SUCKS - Technical Follow Limits, Hooray!!

Twitter sucks. No, I understand, all too perfectly well how so many twitterers suck it up like crackheads and hyper-focus their attention on the bazillions of tweets rolling by... in lieu of a social life, but Twitter, as in "it's management", sucks.... BIG TIME!

As always, instead of growing a set and making an example out of spammers in a court of law, then publicizing it, they let those handful of bad apples spoil things for everyone. So, instead of taking a little bit of their pot money and holding the CULPRITS' feet to the fire, Twitter is now placing TECHNICAL FOLLOW LIMITS on every account. In other words, I can't follow people any more because of some f*cked up ration that they arbitrarily decided to come up with and impose on everyone.

This is like creating gun laws to prohibit criminials when criminals don't even get the guns legally anyways! And, they'll always find a way to get guns no matter what. So, in the case of Twitter, you have NO IDEA what the formula is that puts you in "NO MORE FOLLOWING" land.


So, I just wanted to perform a little test, knowing full well the results ahead of time, and I unfollowed some poor guy, "IPlusMarketing" (go follow him just to make up for this), and Twitter wouldn't even allow me to follow him immediately after. So, be careful of whom you unfollow because it's not like Facebook where you can add a friend back after a dispute. If you're a hostage to Twitter's technical follow limits, and you unfollow someone, it's "Bon Voyage, Mate!" until god knows when.

As far as I'm concerned, Twitter, this was like bringing an aircraft carrier to a knife fight.

Get rid of technical follow limits, and find a way to properly punish, ward off, scare the OFFENDERS and not your LOYAL *FOLLOWERS*!!

Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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Thursday, July 01, 2010

plugin-container.exe: Mozilla vs Macromedia vs Adobe vs Your Mother

In case you haven't heard yet, there's a pesky little Firefox plugin by the name of plugin-container.exe that has bajillions of former Mozilla fanatics screaming bloody murder! The common complaint is that plugin-container.exe is hogging up massive resources for reasons no one seems to know. It all began with Mozilla's release of Firefox 3.6.4, so many an exasperated victim has sought refuge by rolling back to Mozilla's previous version Firefox 3.6.3 which Mozilla forum mods say does not use the plugin-container.exe file.

But that's a very risky proposition, other afflicted users chime in. They say that Firefox 3.6.4 also contains some security updates which would not only be wiped out by a rollback to 3.6.3, but would never get updated ever again as long as the user remained with 3.6.3, so... what is the solution (see if the second post in this thread works)?

Well, first, just what is this plugin-container.exe supposed to do anyways? Despite the occasional scream that someone's firewall has mysteriously disappeared, the vast majority of Firefox users seem to agree that plugin-container.exe is not malware, so if you've been incapacitated by it, rest easy as far as that goes. What Mozilla support forum moderators have been saying is that plugin-container.exe was meant to isolate certain things which had a history of causing Firefox to crash -- most notably, Flash, Quicktime and Silverlight -- so that if they crashed, they wouldn't take the whole Firefox browser down with them for that session.

Well, it either ain't working, or it's working so damn well that users can't even watch anything anymore that uses those programs. Many users, for example, seem to experience trouble when visiting Youtube (though it's not limited to that).

So, Mozilla continues to say its not their problem and suggests users check with the makers of the plugins. And whilst the problem DID appear with the advent of plugin-container.exe, Mozilla support could be right. There might very well be something in those other programs that had been causing Firefox to crash. And the plugin-container.exe crash protection might just be doing its job so well that something in it might be locking up during Flash play before flash can cause its problem.

And that leads us to the thing that Mozilla's support needs to understand. Even if they are TECHNICALLY not at fault, it appears that whatever problem their plugin-container.exe "solution" was intended to solve was FAR more tolerable BEFORE plugin-container.exe than it has been AFTER.

So, Mozilla, instead of blaming everyone and denying it's your fault, either get rid of plugin-container.exe or make it OPTIONAL so those of us with some hair on our chest and balls can get back to living life on the edge with a couple of youtube-induced browser crashes.

Oh look... here comes one no... (darkness)

Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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