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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Trackback Widget for New Blogger - Ok Its a Mashup.

Look, New Blogger

It's a trackback widget!  It's a trackback mashup!  It's a trackback hack

No, it's Super New Blogger Trackback Widget Mashup Hack!

Well, guess what?  I really don't know the nitty-gritty difference between the three terms because I'm a "marketer/blogger" not a "blogger/marketer."  But what I DO know is that the target new blogger users who are avidly seeking a trackback solution to their new blogger templates probably don't know which it's called either.  But they still need the darn information and they're going to search for it by one of those three terms so now maybe you are beginning see the wisdom of my selective ignorance.

So let's get right to it.

Death to Haloscan!

In my previous post "Death to Haloscan!", I wrote about how the once thriving comment form and trackback solution for handicapped or lackluster blogs could be found following in the footsteps of the ancient Babylonians.  Individuals' help requests have gone unanswered in the forums for what seems like months.  But everything still works... IF you don't have any special requirements.  And most people don't.

I had been searching far and wide for my own TRACKBACK ONLY widget, hack or mashup for NEW BLOGGER to no avail.  Haloscan's auto installation for new blogger blogs included their commenting system which was not an option for me.  Why?  Because the Haloscan comment system bypasses the Blogger comment system.  Thus, two things occur:

  1. All previous comments made on your blogger blog are no longer accessible to you or your visitors; and
  2. Your blog becomes vulnerable to spammers who still know how to find and post to your blogger comment system.

Yes, last I heard, the blogger comment system, while invisible to you and visitors, is still accessible to those who know how to find it.  How can you delete spam comments about whose existence you aren't even aware?  But the trackback management gives great control and works just fine!

The GreaseMonkey-Firefox "Solution" for New Blogger Trackback Only

The closest I had come in my search for the elusive trackback widget for new blogger was in Andy Beard's, "GreaseMonkey & Firefox - How To Send a Trackback With Blogger (Part 2)" but even he had reservations about the GreaseMonkey - Firefox combo,

"Good But No Banana… yet! It isn't a perfect solution as is, because it is using the blog name for the link URL on the receiving end, rather than the blog post title.  It should be possible to hack the Greasemonkey script to use your post title, so that it uses the post title for links on the receiving end."

(Newbie translation:  It means the search engine optimization benefit of using that trackback method would not be as great as any trackback method that uses your post TITLE in the trackback link.  Post titles usually have juicy keywords in them that search engines love plus a post title also helps draw in prospective readers.)

Andy's blog refers to Singpolyma's, "For New Blogger - Blogger categorising, pinging, and trackback helper" and for some it might be just fine.  But for those not technically inclined, I don't recommend the GreaseMonkey - Firefox new blogger trackback combo.

My New Blogger Trackback Only Solution

It was so simple, indeed, that I'm actually doubting myself.  I mean, it appears to work just fine but why have I not found this simple Haloscan code hack (read COPY/PASTE) anywhere else on the web?  I'm a pretty avid searcher and it never crossed my radar.  Have the uber-bloggers with the most publicity (read: SEO and Social Bookmarking wisdom) become so technically inclined, and so accustomed to advanced blogging that the simple and obvious are, to them, no longer simple and obvious?

Or is it me?  Am I just "simply" out of my gourd?

Finally, the Instructions for Haloscan
Trackback Only for New Blogger

I'll explain how I arrived at this afterwards for those who relish in such details, but for those who just need the darn instruction, here goes:

DISCLAIMER:  Always backup your template before editing it.  And follow any editing instructions from ANYWHERE at your own risk.  While the following trackback hack works just fine for me and I strongly believe it will work fine for anyone using New Blogger, life is full of all kinds of unintended consequences for which none of us can be completely prepared.  Besides, it doesn't alter your template except to add a little code that you can just as easily remove if it isn't working right for you.

  • Get a Haloscan account right now (opens new window).  It's free and it will take you less time to sign up than it has to read this far.

haloscan trackback only for new blogger signup

  • In your blog DASHBOARD, open your blog template's HTML by clicking on LAYOUT then TEMPLATE then EDIT HTML

  • BACKUP your New Blogger template using the BACKUP tool above the HTML form.

  • Check the box that says, "Expand Widget Templates" to the top right of the HTML form.

Your blog template's HTML should now appear with all widgets and edits included. 

  • COPY the FOLLOWING HALOSCAN code (labeled PART 1):

  • PASTE the HALOSCAN PART 1 CODE somewhere right after the following tags, experimenting with placement to suit your tastes.  This will display the Haloscan trackback link after the BODY of your posts. 

<div class='post-body'>



  • PASTE the HALOSCAN PART 1 CODE somewhere right after the following tags, experimenting with placement to suit your tastes.  This will display the Haloscan trackback link after the COMMENT SECTION of your posts.

<p class='comment-footer'>
<a expr:href='data:post.addCommentUrl' expr:onclick='data:post.addCommentOnclick'><data:postCommentMsg/></a>


  • Save your template and go play with it.  To test it, write a short blog post around the term "new blogger trackback hack" or anything having to do with New Blogger, trackback, Haloscan and "widgets and hacks" and leave a trackback using the trackback link below.

If you found this post useful, please link here, write a post, bookmark it, or leave a trackback or a comment.  In short, get the word out.  And if you see anything that could use some modifying, then DEFINITELY leave a comment.

Post Script:  How I Did This.

Again, it was so simple I thought there was no way I could be one of the first to even think of it.  So I AM wondering why I could not find any reference to it by the superbloggers.

The way I did it was simple.  I first backed up my template and then used Haloscan's, "New Blogger Auto Installation" which simply and quickly installed both Haloscan commenting AND trackback.  Then I reviewed the finished template, isolated only the Haloscan code and removed not only code that suppressed New Blogger's comment system but also any that published Haloscan's comments and , thus was left with Haloscan's "trackback only" code in place.

Lastly, I experimented with placing it where I thought it would be most noticeable by readers and commenters and that, ladies and gentleman, is all she wrote.  It was that simple.  So why does it seem like I was the only one to do this (and report on it)?

Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?  Bueller?

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Death to Haloscan!

Haloscan, home of the third-party comment and trackback widget (trackback definition) that many bloggers have been using for quite some time seems to have gone the way of the ancient Babylonians.

haloscan,trackback,new blogger
That Was Then...

haloscan trackback widget only for new blogger
This Is Now...

When it first came out, it was, as my British counterparts might say, a "smashing" idea.  It allowed bloggers to install a comment and trackback system on blogging platforms where commenting was drab and trackback non-existent.  Notwithstanding "black hatters" abuse of both, Haloscan allowed such handicapped bloggers access to a whole new traffic-generating experience.

And though more advanced bloggers now have more advanced things up their more advanced sleeves, frankly, for a while, Haloscan was cool.

But now, unfortunately, a call for help in their forums goes unheeded for months... or, more likely, forever.  The advertising link on their home page simply reads, "Advertise here."; a real shame, since their Alexa traffic rank shows a traffic rank of 2,650 and 8,020 sites linking in (I bet someone grabs it now!).  And their "news" subdomain doesn't even load any more.

haloscan trackback robot, new blogger widgets robot

But what's far worse, in my opinion, is that their instructions on implementing something like "haloscan trackback only on New Blogger" are antiquated.  The automatic installation seemed to work just fine for MY new blogger (which I tested but uninstalled) but it's of little use to me, or anyone, who doesn't want to use Haloscan's commenting system since there's no "trackback only" option.

In my next blog, "A Trackback Widget for New Blogger - Ok Its a Mashup", I'll explain EXACTLY what I did to get Haloscan "Trackback Only" to work on this New Blogger blog but for now, it's safe to say to Haloscan, "the lights are on but you're not home."

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Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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Friday, October 26, 2007

Craigslist Busted Wide Open...!

Everyone knows Craigslist. My 90-year old grandmother knows of Craigslist yard sales. Even Osama Bin Laden can shop for camels on UAE Craigslist.  And yes, George Bush, MoveOn.Org and Skull & Crossbones ALL know about Craigslist... (it's a part of "The New World Order" kinda thing..) ;-)

[Get The Full Treasure Trove of
Craigslist Plundering Secrets
Right Here]

Why just the other day, I couldn't resist clicking on the link for the Egyptian Craigslist site just to see what the heck they were selling jars of special "sand" to unwary Craig's list tourists and boy was I surprised!  There were Craigslist listings in places I'd never even heard of..! Micronesia? Ok, I've heard of Micronesia, but still! Here were just SOME of the international Craigslist sites...

amsterdam, bangalore, berlin, buenosaires, dublin, hongkong, london, manila, mexico, paris, riodejaneiro, rome, sydney, tokyo, countries, argentina, australia, austria, bangladesh, belgium, brazil, canada, caribbean, chile, china, colombia, costa rica, czech repub, denmark, egypt, finland, france, germany, great britain, greece, hungary, india, indonesia, ireland, israel, italy, japan, korea, lebanon, malaysia, mexico, micronesia, netherlands, new zealand, norway, pakistan, panama, peru, philippines, poland, portugal, russia, singapore, south africa, spain, sweden, switzerland, taiwan, thailand, turkey, UAE, UK, US, venezuela, vietnam

The Point Is...

There are 1000s and 1000s of places you can advertise ANYTHING on Craigslist!  With even a minimal of research, you could even find a totally untapped niche in another part of the world and then funnel people to a website for sales or potential Adsense commissions, or even as just an affiliate.... with hardly no competition!

Well, For a While Maybe...

[Get The Full Treasure Trove of
Craigslist Plundering Secrets Right Here]

...because other people are getting the whole freakin boatload of information on how to blow Craigslist wide open for anything you want to sell.  It just kills me watching the regular everyday people use it knowing just how much traffic and sales on which they're totally missing out.

But, you see, I'm a marketer... and a writer... and a blogger...
and a rich kid from Boston, so I don't have to overcharge or lie about anything.



Go Find Out How to Pillage and Plunder One of the Most Trafficked and Least Understood Classified Sites on the Internet Today...

Get The Full Treasure Trove of Craigslist Plundering Secrets Right Here

Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Does the Customer REALLY Matter?

C'mon, do you REALLY care about "the customer?"

Is your ambition in this work-from-home nightmare, errr, dream, really on par with Mother Theresa, Ghandi and Martin Luther King, or are you really only concerned with papering your bank's walls with the green and white portraits of a few million dead presidents?

I just got finished SKIMMING (full disclosure!), Matt Bailey's, "Content v Creative - Where does the Customer Count? and I couldn't help but become even more glaringly aware at how differently the "work-at-home" subculture in which I've grown up is from the crowd to whom he's talking.  But that's where *I* come in because his article, while making some very salient points, does not make any such distinctions.  And that can confuse people and, in my experience, often does.

It is more academic than folksy; analytical rather than emotional; competitive rather than creative.

Matt quotes Charles Prescott, the VP of Global Education for the Direct Marketing Association, "...the most critical part of a direct mail/marketing campaign was the selection and refinement of a list."  I think that's very important, too, but it's almost so obvious that I would expect to see it in ANY basic marketing manual.

What isn't mentioned is how many in our work-from-home subculture have been conditioned to learn things.  Except for a die-hard focus on article marketing, we were brought up believing in the miracle of NICHE SITES that were powered by very powerful SALES FUNNELS which then incentivized customers AND NON-CUSTOMERS ALIKE to "spread the word" for a 50%+ take of any referral sales.  And so on... and so on...

So Let Me Ask You Again...
Do You Really CARE About the Customer?

When you stop and think about it, our SALES FUNNEL processes don't even CARE about targeting only "the right customers" because if our persuasion-laced incentives are strong enough, we'll make good and sure to remind every site visitor that they're surrounded by all kinds of potential commissions - whether it be friends on their email list, or myspace, or their Web 2.0 site on which they can put our link. 

This is our realm!  It isn't academic.  We start off with a narrow patch of land and then push forward, building outposts, making new friends, getting them excited not only by our product or content, but by their ability to live more fully by promoting it.  We take some of our earnings and use it to start outsourcing projects to experts that can do in hours and days what it would usually take us weeks and months, and our influence grows.

We Let the AFFILIATES Find the Targeted Audiences.

So My Suggestion to You Is...

Care about the customer to the extent that you see him or her as yourself - a POTENTIAL AFFILIATE who wants a quality EXPERIENCE with as little trouble as possible.  But let's not confuse our reliance on customers as some kind of brotherly love unless we specifically set out with that mission.  Focus on the affiliate.  Treat the affiliate right and they will kindness the favor "tenfold."

In fact, some marketers even offer affiliates 100% commission.... for a small fee, of course. ;-)

Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A WordPress Lover's Plugin Dream Deal!

Run, don't walk!

One of the hottest WordPress Plugins ever for driving loads of traffic to your Wordpress blogs AND which eliminates the need for the ever-unsightly and clunky "sociable" plugin is on sale at HALF PRICE right now! I am not kidding when I say that whether you are using Wordpress blogs now, or intend to in the future, GET THIS DEAL NOW.

There is no gimmick at all. This is a very hot Wordpress plugin that can bring insane amounts of traffic to your blogs and its a genuine HALF PRICE offer so...

The Half Price Sale Is Over
But You Can Still Get Massive Discounts
on All Kinds of Powerful Marketing Products When You
Click Here Now

The WordPress Plugin, However, Is STILL Available
And STILL One of the Most Powerful WP Plugins Available Today.

Click This Banner to Go Demo It!

Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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Yann the Unsubscriber.

"Yann the Unsubscriber" sung to the tune of "Puff the Magic Dragon"

Let me just say... that if you ever unsubscribe from my blog, it won't bother me one bit.  But for the love of g-d and your immortal soul, at least tell the ****ing truth!"

When Yann unsubscribed, his reason for doing so was listed as, "Too Many Updates." or shall we say, too frequent posts.  Feedblitz free accounts seem to update once per day and Turbo (avail on paid accounts only) can update, I believe, hourly.  So when Yann signed up, was he signing up for a blog that only updated once every 2 days?  every 3 days?  once per week?

Do you see that is ridiculous?   After all, Google loves a steady flow of unique, relevant information (even if Yann doesn't) and, presumably, Yann must have liked it at one point.

So it only stands to reason that Yann didn't like what he was getting anymore.  I mean, if you had recently picked up a new mate and were gettin' sumthin' really good, wouldn't you want it AT LEAST once per day?

So Yann, it's ok to unsubscribe.  I even encourage it.  While everyone else is clamoring for millions of subscribers and millions of dollars (see, "Gajillions of Dollars in Just 7.35 Minutes"), I only need 12 honest, passionate people and I can move the world.

I think enough people came and went who kinda proved that.

 For anyone who wishes a deeper look into the RIGHT mindset to be successful in the ONLINE kingdom, have a look...

Click here for the Secret to Internet Marketing Success

Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

GAJILLIONS of Dollars in Just 7.35 Minutes!

It happened again... my recent post titled, "Stupid Subject Lines.... Don't Be An Internet Marketing Celebrity Amateur.", I gave some of the oh-so-common, everyday examples of some rather famous internet marketers using some of the stupidest subject lines ever known to mankind. Even bad ones by amateurs are preferable, but when a well-known blogger comes up with something so dismal, it's almost like a slap in the face.

Well, here's 2 more...

"Teenage piano teacher makes millions online - You gotta see this Sam!"

What's so offensive about this is not only how unappetizing it is, but how it shamelessly doesn't even attempt to disguise the fact that it's trying to appeal to a juvenile's sense of greed. I mean, who the hell wants a million dollars anymore?

You? If you said, "Me!" then please, for the love of G-d, read my short essay titled, "Work! For the REST of Your Life!" so we can get your head out of the clouds.

Remember, what WE want is FINANCIAL FREEDOM and that can be done on as little as $50k per year... even less if your expenses are low. Remember, FINANCIAL FREEDOM doesn't mean you stop working, per se, it just means that your PSYCHE gets freed enough to pursue the things that would REALLY make you happy.

Ok, next insulting subject line...

"Re: I'll pay the $20 trial fee"

LOL!!!! First of all, the good ol' "RE:" is employed to seduce us into opening the email. But doesn't this jamoke know that mentioning price ANYWHERE in the pre-sell is tantamount to blasphemy?If we're getting $20 off, then it only stands to reason and experience that it's going to cost us somewhere around 5 times that much in the very near future...

But it got me thinking...

"How could I REALLY save my readers $20?"

And I'm not talking about some clever joint venture or marketing gimmick where one partner raises his price $20 just to give a $20 discount, or creates a sham $97 setup fee just to give the appearance of "waiving it" if you "sign up now!"...., we'll have none of that (at least right now!).

So here's how I'm going to genuinely save you $20 AND once again remind you why I named this blog the name I did, "Sam Freedom's Internet Marketing CONTROVERSY Blog."


In yesterday's post titled, "The World's BEST WordPress Plugin List for Internet Marketers"there's a free report titled, "Easy Steps to Blog Stardom." It's an EXCELLENT report that shows you how to get a money-pulling blog up in 10 Easy steps.

As with most free reports, the info may be very good but there's almost ALWAYS a lead-in to a far more comprehensive work that really kicks your efforts into overdrive, and this free report is no different.

BUT HERE'S THE CATCH (and Savings)...

Go to the MAIN WEBPAGE and wait a little while for everything to load. Then move your mouse towards the "X" AS IF you're going to "X" out of the page. When your cursor nears the toolbar section, it's going to trigger Michael Ambrosio's "You Can't Block This!" unblockable exit pop-up.

You'll get a nice, little unblockable exit pop-up that then leads to the very same offer at $20 off the original price. And thus, Sam Freedom has not only been controversial but has truly saved you $20.

Of course Alex won't be DELIGHTED by my telling you this but let's face it folks, we're all doing our best to be marketers here. Someone should be TELLING you about these things so you have the option to buy and use them for your OWN business.

And by the way, I have both products and recommend them whole-heartedly. The unblockable exit-pop is an absolute must-have, no argument, period. Effectively capitalizing on exit traffic is a HUGE, HUGE boost to ANY online business endeavor and it works by a method that cannot be blocked.

And Alex's Web 2.0 Wordpress Monetization and Optimization Videos are SO valuable, so useful and so damn cheap that it would honestly be remiss of any blogger to not have them in his or her arsenal of blog marketing strategies.

Go check them out now. And let me know what you think...

wordpress, wordpress blog, web 2.0 blog

Best wishes,
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Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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Monday, October 22, 2007

The World's BEST WordPress Plugins for Internet Marketers

Don't know about you, but I've been holding back from unleashing a small empire of monetized WordPress blogs because (and his could just be ME) I have this nagging concern that I'm going to get the 133rd WordPress blog setup only to discover that there is a MUST HAVE WordPress plugin "to-die-for" that should have been put on all 133. Does anyone ever have that concern other than me? Every since Gary Hyunh's multi-Wordpress blog management script, "WordPress Elite" dipped below the radar (I heard it was bought out), I've not been able to find a WordPress solution that would allow, like a Frontpage "Server Side Include", to simply slip a few WordPress plugins into a special place just ONE time and have it propagate on all 133 blogs instantly.

(for those of you who are still new to all of this, please download a free copy of "Easy Blogging to Stardom."  It shows you how to make money from Wordpress Blogs in ten (10) EASY, non-nonsense steps.)

Right click HERE and select "SAVE AS..."

So, for now, I have been searching for that one, elusive, DREAM LIST of absolutely, must-have plugins for internet marketing Wordpress blogs. You know, the ultimate, "monetization, optimization, lead catpure" WordPress plugin list of "teammates" that would spare me the hazard described above... of finding some cool Wordpress plugins 132 blogs too late!

So I'm asking you... ...first of all, do any of you know where a guy can pick up a copy of Gary Hyunh's WordPress Elite?

And secondly...


Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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Friday, October 19, 2007

This Is Starting to Piss Me Off...

Sorry folks (am I really?),

But I've got to return to my original blogging style.

When I first started out, I had a pretty decent edge to me. When marketers came out with bullshit or shitty shoddy conclusions, I would pretty give it to 'em - a nice little ol internet marketing boot in the ass so-to-speak.

People seemed to like that, get a little chuckle out of it but the strange-as-**** fact was that those same bastard marketers kept rakin' in the dough and all I got was a bunch of people saying, "Hey, cool post, Sam!"
Thanks for the wonderful and entertaining email that you send. I love it. You were one of the first marketers that I recieved email from when I first started on the internet. You could say that your a sort of a mentor to me:-) Shelby Carr
But not even a darn click on Adsense!

Around the time, when Mark Joyner, Mike Chen and all the usual guys started touting "The Secret Weapon!",

...I not only WARNED everyone that they were about to be "...passed around like a dazed hippy chick at a biker rally" but I even went so far as to BUY the Secret Weapon for $497 and GIVE AWAY the LITE version in exchange for a subscription to my list (click here for a free copy of the Lite Version of that supposedly ultimate tracker tool).
I have been on Sam's list for close to a year now, and he has been a big influence on the way I market and also my marketing tactics. He is someone to watch and learn from. And it's so entertaining! I'm so glad I got the Secret Weapon Lite from Sam because frankly I think I might have been a little (!) dissapointed after I paid a lot and found out what it was. Thank you, Sam! Brian Beshore
But something happened... something happened along the way and things started to change. I became FRIENDLY with some of these marketers. I even reached a hand out to some of them as they were just getting their feet wet in the game, clued them in on where to get "into the loop", gave them a few encouraging thoughts to take with them and then let it go at that.

I thought that maybe just keeping the peace could lead to some really good joint ventures. After all, the bullshitting was working for them. There were all kinds of flaws in their programs and systems, but they were flaws which were calculated into the final analysis... and which some of them really didn't even care about.

I mean, did it matter to anyone promoting "The Secret Weapon" that it was a piece of shit? Oh excuse me, that A LOT OF PEOPLE THOUGHT IT WAS A PIECE OF SHIT. I mean, who remembers J.A. coming out with a theoretical analysis that
If The Secret Weapon could increase your bottom line by 10% and 10% of $100k meant $10,000 more dollars per year, then it would have easily paid for itself.
And it was I... it was I, out of 1000s cruising through that particular forum, who had the balls to come out and say, "Excuse me, but most of the people here can't even make enough to pay a ****ing car payment, so now what?"

And that's what's always PISSED ME OFF.

The fact that many internet marketers, with all of their regurgitated philosophy, with all of their pseudo-intellectual "prowess" that magnifies exponentially with every passing seminar, quoting Lao-Tzu or the Dalai Lama as if they not only understood these theories but also really cared about whether or not YOU understood it...

...they always seem to leave the majority of people FINANCIALLY CRIPPLED. I mean, I can't escape that conclusion no matter how hard I try.

As with ANYTHING, there will always be the die-hard supporters who either just happened to have "the right stuff" to make it so soon out of the gate. Or who have a good score affiliating a particular product or putting product X to use for a short period, but tell me something...

How often do you hear stories of heart-warming PERCENTAGES of people who actually make it? Who become free?

How many have you have actually heard significant numbers of other marketers telling you that FINANCIAL FREEDOM doesn't require you making large sums of money?! How many of you have heard from your favorite marketers, MULTIPLE TIMES, that Financial Freedom is RESIDUAL INCOME THAT COVERS YOUR MONTHLY EXPENSES?

But from the same core group of marketers who peddled Mike Chen's "Secret Weapon" (which was a Secret Whoopin!), all you hear about are new products... new products... new products.... spend more, make more, spend more, make more...

And whilst it's true that we need to spend money to make money, do you really get the feeling that marketers are making products to help you reach FINANCIAL FREEDOM or to keep you on their gravy train, making just enough to whet your appetite, but to keep you coming back for more...

After all, wasn't it Joe Vitale and whomever else, that always bragged about using HYPNOTIC MARKETING...? Hypnotic phrases that would get BUYERS all hot and bothered so that they'd want to LUNGE through their screens to buy your products by the barrels full?

And let me guess... you thought they were talking to you about YOUR customers rather than just saying that to USE IT ON YOU. lol So, many of you LUNGED through the screen to buy their products by the barrels full and then went out to infect others with the same baloney.

I'll tell you what. There really is no FAST TRACK to financial freedom. But there is a LONG TRACK that is a LOT longer than necessary. And my guess is that you're taking it RIGHT NOW. You probably have a bit of hope in you somewhere but, truth be told, I'd bet that you, and the vast majority of others trying to make it, don't really and truly see yourself, in your mind's eye getting anywhere near it.

Most people, if they are honest with themselves, have a LITTLE something going on... something that they can show bits and pieces to friends and relatives and casually refer to at dinner parties, and it wows the average joe who knows nothing about this. But truth be told, most peoples' efforts amount to almost nothing except a load of money down the drain, a trail of wreckage and a lot of shattered dream.

Or maybe you're still hypnotized and chasing 20 or 30 people around, or maybe 5 or 6.

Well, let's get you out of this mess....

Michael Green of the How to Corp Forum, one of the largest internet marketing forums on the web, has just released his 20/20 Challenge - $20k in 20 days... "or your money back..!"

Sorry but I've been around a while, and that can't be beat. The reason I like it so much is because it puts everything down into a LITERAL STEP BY STEP, DAY BY DAY, format which is EXACTLY what all those OTHER marketers are doing but either not telling you OR not giving you in such a whole, step by step format. It's a literal "do this... do this next... do this next" format so there's absolutely no guesswork involved.

Michael's word is his bond. He's got a stellar reputation, been around for ages, never led anyone down the wrong path and has massive respect for people. As a student of the 20/20 challenge, you will also get access to a private area in his forum where other students are helping each other around the clock.

In addition, when you obtain it through ME here, I'll provide you with...

...30 days of hand-holding in private group conference
...a PLR product to get you started (or use one of your own)
...6 months of free hosting with your own membership site (you buy domain) opportunity to be part of an integrated web-ring with others sites
to capitalize on proven buyers and exit traffic. use of blogs to point links to your sites, as well. short, things that individuals going it alone would have to otherwise find on their own. Plus, my strategy of integrating websites to take full advantage of exit traffic and proven buyers, and linking various students together in such a manner is almost completely unavailable to others.

You can't even put a price on that but it can easily be the difference, for example, between a site that makes a house payment each month, and one that makes THREE house payments.

But again, the extra is available only when you obtain the 20/20 Challenge through my link and I am properly credited for it. And the 6 months hosting is available only if you keep the course.

And only for the first 20 people. I have never offered my time in this manner before, so if you really want to put Michael's guarantee to the test, along with competent guidance from yours truly and the extra services that come with it, you'd better act fast.

Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Two of The Best Private Label Resale Rights Offers Ever

If you're new to internet marketing and/or new to the concept of private label rights (or private label resale rights) products, aka PLR, then it's safe to say it's one of the BEST, if not THE best, money-making opportunities available for the every day work-at-home guy and gal.

No matter your experience or skill level, using PLR is one of the fastest ways to start making money on the internet, from the comfort of your home.  If you're not new to this, then you already know that what I'm saying is true.  Now, let's skip to the chase...

So What Exactly DO I Do to Get All That Amazing Content and Research
Without Taking a Huge Chunk Out of My Wallet and Time?

Like Everybody Else, I Use PLR Membership Sites...
...And They Do It All For Me!
(Saves me 99% off my content creation expenses!)

Like a wise, little doobie, I just alter the articles and products just enough to differentiate from the lazy "copy and pasters" and the search engines reward me with oodles of targeted search engine traffic to my niche sites.

And that's REALLY the cool thing about all this "work-at-home" stuff...

I Don't Even Have to Know a Darn Thing
About a Given Topic to Make Money In It!

That's what the average person in the street just fails to get!  They're all trying to be doctors, lawyers, salesmen, waitresses and whatever else... (and don't get me wrong, if you ENJOY doing a daily grind type job then by all means, continue doing it!).  They just don't realize how easy it is to become a work-at-home INFO PUBLISHER (and they can still keep their job if they like it!)!

But a REALLY Good PLR Membership Site Is Hard to Find. 
Can anyone tell me why?

Because rather than USE PLR to conquer 100s of niches, like me, every new person and his dog tried to start... (you ready?)...

And let's face it, not all marketers were created equal!

So I'm Sharing Two of My Most Treasured PLR Resources With You by 2 Marketers Who Are ABOVE Equal...


Because my friends and readers valued Content Goldmine when I first shared it to them, I've been allowed to share it with you through a true "backdoor" link.  There's no way to join this from the homepage even if you want to!!  Content Goldmine does it all, each and every month, and the deal was just way too good for me to pass up.

Click here to see the only page from which
only a person with the backdoor link can even join.


Private Label Publishing is the other amazing resource that I just added to my PLR arsenal.  This gives so much value and asks for so little in return that it would almost be criminal if I didn't tell you about it. The amount and quality of PLR I get each month from this puts just about everything else to shame. 

What's even more exciting is that you get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the the Private Label Publishing ARCHIVES.  Some places charge you EXTRA for any content shared prior to your joining, but not Private Label Publishing... 

They Give It to You ALL From Day One!
hat's the risk they take in order to prove to you that they're the best!

Click Here to Have Their $97 Setup Fee Waived AND
for Total Access to All Previous PLR All the Way Back to Dec 2006!

My recommendation is to get both.  I really don't have time to waste chasing down every little cheap PLR offer being slowly doled out for $7-$10 all over the web.  I just don't.  I also don't have time to do all the keyword research, article writing and backend product research that doesn't even come with any of those cheap, inferior offers.  I honestly think you don't either.

That's why I have these 2 dirt-cheap memberships.  And that's why I didn't drag my feet the first time they came through because eventually these types of killer deals get "capped." and then you're left at the mercy of both the "wanna-be's" and the "fleecers".

But Not with Content Goldmine and Private Label Publishing

Get on With Both of These High-Quality PLR Members-Only Resources Now
And You'll Never Need to Spend Another Dime on PLR content OR PLR research again...

Click Here for Content Goldmine's Back Door Link.

Click Here for Unfettered Access to
Private Label Publishing's Unrestricted Archives.

I am so lovin' them both!

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Stupid Subject Lines.... Don't Be An Internet Marketing Celebrity Amateur.

I won't name names, but it's just so horrific that I really want to.

But why is it that marketers who are supposedly ACCOMPLISHED send out emails with some of the most, absolutely god-awful subject lines that even a 5-yr old could out-perform? Let me give you a sample of some of the ones I'd gotten just today:

Stupid Subject Line Number 1: "Are You Up for the Million Dollar Challenge?"

Why is this stupid: Because if it were REAL, no one in his right mind would say, "No, of course not. I wish to remain poor."

But we're marketers right? So would I want anyone who, presumably, has been pulling their hair out trying to make even a dime a month to feel like they have to suffer yet another CHALLENGE? And why would I want to put in a YES/NO QUESTION form so that one of the answers could be, "NO. I HATE YOU BECAUSE I KNOW YOU ARE EXAGGERATING!"

Stupid Subject Line Number 2: "Sam, Sam, Sam, only $37 ?"

Why is this stupid: I don't need someone I don't know saying my name 3 times. While even hearing my name ONCE from a stranger peddling info products seems disingenuous, there is SOME basis of evidence that it does get attention, but THREE TIMES?

And after that annoying little stint, why is this well-known marketer including the price? I forget the statistic but someone with a lot of experience once told me that the one thing you NEVER, EVER, NEVER, EVER, NEVER, EVER, do is mention ANYTHING about price in a pre-sell. Let me repeat... NEVER, EVER, NEVER, EVER, NEVER! Not maybe sometimes. Not maybe once... NEVER!

Just look at that subject line again and repeat after me, "Oooooooh, how compelling!" Feels like a lie, doesn't it? Jammed amidst a sea of about 300 other stupid subject titles in my inbox, this guy could say my name 30 more times and drop his price $36 and I'm still not opening the email, period.

Stupid Subject Line Number 3: "Still Going (More Free and Cheap Resources)"

Why is this stupid: First, it says FREE. There go about 90% of his emails down the spam filter crapper. Did this guy just fall off the turnip truck? Or was he a one trick pony that got some big marketer to promote his product which led him to a false sense of immunity from stupid subject lines?

Also, while FREE and CHEAP are nice IF the product is right, it'd better mention a damn hot BENEFIT right away otherwise, it's giving the impression of "yet another" repository of ancient, worn-out, barely useful applications that are all infested with backend sale promotions. OOoooh Weeeee! Just what I need... more crap to lose track of on my hard drive. Thanks!

Stupid Subject Line Number 4: "Need Your Advice (6 Quick Questions)"

Why this is stupid: This "legendary" marketer, who could pay any number of experts who have already gathered such data, needs MY advice? A stranger? Well pay me. Ok, so I opened it, doubtful, but just to see if there was a bribe. By golly, there was a bribe. Answer the questions (sales pitches horribly disguised as qualifying questions) and immediately get a "bonus" worth $197.

Ok, for purposes of this post, I had to see what my $197 gift would be. Would it be a cool new script? Possibly an automated content site? Would it be a cool book on how to use forums to rake in cash? No. It was nothing. Excuse me, it was a SALES audio misrepresented as having something useful in it (yes, useful to the marketer) plus a $100 coupon to a seminar.

STUPID. Stupid subject lines leading to stupid offers.

So, pray tell, what stupid subject lines have you received today? Did you think mine was stupid? Are yours stupid? Go look in your inbox and share one.

Give us a stupid subject line and make us laugh.

ps. Oh, and I have a REAL gift for you. If you post a stupid subject line, feel free to create a link back to your site along with it (no adult, warez or drug sites, etc, I reserve the right to remove any that I deem toxic to the community).

Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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