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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Death to Haloscan!

Haloscan, home of the third-party comment and trackback widget (trackback definition) that many bloggers have been using for quite some time seems to have gone the way of the ancient Babylonians.

haloscan,trackback,new blogger
That Was Then...

haloscan trackback widget only for new blogger
This Is Now...

When it first came out, it was, as my British counterparts might say, a "smashing" idea.  It allowed bloggers to install a comment and trackback system on blogging platforms where commenting was drab and trackback non-existent.  Notwithstanding "black hatters" abuse of both, Haloscan allowed such handicapped bloggers access to a whole new traffic-generating experience.

And though more advanced bloggers now have more advanced things up their more advanced sleeves, frankly, for a while, Haloscan was cool.

But now, unfortunately, a call for help in their forums goes unheeded for months... or, more likely, forever.  The advertising link on their home page simply reads, "Advertise here."; a real shame, since their Alexa traffic rank shows a traffic rank of 2,650 and 8,020 sites linking in (I bet someone grabs it now!).  And their "news" subdomain doesn't even load any more.

haloscan trackback robot, new blogger widgets robot

But what's far worse, in my opinion, is that their instructions on implementing something like "haloscan trackback only on New Blogger" are antiquated.  The automatic installation seemed to work just fine for MY new blogger (which I tested but uninstalled) but it's of little use to me, or anyone, who doesn't want to use Haloscan's commenting system since there's no "trackback only" option.

In my next blog, "A Trackback Widget for New Blogger - Ok Its a Mashup", I'll explain EXACTLY what I did to get Haloscan "Trackback Only" to work on this New Blogger blog but for now, it's safe to say to Haloscan, "the lights are on but you're not home."

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