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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Yann the Unsubscriber.

"Yann the Unsubscriber" sung to the tune of "Puff the Magic Dragon"

Let me just say... that if you ever unsubscribe from my blog, it won't bother me one bit.  But for the love of g-d and your immortal soul, at least tell the ****ing truth!"

When Yann unsubscribed, his reason for doing so was listed as, "Too Many Updates." or shall we say, too frequent posts.  Feedblitz free accounts seem to update once per day and Turbo (avail on paid accounts only) can update, I believe, hourly.  So when Yann signed up, was he signing up for a blog that only updated once every 2 days?  every 3 days?  once per week?

Do you see that is ridiculous?   After all, Google loves a steady flow of unique, relevant information (even if Yann doesn't) and, presumably, Yann must have liked it at one point.

So it only stands to reason that Yann didn't like what he was getting anymore.  I mean, if you had recently picked up a new mate and were gettin' sumthin' really good, wouldn't you want it AT LEAST once per day?

So Yann, it's ok to unsubscribe.  I even encourage it.  While everyone else is clamoring for millions of subscribers and millions of dollars (see, "Gajillions of Dollars in Just 7.35 Minutes"), I only need 12 honest, passionate people and I can move the world.

I think enough people came and went who kinda proved that.

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