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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

GAJILLIONS of Dollars in Just 7.35 Minutes!

It happened again... my recent post titled, "Stupid Subject Lines.... Don't Be An Internet Marketing Celebrity Amateur.", I gave some of the oh-so-common, everyday examples of some rather famous internet marketers using some of the stupidest subject lines ever known to mankind. Even bad ones by amateurs are preferable, but when a well-known blogger comes up with something so dismal, it's almost like a slap in the face.

Well, here's 2 more...

"Teenage piano teacher makes millions online - You gotta see this Sam!"

What's so offensive about this is not only how unappetizing it is, but how it shamelessly doesn't even attempt to disguise the fact that it's trying to appeal to a juvenile's sense of greed. I mean, who the hell wants a million dollars anymore?

You? If you said, "Me!" then please, for the love of G-d, read my short essay titled, "Work! For the REST of Your Life!" so we can get your head out of the clouds.

Remember, what WE want is FINANCIAL FREEDOM and that can be done on as little as $50k per year... even less if your expenses are low. Remember, FINANCIAL FREEDOM doesn't mean you stop working, per se, it just means that your PSYCHE gets freed enough to pursue the things that would REALLY make you happy.

Ok, next insulting subject line...

"Re: I'll pay the $20 trial fee"

LOL!!!! First of all, the good ol' "RE:" is employed to seduce us into opening the email. But doesn't this jamoke know that mentioning price ANYWHERE in the pre-sell is tantamount to blasphemy?If we're getting $20 off, then it only stands to reason and experience that it's going to cost us somewhere around 5 times that much in the very near future...

But it got me thinking...

"How could I REALLY save my readers $20?"

And I'm not talking about some clever joint venture or marketing gimmick where one partner raises his price $20 just to give a $20 discount, or creates a sham $97 setup fee just to give the appearance of "waiving it" if you "sign up now!"...., we'll have none of that (at least right now!).

So here's how I'm going to genuinely save you $20 AND once again remind you why I named this blog the name I did, "Sam Freedom's Internet Marketing CONTROVERSY Blog."


In yesterday's post titled, "The World's BEST WordPress Plugin List for Internet Marketers"there's a free report titled, "Easy Steps to Blog Stardom." It's an EXCELLENT report that shows you how to get a money-pulling blog up in 10 Easy steps.

As with most free reports, the info may be very good but there's almost ALWAYS a lead-in to a far more comprehensive work that really kicks your efforts into overdrive, and this free report is no different.

BUT HERE'S THE CATCH (and Savings)...

Go to the MAIN WEBPAGE and wait a little while for everything to load. Then move your mouse towards the "X" AS IF you're going to "X" out of the page. When your cursor nears the toolbar section, it's going to trigger Michael Ambrosio's "You Can't Block This!" unblockable exit pop-up.

You'll get a nice, little unblockable exit pop-up that then leads to the very same offer at $20 off the original price. And thus, Sam Freedom has not only been controversial but has truly saved you $20.

Of course Alex won't be DELIGHTED by my telling you this but let's face it folks, we're all doing our best to be marketers here. Someone should be TELLING you about these things so you have the option to buy and use them for your OWN business.

And by the way, I have both products and recommend them whole-heartedly. The unblockable exit-pop is an absolute must-have, no argument, period. Effectively capitalizing on exit traffic is a HUGE, HUGE boost to ANY online business endeavor and it works by a method that cannot be blocked.

And Alex's Web 2.0 Wordpress Monetization and Optimization Videos are SO valuable, so useful and so damn cheap that it would honestly be remiss of any blogger to not have them in his or her arsenal of blog marketing strategies.

Go check them out now. And let me know what you think...

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Best wishes,
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Moon Dancing Nana said...

Wow! Do I need to up my meds or what? Some of us (or is it just me?) are so confused on what is right and what will work. My reason for having Sam Freedom on my "must read first" list is reality. We do not need gazillions. We just need whatever it takes to be comfortable and in my case do what is right for kids with special needs. Don't want to adopt anymore, just help.

Gene-e-r said...

Wake up.

You will have to send me the link direct. My software blocked it.

Sam Freedom said...

Moondancin Nana, click the pic at the blog header for the 20/20 challenge. That's a good program and will give you the step by step. It'll be some work but it's within your means, I'll bet.

Gene-e-r, "send me THE LINK" and "my software blocked IT" doesn't help me to help you. There were like 3 links in the body of the post; a link in each banner and several links in the free report.

So to which LINK do you refer?