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Friday, October 19, 2007

This Is Starting to Piss Me Off...

Sorry folks (am I really?),

But I've got to return to my original blogging style.

When I first started out, I had a pretty decent edge to me. When marketers came out with bullshit or shitty shoddy conclusions, I would pretty give it to 'em - a nice little ol internet marketing boot in the ass so-to-speak.

People seemed to like that, get a little chuckle out of it but the strange-as-**** fact was that those same bastard marketers kept rakin' in the dough and all I got was a bunch of people saying, "Hey, cool post, Sam!"
Thanks for the wonderful and entertaining email that you send. I love it. You were one of the first marketers that I recieved email from when I first started on the internet. You could say that your a sort of a mentor to me:-) Shelby Carr
But not even a darn click on Adsense!

Around the time, when Mark Joyner, Mike Chen and all the usual guys started touting "The Secret Weapon!",

...I not only WARNED everyone that they were about to be "...passed around like a dazed hippy chick at a biker rally" but I even went so far as to BUY the Secret Weapon for $497 and GIVE AWAY the LITE version in exchange for a subscription to my list (click here for a free copy of the Lite Version of that supposedly ultimate tracker tool).
I have been on Sam's list for close to a year now, and he has been a big influence on the way I market and also my marketing tactics. He is someone to watch and learn from. And it's so entertaining! I'm so glad I got the Secret Weapon Lite from Sam because frankly I think I might have been a little (!) dissapointed after I paid a lot and found out what it was. Thank you, Sam! Brian Beshore
But something happened... something happened along the way and things started to change. I became FRIENDLY with some of these marketers. I even reached a hand out to some of them as they were just getting their feet wet in the game, clued them in on where to get "into the loop", gave them a few encouraging thoughts to take with them and then let it go at that.

I thought that maybe just keeping the peace could lead to some really good joint ventures. After all, the bullshitting was working for them. There were all kinds of flaws in their programs and systems, but they were flaws which were calculated into the final analysis... and which some of them really didn't even care about.

I mean, did it matter to anyone promoting "The Secret Weapon" that it was a piece of shit? Oh excuse me, that A LOT OF PEOPLE THOUGHT IT WAS A PIECE OF SHIT. I mean, who remembers J.A. coming out with a theoretical analysis that
If The Secret Weapon could increase your bottom line by 10% and 10% of $100k meant $10,000 more dollars per year, then it would have easily paid for itself.
And it was I... it was I, out of 1000s cruising through that particular forum, who had the balls to come out and say, "Excuse me, but most of the people here can't even make enough to pay a ****ing car payment, so now what?"

And that's what's always PISSED ME OFF.

The fact that many internet marketers, with all of their regurgitated philosophy, with all of their pseudo-intellectual "prowess" that magnifies exponentially with every passing seminar, quoting Lao-Tzu or the Dalai Lama as if they not only understood these theories but also really cared about whether or not YOU understood it...

...they always seem to leave the majority of people FINANCIALLY CRIPPLED. I mean, I can't escape that conclusion no matter how hard I try.

As with ANYTHING, there will always be the die-hard supporters who either just happened to have "the right stuff" to make it so soon out of the gate. Or who have a good score affiliating a particular product or putting product X to use for a short period, but tell me something...

How often do you hear stories of heart-warming PERCENTAGES of people who actually make it? Who become free?

How many have you have actually heard significant numbers of other marketers telling you that FINANCIAL FREEDOM doesn't require you making large sums of money?! How many of you have heard from your favorite marketers, MULTIPLE TIMES, that Financial Freedom is RESIDUAL INCOME THAT COVERS YOUR MONTHLY EXPENSES?

But from the same core group of marketers who peddled Mike Chen's "Secret Weapon" (which was a Secret Whoopin!), all you hear about are new products... new products... new products.... spend more, make more, spend more, make more...

And whilst it's true that we need to spend money to make money, do you really get the feeling that marketers are making products to help you reach FINANCIAL FREEDOM or to keep you on their gravy train, making just enough to whet your appetite, but to keep you coming back for more...

After all, wasn't it Joe Vitale and whomever else, that always bragged about using HYPNOTIC MARKETING...? Hypnotic phrases that would get BUYERS all hot and bothered so that they'd want to LUNGE through their screens to buy your products by the barrels full?

And let me guess... you thought they were talking to you about YOUR customers rather than just saying that to USE IT ON YOU. lol So, many of you LUNGED through the screen to buy their products by the barrels full and then went out to infect others with the same baloney.

I'll tell you what. There really is no FAST TRACK to financial freedom. But there is a LONG TRACK that is a LOT longer than necessary. And my guess is that you're taking it RIGHT NOW. You probably have a bit of hope in you somewhere but, truth be told, I'd bet that you, and the vast majority of others trying to make it, don't really and truly see yourself, in your mind's eye getting anywhere near it.

Most people, if they are honest with themselves, have a LITTLE something going on... something that they can show bits and pieces to friends and relatives and casually refer to at dinner parties, and it wows the average joe who knows nothing about this. But truth be told, most peoples' efforts amount to almost nothing except a load of money down the drain, a trail of wreckage and a lot of shattered dream.

Or maybe you're still hypnotized and chasing 20 or 30 people around, or maybe 5 or 6.

Well, let's get you out of this mess....

Michael Green of the How to Corp Forum, one of the largest internet marketing forums on the web, has just released his 20/20 Challenge - $20k in 20 days... "or your money back..!"

Sorry but I've been around a while, and that can't be beat. The reason I like it so much is because it puts everything down into a LITERAL STEP BY STEP, DAY BY DAY, format which is EXACTLY what all those OTHER marketers are doing but either not telling you OR not giving you in such a whole, step by step format. It's a literal "do this... do this next... do this next" format so there's absolutely no guesswork involved.

Michael's word is his bond. He's got a stellar reputation, been around for ages, never led anyone down the wrong path and has massive respect for people. As a student of the 20/20 challenge, you will also get access to a private area in his forum where other students are helping each other around the clock.

In addition, when you obtain it through ME here, I'll provide you with...

...30 days of hand-holding in private group conference
...a PLR product to get you started (or use one of your own)
...6 months of free hosting with your own membership site (you buy domain) opportunity to be part of an integrated web-ring with others sites
to capitalize on proven buyers and exit traffic. use of blogs to point links to your sites, as well. short, things that individuals going it alone would have to otherwise find on their own. Plus, my strategy of integrating websites to take full advantage of exit traffic and proven buyers, and linking various students together in such a manner is almost completely unavailable to others.

You can't even put a price on that but it can easily be the difference, for example, between a site that makes a house payment each month, and one that makes THREE house payments.

But again, the extra is available only when you obtain the 20/20 Challenge through my link and I am properly credited for it. And the 6 months hosting is available only if you keep the course.

And only for the first 20 people. I have never offered my time in this manner before, so if you really want to put Michael's guarantee to the test, along with competent guidance from yours truly and the extra services that come with it, you'd better act fast.

Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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S. Kumar said...

Hi Sam,

I liked your most important message.

"There really is no FAST TRACK to financial freedom"

This is what every aspiring online business person need to understand at first. It is NOT hype that gets you money - it is how much you KEEP AWAY from the hype and focussing on what you need to do that matters.


Courteously -- S. Kumar