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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A WordPress Lover's Plugin Dream Deal!

Run, don't walk!

One of the hottest WordPress Plugins ever for driving loads of traffic to your Wordpress blogs AND which eliminates the need for the ever-unsightly and clunky "sociable" plugin is on sale at HALF PRICE right now! I am not kidding when I say that whether you are using Wordpress blogs now, or intend to in the future, GET THIS DEAL NOW.

There is no gimmick at all. This is a very hot Wordpress plugin that can bring insane amounts of traffic to your blogs and its a genuine HALF PRICE offer so...

The Half Price Sale Is Over
But You Can Still Get Massive Discounts
on All Kinds of Powerful Marketing Products When You
Click Here Now

The WordPress Plugin, However, Is STILL Available
And STILL One of the Most Powerful WP Plugins Available Today.

Click This Banner to Go Demo It!

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techperson said...

Sam, the price is $197 with no half-price deal in sight.

techperson said...

and when you click the buy button, it dumps you into the Scuttle video. How did you get involved with people who don't even know how to sell their stuff?

Sam Freedom said...

Are you reading the same post I'm reading?

First, the place where it was half off took it down, but you can see that it WAS on sale by looking at their links on the right.

I encourage you to be a little less critical and more creative because I would have simply written to the owner, told him that I just missed the sale by a few minutes and politely ask if he would still honor the half price sale.

I'd almost guarantee he would.

Secondly, most of the people you see these days who know how to "sell their stuff" either made their bones during the early days before the anti-spam backlash or are attempting to imitate them.

The WordPress plugin to which I've pointed is an awesome plugin that you can't find anywhere else. And the price was right. And I'll bet if you STILL ask him along the lines I just mentioned above, he'd probably still honor it.

Who knows, but it's worth a shot. Criticizing his sales process to me and questioning my association with him because his sales process needs a little refinement is kind of futile, don't you think? ;-)

liveon said...

I want to know about cost of this.