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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Butterfly Marketing - The Ultimate Viral Solution!

For those of you who aren't yet a firm part of the internet marketing subculture this might start off seeming like gibberish to you, but try to follow along because it could change your life. And if you're the kind of person who doesn't like to read much then don't miss the buzz. Click here and you'll be taken right to the most comprehensive viral marketing course and setup to ever hit the net:


What's Right Is Right.

Over the past 3 years, many people have come to know "Sam Freedom" as a kind of no-nonsense marketer with lots of original ideas and a sort of disdain for "celebrity marketers" who seem to charge BIG money to people for such little results. But no one gets it right all
the time and I have to stand corrected in this case.

Two days ago, I wrote an article titled, "Butterball Marketing and Humping the Adsense Gurus" which satirized two of the latest big promotions to hit the internet
marketing scene. One of the authors, as some of you may know, is Mike Filsaime a marketer who is well known for his ability to drive traffic and generate lots and lots of cash. A lot of people have made good money off of the "gravy train" that his products and services have
provided them.

Whether you know it or not, Mike is actually a pretty good friend with whom I have both spoken both on the phone and Yahoo Messenger on many occasions. In fact, he even gave me a surprise look at the Butterfly Marketing site long, long before it was ever even mentioned publicly. He was very excited about the concept which is pretty much the pinnacle of internet marketing. Butterfly Marketing integrates and employs every last element of stellar, successful, proven viral marketing in one big package but for a price that will make the average person choke when they see it.

And That's Really Unfortunate, Because...

...from our earliest days in school, we were taught to be good CONSUMERS, rather than good PRODUCERS, or good BREADWINNERS. Having trained us to be CONSUMERS, and not good producers, we are almost always thinking in terms of, "How much will that cost me?", "Can I afford that?", "Do I really need another expense?" And if you don't believe me, that's because of the early training I just mentioned and you only need to take a look at THIS SITE to get what amounts to a whiff of virtual "smelling salts." It is by former prolific school teacher, John Taylor Gatto,

"He climaxed his teaching career as New York State Teacher of the Year after being named New York City Teacher of the Year on three occasions. He quit teaching on the OP ED page of the Wall Street Journal in 1991 while still New York State Teacher of the Year, claiming that he was no longer willing to hurt children." Bio of John Taylor Gatto

That many of us get burnt over and over again is only part of the equation for lack of success. The missing part of the equation includes both "fear of being burnt again" and "thinking like a consumer, and not a producer" that has us missing some
rather outstanding opportunities left and right. For the most part, our missing them is completely unconscious and barely discernible, but the end result is always the same - one remains no closer to financial freedom with a tendency to blame it on something external (as if those who are already successful either a) were lucky; b) were unethical; c) outright stole it, or d) prevented ours.). If we only understood, deep in our bones, a la Napoleon Hill, that the success we dream of is a BY-PRODUCT of a positive attitude that leads to mental liberation, we would not choke when we see a high price tag on something. We would simply ask ourselves what any successful person would ask,

"What Is The Likely Return On This Investment?"

What if I told you that I began like most everyone else, trying to do all kinds of things for free? I thought that if I started off with free services and free, or dirt-cheap products, that I could make some initial money and grow from there. That was only
partly true. Some free and inexpensive services were considerably useful, but most were not. It was when I started SPENDING intelligently, with FOCUS and real DETERMINATION, that the money started to pour in. The more I spent, the more I made because I
started thinking like a PRODUCER...
"How much will this make me?"

Believe me when I say I understand if you have the world on your shoulders with bills coming in and all manner of liabilities, but then you must read, "The
Millionaire Next Door"
and learn to believe and invest in yourself even when it seems hopeless.

Eventually, I made first high quality, high-priced purchase for $2500. Within 3-4 weeks, I was in profit, and have gone on to sell over $40,000 worth of that product. Naturally, it's an investment I believe in so I thought like a producer and took the plunge
and have never looked back since.

Now Before I Start Pushing People "Out of the Nest"

I want you to read this next quote very closely and, hopefully, and really think about it in relation to what I've shared with you in this message:


You are too incredible for words!!!!!

Your suggestions are really deep -- so much so they deserve the time and attention necessary for maximum development and exposure. As a result, I believe they will become firmly entrenched in educational systems worldwide.

I am specifically referring to [omitted], which I had not thought of in this manner and doubt that anyone else has.
Since your initial explanation of [omitted] used in this opportunity for advertising, my imagination has rarely ceased to envision possibilities including all that you mentioned....

...I cannot explain how excited I get about such an outstanding breakthrough in the education of our youth in particular and also adults. I envision your idea as being developed into the next great educational resource of the ages. Although I refuse to continue sharing problems with you, I still draw strength from re-reading your inspirational message with great appreciation for your concern. Thanks for being there. You are truly a blessing. May you ALWAYS be blessed!" - ">

Now, Enter "Butterfly Marketing"...

Everything you need to know is on the sales page. It really is. But before you go there, I will repeat my summarization of it one more time:

"Butterfly Marketing integrates and employs every last element of stellar, successful, proven viral marketing in one big package but for a price that will make the average person choke when they see it." because...

Mike Has Removed ALL Risk...!

"Your Total Zero Risk
100% Iron Clad
Money Back Guarantee"

Let Me Make This REALLY, REALLY Clear. Here is an opportunity to not be the average person who chokes on a high price tag. Not only has Mike ensured that purchasers of Butterfly Marketing have ZERO RISK, he has also arranged to cut it into 3 Payments. So not only is there ZERO RISK, but you also have THREE WHOLE MONTHS to pay for it!

"What Time it is Now for EST?"


To Finish the Story Which Began this Message...

Mike wrote to me a bit upset asking how I could be mad at him. He had worked so hard and long at developing Butterfly Marketing for the masses that he didn't understand why I had satirized it. So for the 2nd time in my 3 years on the marketing scene, I ate crow and just flat out accepted that satirizing Butterfly Marketing was truly unwarranted and ultimately unnecessary. See, initially, I thought the price tag was a bit too steep for most people so instead of urging readers on to "THINK LIKE PRODUCERS" (which I almost always do and have many who can attest to that), and telling them about the ZERO RISK guarantee, I played to the disenchanted amongst us and threw a pie in Mike's face. Not cool, huh?

Being a good friend, I instantly removed the satire, wiped off Mike's face and insist, for those of you who are ready and really understand the success concept that you need to SPEND in order to MAKE, here it is...



Undoubtedly, several marketers will be offering you all kinds of nutty bonuses to buy the package through them. That is an accepted standard in this business, but with Butterfly Marketing, you won't need bonuses to succeed. Offering you excessive bonuses is a way to take advantage of your consumer thinking. I want to liberate your mind, not hypnotize it and further seduce it.

Look to this article and consider supporting a source of consideration, honesty, self-reflection and wisdom. Remember Gwen's words...

"Sam, You are too incredible for words!!!!! Your suggestions are really deep -- so much so they deserve the time and attention necessary for maximum development and exposure."

Gwen Is On Her Way to Becoming a Butterfly. What About You?


Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Get Rich with 150 PRE-MADE Adsense Sites!

There, now that we have that out of the way....

In internet marketing "inner circles" the word is "...never mention price up front." But Sam Freedom isn't about following all the rules. Sam is about following as many of the rules as it takes to be profitable, yet original, and DEFINITELY educational.

So let me just say first and foremost that if you let the price above deter you from taking advantage of the resource that I'm about to show you then you really don't yet have a clue about internet marketing. Unless you literally have a pitbull chasing you around the furniture that $99 should be screaming to you and looking more like this:

"Why $1,000 Every Single Month, Sam? Are You Nuts?!"

No, I'm not nuts. But I can sure buy a lot of 'em! That's because I understand...

I understand internet marketing like most people breathe air - effortlessly. I understand there are risky investments that are still worthy, and many no-risk investments that I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole, but here's one that's about as sure as the nose on your face. Obviously no one can ever make specific claims or guarantees, but when you're hot, you're hot, and ADSENSE is hot.

It is the HOTTEST Craze at present because any bozo can make $1/day in his sleep with a site that has 250 pages of articles peppered with Adsense. Then multiply that times however many of the 150 sites you decide to put up then multiply that times 30 days per month and you're talking...

Click Here to See an Example

And it's residual income...PASSIVE income. The ONLY kind of income capable of setting you completely free.'s where I bonk most of you over the head and offend the most
sensitive amongst us...

Do you know why so many wanna-be marketers are destined for failure and obscurity? Because most people surfing around are a bunch of clowns either looking to get on a groupie train with some big name marketer, or are overly analytical out of fear that maybe there's a better offer just around the corner...or that they "might not make as much" if they don't do it perfectly. And these, and so much more, are all just EXCUSES!

"But I'm not signed up for Google Adsense yet and don't know!"

Just Click the ADSENSE Button at the Right of my Blog!

"Oh, but I'll need a domain name! What to do! What to do!"


"Oh, but I'll need a webhost and I've never done that before!"


(absolutely the best value -
unlimited sites/domains for only $9.95/mo)

Because I do things like this and now have other profitable ventures in motion as well, I'm free to say what needs to be said.

So, how many more unfreakingly believable hot offers that cost a fraction of what they can return are you going to stare at like they were alien beings? How many more times does opportunity need to KNOCK at your door with a pneumatic sledgehammer until your door turns into a pile of splinters leaving you with yet another COST...rather than a landslide RETURN? In short, when are you going to look at some of these things staring you in the face and just plain say..."GERONIMOOOOOOOOOOO!"??!?!

(for those of you not of the U.S. that's something we learned to yell when leaping from a high altitude.)

Now here...I'm going to spell it out for you one more time.

$1 per day per site X 30 days per month X up to 150 sites with 100s of pages with YOUR Adsense on them EQUALS....??


I work totally from home now and believe me, it's a LOT of fun showing all the previous DOUBTERS my monthly checks!!

Now Click Here to See This for Yourself and GET MOVIN!

Just lookin out for ya...

Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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Sunday, January 15, 2006

What the Gurus Won't Tell You #342

This is going to be a very short message, but if you're in a rush, then just have a look right now. Read what this program does and then honestly, tell me with a straight face, that it is not the best thing that ever happened to you.

In fact, you know what? That's the message. I'm going to just end it right here rather than go on because my one and only real interest as a marketer is to point otherwise good, hardworking people, like yourself, who need a REAL break, to the products and services that will REALLY help them blow past the competition....stuff that fear-based marketers hoard for themselves.

Here it is again. One look at this and your jaw will drop, absolutely guaranteed:

The world is your, go get it!

Kind regards,
Sam Freedom

ps. I made a lot of headway early on in my career online, but man, programs like the one at the link below are what put all of my struggle and efforts into complete and total overdrive. Here, see for yourself:

Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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