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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Get Rich with 150 PRE-MADE Adsense Sites!

There, now that we have that out of the way....

In internet marketing "inner circles" the word is "...never mention price up front." But Sam Freedom isn't about following all the rules. Sam is about following as many of the rules as it takes to be profitable, yet original, and DEFINITELY educational.

So let me just say first and foremost that if you let the price above deter you from taking advantage of the resource that I'm about to show you then you really don't yet have a clue about internet marketing. Unless you literally have a pitbull chasing you around the furniture that $99 should be screaming to you and looking more like this:

"Why $1,000 Every Single Month, Sam? Are You Nuts?!"

No, I'm not nuts. But I can sure buy a lot of 'em! That's because I understand...

I understand internet marketing like most people breathe air - effortlessly. I understand there are risky investments that are still worthy, and many no-risk investments that I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole, but here's one that's about as sure as the nose on your face. Obviously no one can ever make specific claims or guarantees, but when you're hot, you're hot, and ADSENSE is hot.

It is the HOTTEST Craze at present because any bozo can make $1/day in his sleep with a site that has 250 pages of articles peppered with Adsense. Then multiply that times however many of the 150 sites you decide to put up then multiply that times 30 days per month and you're talking...

Click Here to See an Example

And it's residual income...PASSIVE income. The ONLY kind of income capable of setting you completely free.'s where I bonk most of you over the head and offend the most
sensitive amongst us...

Do you know why so many wanna-be marketers are destined for failure and obscurity? Because most people surfing around are a bunch of clowns either looking to get on a groupie train with some big name marketer, or are overly analytical out of fear that maybe there's a better offer just around the corner...or that they "might not make as much" if they don't do it perfectly. And these, and so much more, are all just EXCUSES!

"But I'm not signed up for Google Adsense yet and don't know!"

Just Click the ADSENSE Button at the Right of my Blog!

"Oh, but I'll need a domain name! What to do! What to do!"


"Oh, but I'll need a webhost and I've never done that before!"


(absolutely the best value -
unlimited sites/domains for only $9.95/mo)

Because I do things like this and now have other profitable ventures in motion as well, I'm free to say what needs to be said.

So, how many more unfreakingly believable hot offers that cost a fraction of what they can return are you going to stare at like they were alien beings? How many more times does opportunity need to KNOCK at your door with a pneumatic sledgehammer until your door turns into a pile of splinters leaving you with yet another COST...rather than a landslide RETURN? In short, when are you going to look at some of these things staring you in the face and just plain say..."GERONIMOOOOOOOOOOO!"??!?!

(for those of you not of the U.S. that's something we learned to yell when leaping from a high altitude.)

Now here...I'm going to spell it out for you one more time.

$1 per day per site X 30 days per month X up to 150 sites with 100s of pages with YOUR Adsense on them EQUALS....??


I work totally from home now and believe me, it's a LOT of fun showing all the previous DOUBTERS my monthly checks!!

Now Click Here to See This for Yourself and GET MOVIN!

Just lookin out for ya...

Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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Anonymous said...

Funny thing Sam...
Funny thing!

I have 1 doubt only:

In which way do you will promote 150 websites and get visitors to them?

We live on planet Earth...
It's difficult to promote 1 website, just imagine when I have to promote 150!!!!!!!!!!

Max Damico

Sam Freedom said...

Hi Max,

The answers are all throughout my blog. I've pretty much shared everything I've ever used to promote my sites. But here, yet again, you will get a quality Sam Freedom answer.

But first, the trouble is, most of the people new to internet marketing are the kind of people who, if you say the word "SEX" in front of them, would blush.

So when I speak of GREY HAT methods,

(actual product Vsearch Update)

...or of the power of LISTDOTCOM...

(actual site: ListDotCom.Com)

...and the majority of people run away either looking for their fantasy online version of a white knight marketer, or someone who will say "give me $1000 and I'll give you $2000 back next month!", then they still have yet to learn the "don't do as they say, do as they DO" rule.

And I SAY what I DO.

Second, understand, they can run all they want, or chase hype-laden gurus until the bill collectors come to take all their furniture for all I care. The reason the net is such a powerful place for know-how marketers is because you only need a handful of takers per promotion.


So if my list is 15,000+ and only 5-10 people buy a product that nets me $50 per sale. How much is that? That doesn't mean I don't CARE about my list members or look at them as just a number or a meal ticket. If that were so, would I put this much effort and sincerity into a reply?

Not at all. On the contrary, I love what I do and am glad to help as many others make it as possible. It only means that I can't force people to make good decisions. Just like I couldn't force Annette Baker to stay away from the druggie crowd during my senior year of high school, but that's a story for another day...

So when I write articles with pictures that show, proof positive, that I beat out SEO experts and BIG-NAME marketers in a search engine ranking contest for a specific keyword phrase, and then I tell exactly what I used to do it....

And when I tell people about ListDotCom and how immediately upgrading to a Diamond Membership allowed me to increase my income up to $50-$200 every other day...

...and the majority choose to ignore it, or blush, or run off in search of yet another series of well-crafted empty promises...

There ain't nuthin I can do. But as long as I get my 5-10 and THEY listen, and THEY are happy, then I've really done all I can do to keep my little corner of the marketing universe in order.

So, you want to get your 150 sites seen? Loosen up, become more flexible in your thinking. If you see a dollar bill on the ground, pick it up and put it to good use.

Here again, are a list of tools you can use IMMEDIATELY to increase your site visitations.

(press control N first, to open this page up in a new browser window)





Be not afraid, my friend... but the truth is that other than myself, and a few others willing to genuinely extend a hand and share exactly what we do without the hype and fanfare and glitz and shizzle, you're alone out here.

Thanks for sincerely sharing your doubt,


Our Power Forced Matrix said...

Hey Sam,

I read all of your letter and enjoyed most of it. I read a lot of your letters. The one about your mother making you go to bed without supper was a favorite of mine. Plus, the letter leading to that one was pretty good too.

I have a program that is Free for people to join and we have a lot going on there. After everyone joins for Free, they have the choice to make a lot of money in each Company we join as a team. We fill there down-lines for them ( no Sponsoring ).

My question is, what would be the best way of advertising this system. When we offer them these programs, MANY of them will only have to pay their monthly fee one time cause, we are able to fill their level one, which pays their monthly fee automaticly. Each Company is $25 or less per month. One is just $7 a month.

What I am asking you is, what type of your service would best serve me to advertise a Free system to join?

Thanks, for all your help

Wim Dhont said...

Google denies websites showing duplicate content , is that a real drawback for the Adsense way of making money. If you advertise your 150 websites then surely many people must be having similar websites all being submitted to the major search engines

Sam Freedom said...

Hi Wim,

Good question, but these sites have RSS built into them so it's constantly "updated" information coming from feeds.