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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Sam Freedom's "Mike Chen's Secret Weapon Lite" Giveaway Link Spam Post!

In the beginning of April, I spent $497 to
procure a copy of Mike Chen's "Secret Weapon."
Along with Mike Chen's Secret Weapon came a
version that was "less filling", but still
"tasted great." It was known as Secret Weapon Lite.

As always, I like to surprise my list members,
so I promised that anyone who signed up for it
would get a FREE copy of Mike Chen's Secret Weapon Lite.


(could I be optimizing this blogpost for the phrase,
"Mike Chen's Secret Weapon Lite"?)

Nearly a thousand people signed up for it (remember,
in marketer-speak, "nearly a thousand" could mean
501) and within the first two days of release, 200
of them downloaded it...along with instructions, for free.

So I've created this message for people to say "Thank You"
and get some nice links back to their sites. Did you hear
that? Links back to your sites...or, if you have no site,
then a few signature lines to your favorite affiliate program.

Does the thoughtfulness ever stop?! Let's hope not!!!

Now please feel free to post your site links, ahem, I mean
"thank you message". ;-)

ps. Kindly register for my blog in the top right of the main
sidebar. Whenever I post an amazing post, you'll find out
instantly. INSTANTLY! Nothing is faster than INSTANTLY!
PPS. Hey Sam, I love the idea of being able to post a link to
my site. Here, click on this one!

Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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Michael Kaer said...

Thanx Sam. I will be tryig out Mike's program to see if it works. Michal J. Kaer

Michael Kaer said...

Ps. I was a little quick on the submit button so I have a typo. I don't like when I do that. Note to self- slow down! Michael, the Worm Guy.

Peter Iremo said...

Hi Sam!

Thanks for the weapon and keep it going - like your style!

Peter I

Rob Stephens said...

Thank You Sam Freedom, and to the entire Internet. I'm one one the many that are pleased to say benefited from Sam Freedom's offer to help with the free Giveaway.

When you click on an email from Sam Freedom you can expect to learn about something that "works" and when you can get it "Fr'ee" don't hesitate. Thank you.

Rob Stephens

Pramod said...

Thanks for the download of Mike Chen's Secret Weapon Lite.

I often get a chuckle out of your comments... and hey, putting a smile on someone's face is considered good karma. :)


Online Degrees said...

Sam Freedom - He's great and witty. Love to receive his newsletters. If you haven't already, you need to subscribe to it.

Oh yes, thanks Sam, for Secret Weapon Lite. That's great.

Robert Harmon

Guy Horton said...

Hi Sam,

Your mail always has the best info and advice for anyone on the net.
Thanks for Mike's program, it's a
marketing PowerHouse. As always, Sam delivers the best.

Guy Horton

TomorowsTech said...

Thanks, Sam. We have been the recipient of one of your "long letters" and truly appreciate you going the "extra mile" to help the less fortunate. Looking forward to using Secret Weapon Lite.
Ted and Vanessa Stalets

Simcornay said...

Hi Sam,
Well just a quick note for Secret Weapon lite, and of course keep up the no B/S mails, blogs and attitude (I love it).

Anyway all the best to you and keep em coming,

Simcornay said...

Hi Sam,
Well just a quick note for Secret Weapon lite, and of course keep up the no B/S mails, blogs and attitude (I love it).

Anyway all the best to you and keep em coming,

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the double post, it wasn't me honest, bloody gremlins.


Dave said...

Hello, it maybe a good oppertunity, but not so good afterall. The word of your website will get noticed, but as the links aren't live, so you would not have any Google advantage about it.

Cash2Burn said...

I just wanted to say that everything you get from Sam Freedom is high quality and something you can use no matter if you paid for it or get FREE. Keep it up Sam, ;0)

The Profit Shack said...

Hi Sam,

Thanks for the wonderful and entertaining email that you send. I love it. You were one of the first marketers that I recieved email from when I first started on the internet. You could say that your a sort of a mentor to me:-)
Just keep it up...

Shelby J. Carr

Irene said...

Hey Sam, thanks for all the free goodies & prosperity you like to bless people with. Your newsletters & blog posts are always funny & irreverent. Irene
We Relax Knotty Backs;

John Austwick said...

Hi Sam
Thanks for the excellent site and products, your newsletter is always a pleasure to read, the secret weapon will be very useful thanks Sam.
the freedom site


Rose Perkins said...

Sam, I love all the hard work you do for us and enjoy your very informative newsletters. Thank you for all you do for us and share with us. You are truly the best!

Judy Rury said...

Judy Rury said:

Thank you Sam. You have my vote. I'll never forget the first time I stumbled on your site. Naturally being a red blooded American, Sam Freedom captured my interest. However, your marketing and teaching has my virtual undivided attention.

Judy Rury

Sharon Delia said...

Hi Sam,

Thanks for everything. It amazes me how much you give to your readers.

Sharon Delia

Anonymous said...

Many Thanks Sam,
Not just for 'Secret Weapon Lite'but for all the other gifts and your unfailing good humour,
Best Wishes,Joy.

Brian Beshore said...

I have been on Sam's list for close to a year now, and he has been a big influence on the way I market and also my marketing tactics. He is someone to watch and learn from. And it's so entertaining! I'm so glad I got the Secret Weapon Lite from Sam because frankly I think I might have been a little (!) dissapointed after I paid a lot and found out what it was.
Thank you, Sam!

Sven said...

Hey thanx Sam. Your newsletter and emails are among the most humorous and readable on the 'net. Keep 'em coming.

allrex said...

Sam, your stuff is great. I look forward to reading it when it comes. Keep up the good work! You're awesome!

Larry McCann said...

Sam, Thank you very much for the Lite Version tool, I would also like to thank you for your entertaining style of marketing, I find it very refreshing.
Larry McCann - AdMaster said...

Thanks again Sam...
Once again you have helped out the little guy with a useful product. Keep up the good work.
Greg D. - AdMaster

Dianne Evans said...

Thanks Sam,

Can hardly wait to check out the Secret Weapon Lite. I know this will help me improve my marketing.

Dianne Evans

Jack said...


I get about 20 different "guru's"
sending me pitches every day. In
all fairness some are pretty good,
but I always look forward to your
non-pitch, sometimes out-in-left
-field humour, with the occasional
jab at the wanna-be big dog marketeer. Very refreshing!
This is all before I thank you for
all the useful, non-regurgitated
freebies you send out.
Thank you Uncle Sam!

Fred Rosensiel said...

Thanx a million Sam, for Mike's program.
I really enjoy each of your newsletters.

Richard Bolding said...

Thank-you for Mike's secret weapon lite.

Always enjoy you e-mails so keep them coming...

Richard Bolding

Steve Pryor said...


What a strange guy you are~I actually mean that in a good way.
Thanks for all the fr*eebies.
I know you're into health~My friend, it don't get any better than this.

Steve Pryor

MoonDancingNana said...

This "Seasoned Citizen" has been trying to create an income for quite awhile online but since I did not grow up with the internet have fallen prone to B.S. and hype. Monies not well spent because I did not have you!!! Finally, someone that thinks clearly and has the fundamental philisophy-what goes around comes around. Or in this Psycho Nana's words-Good Guys Still Live!!!
Also, if I really knew what HTML tags were I would be more then glad to use them........

DareToSucceed said...

Thanks Sam! It's always nice to
have someone give more than he does
receive. I love your humorous
newsletter and your down-to-earth
style too. It cracks me up.

To our success,
Thomas K. USA-TX

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"Versatile Internet Marketing Toolkit to promote ANY business or
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simcornay said...

Hi Sam, well I’m trying out the secret weapon on a few bits, and hope this pays off, as it gets a little twitchy seeing things work, and then not going with it, because the software said so.

I’ll keep you posted if I get 5 mins.

Many thanks for the gift, keep em coming

Irene said...

Thanks Sam for making available the Secret Weapon lite. I hope to make good use of this tool over the next few months.
I enjoy your newsletter very much and find it very informative.

Offshore Company Formation said...

I Like your rants and raves.
keep it up.


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Earl said...

Thanks Sam! Love your stuff - and thanks for the WEAPON.


Anonymous said...


Thanks, I can always use the chance to mention my "medieval studies" website!

There is no limit to your geneorosity!

Garfield Benjamin
medieval castles
medieval siege weapons

Rosella Aranda said...

Hey, thanks much for the Secret Weapon Lite...and also the niche pdf. :-) I'll be sure and pass your offer on to my ezine readers. And I'll be looking forward to hearing more from you!

Rosella Aranda

Shariq said...


thanks a TON for giving Mike's secret weapon!!

God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Hallo Sam from cold, wet, windy UK.

Thanks for this very useful gizmo and keep up the good work on revealing the truth to those who can be bothered to listen.

Kind regards,
Poker Secrets

empowerism said...

Hi Sam,

I checked your url: and it's not working.