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Friday, October 14, 2005

Sam Freedom Newsletter Sample - Feast Your Eyes!!!

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Subject line: Oct. 14, 2005 - Sam Freedom Newsletter #9,345,282

Good morning, afternoon and evening, [[This Could Be YOUR Lucky Name!]],

October 14, 2005. Subscribers: Over 10,001 responsive
(at least, I've lost count)...

Did you know you can give away memberships
to various websites as sales bonuses or
for opt-in leads?

Learn how I do this all the time...
It works like a charm.


1. Hey, Look What I Found! - Security Issue
2. Ad Tracking 202 - Rethink the Link
3. Mini-Sites Made Easy - Doubled Expectations
4. Giving Away Memberships, plus some..
5. Guru-itis: What's Mark Joyner up to now?
6. Hooray for Medical Billing!
7. PROJECT SAM - It's Not Too Late to Turn Back Now!
PS. Fre/ebie in the PS section


1. Hey Look What I Found! - Security Issue

I'm not going into detail on this, but I'm just going to say
as loudly as I can without using capital letters, if you
have any kind of websites at all, make sure you have an
index.htm file in EVERY directory folder. That's ALL
I'm going to say on that matter.

Whether it's the news, or just a guy loving attention,
some people go into details about "dangerous things"
just because "its the truth" or "its just the facts" and that's
true, it's often just the facts. But I believe one also has
a responsibility in presenting those facts and must take
into account the possibility of tempting people into bad

So I am agreeing that I AM MY BROTHERS KEEPER,
and without tempting anyone, I'll just say, one more time:

Make sure all of your directory folders have an index.htm
file in them. In fact, make it juicy advertising or just blank
white if you want, but make sure there's one in there,
otherwise, you've got a gaping hole in your business.

Nuff said...
2. Ad Tracking 202 - Rethink the Link

Proper Ad Tracking Links are the most underestimated
"link" in the chain. Which do you gravitate towards?

After struggling so hard to get links viewed and
clicked on, why do people present an ugly link that
has "Amateur" written all over it?

Since this is one area that people will ALWAYS
underestimate, the one who doesn't, clearly has
the edge. And I won't take up any more space
talking about it because I blogged about it sufficiently
at the link below:

Btw, for any of you wiseguys out there, ;-) blog links are
not ugly. They are not tracking links; they don't spell
"affiliate commission"; and they contain information AND
pique the curiousity of avid bloggers. So there...!

3. Mini-Sites Made Easy Doubled Expectations

Wow! This is the find of the century. As you may know
by now, I want myself and others to be proud of what
I do online, so my thoughts first go to whether or not
something can REALLY be of use to the everday guy and

Well, here's one that OVER-delivers:
Daniel Kelly's Mini Sites Made Easy video series

I wrote about it just a few days ago, and was surprised
with DOUBLE the response most offers receive. It went
through the roof, and mainly because Dan's product is
so USEFUL and so well done, that he confidently gives
visitors a whole TWO WEEKS to review ALL ..not some,
but ALL, of his materials for just ONE DOLLAR..yeah,
you heard me right....all 28 videos (plus the bonuses)
can be reviewed for two weeks for only $1.

Now I know a LOT about web marketing, a LOT...I'm
like a sponge, and yet i still learned from his video course,
so if I had THREE thumbs, I'd give it three thumbs up.

(if you pick this up and stay with it, I'll see to it that
you are furnished with a free web hosting account.
Just email me with your receipt 2 weeks after signup..

4. Giving Away Memberships, plus some

Here's just ONE of the many ways I gain new

I go to a forum, any forum will do, and I find posts
that I can help with. It's important that the post
really be of help because marketers tend to
frown upon junk posts meant only to get exposure.
(or at least ask a darn good question!)

Most forums allow you a signature file with about
5 lines to advertise whatever you want, and some
forums allow an image link (most dont, though).

So I use a picture like this:
and a link like this:
(go ahead, see where it "leads", no pun intended)

And you can do either that, or some other creative
way of adding to your subscriber base. That one is
just so simple that it blows me away more people
haven't discovered it yet...actually, it doesn't surprise
me, when I think about it. I discover all the backroads
under-the-reader techniques that the gurus will never
tell you about, so it makes sense now.

If you want to go to seminars every 3 weeks and sip
tea and smoke cigars then just ignore this section,
but if you want to start fattening up your list, then take
a close look at what you're about to see:

5. Guru-itis: What's Mark Joyner up to now?

Ok, everyone is allowed one rant, and this won't
even be a rant, but it doesn't take 75 minutes to
explain viral marketing to people. But, as always,
a lesson can be learned from anything...

The lesson here is...that most people don't know that!

So they can't wait to hear the lastest on Viral Marketing
and they spend 75 minutes listening to someone drag
out a concept that can be clearly explained and illustrated
in less than half the time. So props to MJ for taking
advantage of the gullible and naive and framing it in
the context of "marketing" or "people thirsting for knowledge."

If you're one of his cheerleading zombies, please tell
him Sam said hello when you report back to him on
what I just wrote. Thanks!

6. Hooray for Medical Billing!

Like a rainbow, I'm not sure how long this pretty
little thing will last but SOMEHOW on my main
lead capture portal, Google Adsense has served
up 2 ads for "medical billing."

Now I'm going to show it to you, but whatever you
do, don't click on them. It's against Google TOS for
me to tell you TO click on them, but there's nothing
in Google's TOS that says I can't tell you to NOT
click on them, so please DON'T click on them.

Doing so would only increase my coffers and
it might cause the pretty little thing to go away
and I kinda like it there. So please DON'T click
on those juicy, huge mo/ney, $3+/click medical
billing ads, please, ok? Thanks!

Just look at them, like me, and scratch your head
in wonder. ;-)

7. PROJECT SAM - It's Not Too Late to Turn Back

I am passionate about internet marketing. I find it
exhilirating, but there are times when I could just
pull my hair out, or put my monitor through the window.
So I'm gonna do something no other marketer I've
ever seen has done before...PROJECT SAM.

I'm going to start a blog that lays it pretty bare.
No technical mumbo jumbo, 8,000 words thrown
in your face hoping to get Adsense commission...
no, I'm going to blog straight
forward about what a pleasure and what a
nightmare marketing can be.

Usually, you get a LITTLE insight into what
others are doing. Or it gets packaged into
a fluffy book and presented with impersonal
ad copy. But I'm not going to give you any
of that. I'm going to just lay it bare and tell
you what I'm going through as I create my

And I'll leave up to guys like Marlon Sanders
to try to package it up and sell it to you:
(oops, was that an ugly link?)

So stay tuned for Project Sam, I have the graphics
designer working on the template now. Who knows,
I might even put up "The Sam Cam"...shhhhh!

Wishing you the best,
ps. Always do a ps, remember?
pps. Yes, the freebie - It's a secret! A very nice resource
having to do with the latest sensation:
pps. When giving out a freebie, it's ok to use an ugly link!

Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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