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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Screw It, That's Enough...!

That's it, I'm finally sick of it. Those of you who've known me since the earliest days have known, for some time now, that I've never quite done things the way many marketers, or marketers-in-training, do. In fact, I've even commented on some of their tactics with reproach.

You've also come to understand that I love to experiment and when I find something that works..
I WORK IT! And...

I tell you. Isn't that the golden rule in online business... that you can help yourself by helping others help themselves? So tell me..


How many marketers have helped you make any money? How much of your money-making has been limited by something like procrastination, laziness, doubt, disbelief and fear? So before I point you to a nice gift download, let me show you what's helped me to make almost $5k this past month - practically in my sleep, for real.
And I've turned my efforts towards helping others... just like you. Drop me with any questions. That slideshow shows about $2500 worth of $500 payments which is about 3 shy of the total this month. Each one is a nice, fat $500 comission.... and I've got it going on autopilot starting in a a few more days.
Just stay tuned... I'm letting down the marketing hair as I'm just sick of too many dingleberries spoiling the field and leaving you more confused than ever before...
As always, your friend in marketing,
ps. Here's the gift download I promised you.
If you already got this before, keep in mind it has master resale rights
and you can give it away or sell it, too.

Free Gift Download

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