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Monday, August 14, 2006

Holy Sh*t...Not Naming Names, But...

Damn, I'm not claiming to be some kind of silver-tongued devil, but what is with the state of internet marketing today? Seriously, what in the Good Lord's name is going on? Have we reached some kind of critical mass where both every amateur who never took an "ad copy" course seriously AND even a good number of, supposedly, EXPERIENCED marketers have reached the upper limits of bad taste and just plain insulting assumptions about their readers?

I won't name any names, but take a look at this, for instance. It just arrived in my inbox:

"I'm in my office, and my office chair is a little -- well -- wet. I'm wearing a slightly damp swimsuit, my Tevas (a kind of sandal), and a ratty old T-shirt. You might ask "why?"....Simple.... It's August!...August is *prime* wakeboarding time here in [removed] where I live.Each morning the water on the [removed] river, running out of the majestic [removed] lake (one of the most beatiful and pristine lakes in the world), is perfectly flat and calm, and about 70 to 73 degrees."

Am I Overreacting? I Mean Who Gives A Crap?

Ok, I may not know you personally, but I really do put myself in the shoes of "a person with the wish to make it into a work-at-home business and OUT of the RAT RACE, the commute, the 9-to-5, the dreading of the next day's mail full of bills, etc" and I do my best to offer you and each other person at least TWO THINGS:

1) A little comedy, whether some kind of interesting way of looking at the otherwise mundane world, OR some kind of rant about those who basically do NOTHING for you but expect you to buy their products and keep reading how their office seat is wet and how the pristine lake next door "is perfectly flat, calm, and about 70 to 73 degrees." AND

2) Work-at-home opportunities which, IF YOU WERE TAKE THEM SERIOUSLY AND PUT THEM TO USE, have a PROVEN track record of greasing your eager palms with some


So, if I wax on about the world, or about my office chair being "wet", or the 4 pristine beaches within walking distance of my house, or how I haven't had to work outside my house for the past 1-2 years, please send me an email containing some version of


Now before I turn round and disappear back into the offline jungle, I want to live up to live up to #2 above so let me remind you of several TOP NOTCH, AWESOME opportunities which, WHEN TAKEN SERIOUSLY, will help you start to taste some of the freedom that I've come to experience daily. I still cook my own breakfast though. ;-) Alright, here they are:

1) SITESELL - Take you by the hand and step by step, with any combination of audios, videos or bustling forums, lead you to a point where you have created EXACTLY WHAT THE SEARCH ENGINES WANT. No short cuts, no silly tricks, no cutting corners, but the REAL THING except they've done EVERYTHING YOU NEED to make it possible for even the most web-challenged amongst us. AND, they back it all up with a SOLID money-back guarantee. You could not go wrong with sitesell IF YOU TRIED!

2) HYPERVRE - A totally free download that IS the SHORTCUT to the closes approximation of what Sitesell offers. I find this AWESOME, so I've done both. In marketing online, you have to have a REPETOIRE.."multiple streams of income"..and HYPERVRE is so incredibly SIMPLE, comprehensive, and well-thought-out that to NOT add it to one's repetoire, in my opinion, is a near-fatal mistake. Get your FREE copy NOW - and upgrade to GOLD if you like the upgrade features. I did. Don't wait, make sure to really get this now.

3) Mike Filsaime's BUTTERFLY MARKETING Manuscript - Almost always do I actually BUY the things I recommend. I HAVE Mike Filsaime's Butterfly Marketing SCRIPT so I KNOW it's just awesome. How I wish I had this THREE YEARS AGO when I first hit the web. I had envisioned something exactly the same for myself back then but I had no clue how to go about having such a thing made or even marketed. Well, Mike Did it...SEE HERE.

And later, Mike Released the STRONGLY RECOMMENDED Butterfly Marketing Manuscript that goes deeply into the formula and philosophy as to WHY the Butterfly Marketing method is the most powerful marketing formula discovered to-date. If you know of a more powerful formula, by all means, prove me wrong below.

So there you have it, folks. No stories about "wet office chairs" or about me "strolling along a foggy beach" or about my dog "jumping in the ocean after a marlin..." or whatever. You get my point. Stories can be cute but a fist full of cash allows you to go out and make your own stories! And THAT'S what *I'M* aiming help us both live a fuller, better life!

Look over the opportunities above again, then pick one and RUN WITH IT...because it's about time you started making some REAL money!! $$$$

Go get 'em Tiger!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, well, consider this.

I got the silly wakeboarding email as well, and even though I wasted an entire 20 seconds reading that irrelevant stuff, it did make me pay attention and look forward to the next email from this guy.

Yours, on the other hand, made me want to unsunscribe.

It's fine to be contrarian and ├╝ber-critical, but sometimes it's just shooting yourself in the foot.

(and yes, I'm commenting anonymous because I don't want to end up on your sh*t list. think about what says about the image you're projecting. lighten up and live a little.)

Some Guy said...

Personally, I love those sorts of emails. I much prefer to "hear" a real person talk to me than to have some super salesman jam his latest offer directly down my throat.

I know, it is all a means to the same end, but the trip there is more pleasant to me when I can feel as if I am being told something from a real persons real life.

So, like the post above mine. Lighten up. It is the many marketing styles that make this game so fun. If we all stick to a single approach, then soon none of us will ever get our messages read.

Sam Freedom said...

Sorry Mr Anonymous,

So can I expect that you won't be showing up at the annual Sam Freedom Internet Marketing Wet Trousers Contest?

Cmon, there's gonna be some real big contention this year!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sam

I also got the mail from the man with the Tevas and I immediately thought he was up himself. I read it because his mail usually contains something of interest in addition to the inevitable sales pitch.

Keep up the good work.

Best regards Roger Young

Anonymous said...

great blog .. try my keyword to google ..
seo secret tools .. funny huh? hehe

Anonymous said...

This site really hits the spot for me. As a kid, I was always the instigator. The things I did at Catholic school...

In order to function in the adult world I've had to bury that part of me, until I found this place.

Anyway, my peeve is the mega prelaunch buzz buildup that gurus like to use to build anticipation for their latest product release. My inbox gets flooded with emails telling me to check out the latest prelaunch video or download some related free ebook. The longer and more elaborate the prelaunch is, the bigger the price tag. There is one going on now in which the guru was going to charge $50,000 but now says the price will be less than 5 figures. (Now that's a relief). He's got a blog filled with messages expressing complete adoration. It's almost a cult following. This guy definitely has talent though. If he wanted to, he could become the next Jim Jones.

Steve said...

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Happy Marketing