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Monday, July 17, 2006

Rich Schefren...blah blah blahhhhh

Here's a tidbit about me that you don't know. I didn't come to web marketing out of desperation. I came out of intense curiousity which then turned into a blazing passion. I had spent 30+ years in my father's company enjoying relationships on a daily basis with over 1000s of customers and then we sold it (well, most of it.)

Why am I telling you this? TWO REASONS...

1) Marketers seem to think that revealing very little about who they really are makes them more mysterious and interesting. (lol, so intense!) and
2) You need to know that because I'm not desperate for a buck, I can tell you the truth. Woohoo! And that's what I love about this.

Now it gets really deep hang on tight!

If I can tell you the TRUTH about Finan'cial Fr'e'edom so that you can find your way there, then...YOU will be able to tell OTHERS the truth.

And telling others the truth is such a nice feeling and such a desperately needed relief from all that crazy ad copy that's designed to manipulate you like a chicken or a pig or a cow or a mule or a camel or a name it.
SO...MAYBE, not definitely, but MAYBE you've been receiving emails about this guy named Rich Schefren. And, of course, all the usual suspects are out ringing their dinner bells telling you that you MUST get coached by this guy.

And I say GO FOR IT....

...if you want to be chained to your desktop for the next 20 years. Or even your laptop, whatever, you get the point. If Rich was REALLY smart, he'd pick 20 skeptics like me and coach us...and then, if WE were convinced his coaching was solid, we'd ring the dinner bell all over the world.

But, like the usual suspects, he picks the few shining stars in our midst to do all the talking for him. Oh yea, that's called "social proofing", remember Jeff what's his name? Well, by using the shining stars to promote him rather than taking some hardcore skeptics under his wing and coaching them, Rich basically demonstrates the nature of internet marketing's '"Ol Boy Network...."


Yet they say knowledge is power. I believe it was Red Cloud and a few others who kept saying, "White man speak with forked tongue" Oh my, could it be true?

The real question you need to be asking is...

"Who am I going to give my money to this week? And why?"

And the answer is:

Now, BECAUSE (I never leave you wondering..) they have already taken 1000s of people JUST LIKE YOU and made THEM into shining stars who DO ring the bell and tell the world about it. And not the other way around, like RICH, who takes SHINING STARS and tries to make them seem like they're everyday guys and gals like you and me.

I might have had the good fortune to be in a great family business but, like my father, I've never forgotten my humble roots and that I'm really just an ordinary guy.

So now I'm passing on my wisdom to you...if you give this
your time and attention, THIS WILL LEAD YOU OUT OFTHE NOISE AND CONFUSION...and into financi'al fre'edom(which I explained in my last email as being easier than making a million dollars)

Stop delaying....I'm not kidding, or exaggerating, or dangling a shining star in front of you to make you salivate. I'm just telling you the truth:

Working for you,
Sam Fr'eedom
ps. Always do a ps!

Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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Big Dom said...

Once again Sam, you have told it like it is. I have received at least 8 emails this past weekend from either Rich, or his voice box Mike Filsaine.

Have you noticed lately how these self appointed gurus aren't pushing anything under $1000? These guys make me sick.

They aren't anything special. They just had the balls at some point to hold themselves out as the expert. I wonder how many of them have actually made any money selling a product that does not proclaim to make it's purchaser a internet gazillionaire? I'm goingto guess very few.

PuppyLicks said...

Once again you tell it like it is Info King. The truth is imperative in order for us to navigate the email nuclear explosions we receive daily. I have bought and downloaded many things along the way and have learned something. I don't always know what exactly I am to do. ( A woman of a certain age here!) I have given caution to the wind and as soon as I am out of the mountains and within dependable internet access I shall be joining SBI. You gave me good advice when you said to just go for it and not gather all my ducks in a row. SBI will lead me through step by step.

You solve many problems-can you do something about hit and miss internet access in the Cascade mountain range? Thanks.


Big Dom said...

Here's a good one for ya....

"Done secretly in my testing labs by an elite force of Internet marketing specialists."

Now that is straight off of Derek Gehl's Blogging to the Bank sales copy. How is that any different than the rest of this crap? His testing lab and an elite force? Give me a break.

The other day John Reece was shoing a picture of his "War Room" and made a comment about how he writes his notes in code.

How stupid do they really think people are? Hell for all I know this type of hype sells. Maybe I should try it? Now if I could just find the key's to my testing lab and that old decoder ring I could get somewhere.

Chris Lockwood said...


Your post is a breath of fresh air. I am wondering how RS is going to "coach" 150 people at once- that's one hour per client per month... he's going to get to know you and your business well enough to help you in that amount of time?

I thought the manifesto was mostly hot air- certainly don't see what was so great about it.


nextebizguy said...

I'm glad to see someone else has caught on to this stuff. I started writing about it from the point I received hype E-mails from other "gurus".


Anonymous said...

For some reason, I opted-in to receive Mr Schefren's secrets to business growth, or whatever he calls it.

Downloaded his 'manifesto'. Nothing new there. Studied process mapping in first-year Uni.

Was still waiting for these "secrets" (what kind of entreprenuer gives out secrets?) and all I received was sensationalised messages about how people are breaking down the doors to his seminars. Nice tactic to profit from scarcity, but only the naive will fall for that one.

And today another message to buy-into a coaching system. Over $300 per month. Well, I had a real good chuckle at that...

David said...

The new Final Chapter is really interesting.
The interesting thing is that Rich continues to provide free information which is better than all the stuff i have paid for.

Sounds like his latest will change the landscape.

Daniel Huffman said...

I don't mean this in a bad way, but these guys are part of the problem, not the solution. An elite group alright, a bunch of worthless non productive parasites, preying on the hopes of the desperate(like televangalists). Contributing nothing to society, they sell info, that is free to the research, in my mind that is robbery, punishable by prison. I don't mean that in a bad way

Sam Freedom said...

Thanks to all for sharing your thoughts on the matter.

Daniel, I couldn't help but chuckle at your saying all that "but not in a bad way." lol

Anonymous said...

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