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Monday, April 24, 2006

Please Critique These! Your Opinion is of Value to Me, Thank You!

Greetings Fellow Blog Traveller,

I've had three lessons sitting on mothballs for quite some time. I'm not sure why, either, because my friends and downline with whom I've shared them find them REALLY good. But I've just kept them off to the side for quite some time now.

They were initially created for members of Search Estate, a brilliant, visionary membership-driven "search-engine-that's-more-than-a-search-engine" (if you know what I mean!) You don't NEED to be a member of Search Estate to critique the lessons, just a member of the HUMAN RACE so I think you qualify. Or do you? :-)

But first, what many of ya don't know is the REAL story behind my involvement with Search Estate search engine:

One day, I saw the Search Estate website and was in awe of what they both offered AND what they were working towards - their vision. Admittedly, their vision is developing slowly but the opportunity they have been offering in the interim is simply AMAZING.

In a nutshell, you sign up for a FREE ACCOUNT and immediately get the following benefits:
  • Permanent Ad Spots on Your Own Search Results Page
  • Permanent Ad Spots on Your 1st Level Downlines Search Results Page
  • A 1-Stop Business Opportunity Page Where You Can List ALL Your Opportunities (well, up to 12 I think)
  • A Gateway Page That Leads Back to Your Biz Opp & Search Results Page
  • An Email Search Engine to Place In All Your Emails That Leads to Your Search Results Page
  • A Share in the Revenue When Their PPC Feeds Are In Place
  • A Share in the Revenue from Anything Bought From Your Search Results Page
  • And more...
Search Estate PRO MEMBERS Receive As Above, Except --
  • Permanent Ad Spots On Referrals' Search Results Pages SIX Levels Deep!
  • Earn Money on PRO MEMEBERSHIPS 2 Levels Deep!
  • Earn a More Generous Share of Revenue When PPC Feeds Are In Place.
For now, it is totally FREE and a MAJOR benefit for you to go in and get that 1-stop business opportunity page which I'll show you how to use to AMAZING effect later. The lessons below will show you how to set it up and then, in my next post, I'll show you how to hammer in the 2nd punch for a 2-step knockout.

To cut to the chase, I called the founders and asked them in the most sincere manner, "If I promote this, can you handle the traffic?" Naturally, they were a bit taken aback and laughed, but I was serious. I wanted to be sure that if I gave it a full promote, that the servers wouldn't get jammed up and give my referrals an unprofessional, "Server Busy!" error! What an impression that would leave, huh? A search engine company that couldn't handle a lot of traffic?

Well, they made sure their servers were beefed up and ready for the wave. What would good old Sam Freedom do to start an internet marketing avalanche into this really cool grassroots, socially conscious, freedom-loving search engine? I'll tell you soon enough! But for now, let's just say it inspired Search Estate enough to make me a marketing director along with my good friend, Lamar Owens.

My efforts added over 2,800 people to my frontline; 15,000 people to my total downline and all the buzz caused other members to repromote Search Estate and for wallowers to make the leap onboard. That resulted in somewhere around 30-40,000 new members in Search Estate and some really good new friends! Imagine having a BONAFIDE search engine (that doesn't SCRAPE results!) on your list of friends you can count on?

Wait, does that mean they would skew search results for me? How dare you! Never. Not in a million years. I don't even think that way but the question had to be answered before some maniac even asked it because you KNOW it was coming...!

Anyways, for those of you are inspired to get your own free email search engine, your own 1-stop business opportunity page to list multiple opportunities at once, and to start earning permanent text ads on others's search results pages, here's the link again, and THREE (3) lessons to get you up to speed:

And remember, I'd like you to critique the lessons!...stating reasons and experience, if possible.
Thanks, and best wishes,

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