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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Butterfly Marketing: Mike Filsaime's High-Performance Viral Marketing Script - GOING FAST!

Mike Filsaime is re-releasing his Butterfly Marketing Site script but this time he's raising the price MONDAY. Even at Monday's price, Butterfly Marketing will do everything you dreamed it would such as build you a VERY big mailing list (you have a list already, don't you?), make you a LOT of sales, create an ARMY of affiliates and basically make your spouse and friends very happy that you were actually making money online.

(If you're anxious to see it now, just click here but first make sure to read my FOUR (4) "Limited Time Offers" in the post-script!)

Believe me when I tell you that I've seen rank amateurs using the Butterfly Marketing package and raking in the dough - RANK AMATEURS!! Imagine knowing almost NOTHING about web marketing except, "I really want to make some money fast!" and along comes a MUTANT POWER script by a PROVEN marketer that puts that power directly into your hands. I'm telling you, if I could have named it anything other than Butterfly Marketing, I would have named it, "Viral Marketing Script for Dummies" because that's EXACTLY what it is.

But those who use it look like anything BUT dummies.

Now, how long have you been online trying to make a decent living? Trying to make enough just to pay a few extra bills each month? How long have you been wishing to start generating some REAL cash so that maybe you could even take some time off from work or quit altogether (like me! woohoo!)? Well, isn't time you made a serious investment in yourself?

Mike Filsaime's Butterfly Marketing represents a significant step up in investing in YOUR financial freedom. When you actually SEE what the Butterfly Marketing site script is, and when you actually SEE what it allows you to do, and when you actually SEE how easy it is to set up and legitimize yourself in the eyes of the internet marketing community (and your family and friends), all of the other things you have invested in up until now will come to life in a whole new way...because your Butterfly Marketing Site and Package isn't meant to be NEW and independent of everything you've ever bought and done's meant to give you a means of tying it all together, and/or adding NEW promotions, and presenting it all in the most powerful way currently possible.

Now I don't like to rush people, but there's a very REAL price increase of FIFTY PERCENT on Monday! And I will come in here and change this part of the message because by then it will be too late. Mike will NOT lower the price for anyone, period and you'll have missed out on the Holy Grail of internet marketing viral scripts that

  • builds your list exponentially,
  • inspires people to spend their cash with you,
  • creates a massive hoarde of frenzied affiliates (I'm not exaggerating), and
  • keeps them coming back over and over

The potential in this one-of-a-kind script is extremely powerful. And if you wait until Monday for the 50% price increase, it would truly be a shame...a real bonafide shame. ESPECIALLY if you're not making the kind of money you'd have liked to have been making by now....

I've Got Mine...Now Go Get Yours..!

- When you wisely obtain this script, I'll go one step further to help you get a huge jump on things: I'll include EVERYTHING at the following site:


Yes, EVERYTHING! No BS, No Exaggerated Pricing, there's over $6000+ worth of MASTER RESALE RIGHTS products each with its own mini-site, and some rebrandable! Everything at that site you can repackage and resell ANY WAY YOU CHOOSE. (if you choose multiple payments, you will receive this bonus after your final payment is made)

PPS. LIMITED TIME OFFER #2 - When you wisely implement this script, I will also give you

  • a post-setup critique of your Butterfly Marketing site; AND,
  • a full promotion to my membership list; PLUS,
  • a link on my high-traffic blog for a minimum of 1-month!

PPPS. LIMITED TIME OFFER #3 - Another 15 HOT SECRET NICHE PRODUCTS with Master Resale Rights, Sales Letters AND Mini-Sites. You can't go wrong, my friend. If EVER there was a time to act for your financial freedom, it's now.

PPPS. LIMITED TIME OFFER #4 - OK, this is it! A Free 10MB Website with ALL the bells and whistles including UNLIMITED AUTORESPONDERS! Yes, this is for real! I've gone nuts! Take advantage of it before I regain my sanity...!

So, here's the recap...

  • A Critique of Your Butterfly Marketing Site by Sam;
  • A Promotion of Your Butterfly Marketing Site by Sam;
  • All of Sam's Masterights.Biz Master Resale Rights Products
    w/Sales Letters & Mini-Sites;
  • 15 More of Sam's Secret Hot Niche Products, All REBRANDABLE, and
    w/Masterights, Sales Letters & Mini-Sites!
  • PLUS! Your Own FREE 10MB Website with UNLIMITED AUTORESPONDERS to Host Your Butterfly Marketing Website...!


Now Go Get Yours...!
then email me proof of purchase at samfreedom AT
and I'll give you everything above (and even more...).


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mike filsaime is one of the gurus in internet marketing industries. it will be a great deal not to have the script.

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yes after reading this article i am confident that he is reallya internet marketing guru. he really have unique ideas to generate a place for your internet business.

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