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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Ebay, Google Adsense & Clickbank PROFITS All On ONE PAGE!

Whether you're an Ebay buyer, seller or just plain find it cool, here's an opportunity for you to make money in a very cool and unexpected way. It was only a few weeks ago that I introduced a whole lot of people to renowned Ebay auction EXPERT, Jason James right here: Auction Resource Network. Jason is, bar none, THE EXPERT on Ebay and how to use it to make a boatload of money without having to pre-purchase or wrap or ship ANYTHING!

Well, add to that a VERY VERY VERY COOL "Little Web Page" by Renowned Ebay Auction expert and dropshipper, Tim Knox and His Friend, Dave Purves, and you have a recipe for a 1-2 money-making knockout punch that no person really intersted in making money online should ever be without.

Think I'm exaggerating? Wait'll you see what I know have added to my income stream arsenal for a ONE TIME LOW PAYMENT! It's mine FOREVER. It has incredible resources, some high quality tools and a MINIMUM of 3 ways for me to make money - WITHOUT EVER HAVING TO LIFT A FINGER TO SELL ANYTHING ON EBAY! I CAN also utilize Jason James proven strategies on a completely seperate level, but this beauty by Tim requires NOTHING but an initial set up and then directing traffic to see MY page and how I've set it up,


Once there, you can play around, but then click the top banner to "get your own" (or go directly there) and you'll see Tim and Dave's site and their short movie and explanation as to how you can really make GREAT money to add to your monthly income stream with it.

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Anonymous said...

Gotta hand it to ya mate,
I've been getting hammered with the usual marketing avalanch re the cool little website, and didn't pay much attention, as for some reason I thought it would have duplicate content.

But you have a knockout winning combination with eGolf and this!
As usual, brilliant example of dynamic and creative thinking on your part.

Gives me some ideas,


Anonymous said...

Hey Sam, terrific blog. Full of great info and very punchy writing. It's very refreshing to come upon such a gem. :)

Also wanted to share something with everyone. Hope i'm not breaking any "commenting rules". There's this great new company that's just going public, Free to join for the next 10 days before they launch officially.

Their main product is something that increases gas mileage saving lots of money. It's environmentally friendly too and is going to hit retail stores very soon. The product has been covered by national television and is going international soon.

Well, anyway, the best explaination is at the site itself.

Thought i'd share it with you before the whole world comes upon it :) (terribly sorry if this is inappropriate. Just thought it'd be cool if we could all get in at the top first.)


Anonymous said...

I am so suprised to see such a site. Yes I know they make money but this is for the very short term and is pretty well just spam. Then again look at, I think this could be a better setup. There are supposedly some articles coming out in Wired magazine in regards such activity and googles involvement. I am a little upset with the quality of business information from this site to far. Anyways, maybe things will change.

Unhappy subscriber.

Sam Freedom said...

Well anyone with a rational bone in their body can see that the prior post is full of baloney with some kind of axe to grind.

First, due to a great reverence for freedom of speech, one will notice that I generally allow such comments to remain. If there's an element of truth to them, then I stand to learn something from them and others may also chime in pro or con as they see fit. So no harm done there.

But the previous comment isn't even a developed thought. Here's a closer look so you can see why a post such as that should never be of any great importance or concern to you.

I am so suprised to see such a site.

Then you really must get out more often. If you were experienced in the work-from-home subculture, you'd realize that this site serves many as a refreshing break from all the copy/paste and hype ad copy that they find almost everywhere else they turn.

Likewise, the site is not tremendously analytical, philosophical or conversational as my goal is to provide people with a variety of opportunities to make money from home and NOT an opportunity to become a Sam Freedom groupie.

So it seems you are lacking in experience and should spend a little more time studying the landscape before you try to disguise a rant as a legitimate, albeit uninformed, opinion.

Yes I know they make money but this is for the very short term...

That is the point, to make money. There's a lot of people who are not looking to develop their long-term business TODAY, but are instead piecing it together and still studying while holding down offline jobs. For them, I provide opportunities to make good money both for the short term AND the long term as each opportunity can be retained in any person's "multiple streams of income" inventory.

People have big bills they need to pay THIS MONTH. Starting a full fledged business on the fly can take many 1000s of dollars and a lot more time than a person's bill collector is willing to give them.

Suggesting that some opportunities are either "short-term" or not worthy or profitable because they are not going to be developed into large long-term businesses is misleading, and naive at best.

...and is pretty well just spam.

This is yet another example of your naive, misleading nature. Spam is unsolicited (bulk) advertising. This doesn't qualify even in the most minute of ways. This is a sales journal which I invite people to read. If you're already independently wealthy or unhappy with it, you can just leave.

Then again look at, I think this could be a better setup. There are supposedly some articles coming out in Wired magazine in regards such activity and googles involvement.

That is completely irrelevant and is a thinly veiled attempt to make it seem as if you are some kind of authority. Where's your blog? What are your products? What are you selling? And why, if you have such a business, are you wasting your time being unproductively critical rather than supportive and helpful?

I am a little upset with the quality of business information from this site to far.

Perhaps if you were specific, we could debate the merits of your points, but my experience and bs meter tell me that you have none. That you're just an unsuccessful crank who has nothing positive to say but a whole lot of nothing to say.

Anyways, maybe things will change.

Since you haven't made any points and gave your uninformed opinion about nothing in particular then it's doubtful. So you've set yourself up for an ongoing cycle of disappointment and blame.

It's a self-fulfilling prophecy for sure. But in any case, I left your post, and the advertising before it...

...'cuz I'm just that kinda guy!

$500 Bucks Every Day!

Magi said...

Aw Shucks, Sam,
Running down the groupies won't get rid of us!

I 'm intrigued about what constitutes "such activity" that goes on here. Well I suppose it IS controversial to provide a forum for us to study marketing from a master who gives away priceless information for free when all the "gurus" are selling theirs.

Shame on you

Anonymous said...

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