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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Corrupted Wish for Internet Marketing and SEO

"Corrupted Wish" threads are popping up all over the place.  You usually find them on MySpace or Facebook.  In short, "corrupted wish" is a fun game that forces you to be creative and see things in a new perspective.  It's not a new game but I'm giving it a new "internet marketing", "seo", "blogging" twist.

How it works
Corrupt the wish of the person above you, then make your own wish.

Examples of Corrupting a Wish
Person A: I wish I could have top listing in Google for all my competitors keywords.
Person B: Wish granted, but you are banned from using the internet ever again.

Person B: I wish this post goes hot on Sphinn.
Person A: Wish granted, but now you are broke from paying shills.

Person A: I wish my BlogRush widget actually brought me some traffic.
Person B: It does, but John Reese accuses you of gaming the system and kicks you out.

Person B: I wish I could write awesome articles
Person A: Wish granted, but both your arms go numb.

Person A: I wish I knew how to milk Twitter for millions!
Person B: Wish granted, but you go psychotic from all the tweets.

Person B: I wish Yaro Starak would feature me in one of his articles!
Person A: Wish granted, but he portrays you as the biggest jerk in the world.

Person A: I wish Andy Beard did all my site optimization.
Person B: Wish granted, but he optimized it for "pedophile."

Ok, so here goes...

I Wish Everyone Sheds Their Lurker Status and Plays Along.

Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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Gene said...

No comments? Are you banning everyone?


Andy Beard said...

I wish [XYZ marketer] never emails me again
You will be glad to know you will never receive that JV acceptance email.

SisterSledge said...

I Wish Everyone Sheds Their Lurker Status and Plays Along.

Granted, but everyone who comments is snarky.

Sam said...

lol ok, just a step back for a moment...

The aim is to corrupt the wish of the person ABOVE you... then make your own wish.

Then someone comes in and corrupts YOUR wish because you're above them.

So Andy should have corrupted my wish and Sister Sledge should have corrupted his.

That's ok...we'll make this work. Just as soon as all those celebrating Thanksgiving wake up from their turkey chemical comas and jump in, too. ;-)

Sam said...

Hi Gene,

I haven't banned anyone. I like it when people express their appreciation but I also don't really foster a "fan" mindset here so there's no real demand on people to comment.

They're not here under the illusion that we're friends like they might be with some of the more famous bloggers.

Just trying to have some fun and controversy here, that's all. ;-)

Sam said...

@everyone, to mend this, I'll corrupt Andy's wish (Sister Sledge didn't make one) and we'll go from there.

@Andy, (regarding XYZ marketer never mails you again with pseudo-acceptance into their jv program), WISH GRANTED, but now Poland falls into civil war and you lose your business.

I wish I knew how many people post here while in their underwear so I could blog the results.

Dennis Edell said...

Wish granted, but now you may get pictures.

(No worse corruption I say)

Sam Freedom said...

Good one, Dennis, but you're supposed to end with your own wish for the next person to corrupt.

What is so hard about this?!?! ;-)

I'm MENDING this by leaving a wish in place of Dennis' to continue...


I wish Dennis understood simple direction

(now next person grants it, corrupts it, then leaves a wish of their own...)

Simonne said...

Wish granted, but I'm a spammer ;)

JMorris said...

Sam Wrote:
"I wish Dennis understood simple direction"

Wish granted, but now, when directed to hit any key on the keyboard, he's lost for a week looking for the "any" key.

I wish I had a sharper wit so I could have left a better comment.

Got a wit sharpener around that I can borrow? :-D

Dennis Edell said...

"I wish I had a sharper wit so I could have left a better comment."

Wish granted. However since they had to graphed it from another section of brain, you now forgot how to make ice.

I wish Sam understood that my mind was on turkey, not thinking.

Sam Freedom said...

Wish granted, but you ate so much you had to have your colon removed.

I wish Wikipedia would stop trying to change the world.

Dennis Edell said...

Wish granted, Google sent some boys to take care of the issue - gee thats much better, huh.

I wish Sam would get a Subscribe To Comments plugin of some sort.

SEO Estudio said...

And could it be some virus or malware ...? You never know ...