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Friday, November 02, 2007

How to Avoid Google's Duplicate Content Penalty

Content geeks, beware!

In the realm of theory, where most computer-bound geeks spend the bulk of their existence, ANYTHING is possible; any outcome arguable; any action justifiable. But reality is often far more interesting than that.

So when it comes to reading articles on your favorite topics, do you really care if it was written by an expert?  Do you really care if it was written by someone who really had direct experience with it?  After all, most of us were trained in school to be able to research and write about various topics independently of whether we'd direct experience with them or not.  Did that render our assignments worthless?  Can they still help a seeker progress along his or her path?

I Think So.

For example, while you might come here because you like (or don't like) me, it's not the same as if you're searching for info about buying a new coffee maker.  Because you couldn't care less who wrote about the coffee maker, or whether or not the article had any "personal flare."  You just want to get the best bang for your buck and the least amount of hassle when buying one, period.

In fact, for such an article, content geeks or "experts" are OVERKILL; classic examples of the "over-qualified."  I mean, sure we might listen to what Martha Stewart or Heloise have to say about coffee makers.  And if our stage of development is at the "needs to belong" stage, we might even buy their recommendations and happily sip our lattes while imagining a kinship with such celebrity "experts."  It's called "Oprahfication."  But great information about coffee makers can be found and published by anyone.  And that anyone (read: you and me!) can easily start making money by doing that right here (if nothing else, get the free PDF report).

"Human written articles WERE always the best kind of content, and with Article Underground, Michael has priced articles where it will put all other forms of content out of business! Finally, the "ban-proof" website can be built for a price anyone can afford. If you are doing Adsense or affiliate marketing, you don't dare pass this up, because I can assure you that many of your competitors will not."  Leslie Rohde

Article Underground doesn't spin articles for you.  It's just hands-down one of the best, most supportive, sites for running top-notch content sites that won't break your bank account.

But that's why an "article spinner" is such a threat to the content geeks. - the people who believe they are morally superior for having written all their content  from scratch.  A great article spinner can take an article and AUTOMATICALLY "spin" it into 100s of UNIQUE articles in a very short period of time.  And that will allow any content publisher to avoid potential "duplicate content" penalties from being assigned by Google.  And "spinning articles" is not being deceptive because it really IS no longer duplicate content.

The service I just signed on with not only spins your articles into 100s of articles automatically, but the pro version then posts a unique version to each of 407 article directories!  THAT'S 407 BACKLINKS with unique anchor text amidst unique relevant content.  Helloooooo?  Anybody home?

What's even better is that there is a FREE version that just spins the articles but the PRO version that submits them for you at a fraction of what I believe it should cost.   It's the same one that has been offered to members of Brad Fallon's $800/mo (and no, it's not even close to that much!).  But just think about it - a whopping 100s of unique versions of your articles published to 407 article submission sites avoiding Google's duplicate content penalty.  Just imagine what that can get you if you put it to use pointing to a FREE freshly monetized PLR blog on blogger.... or anything else you want.

But wait!  I WAS going to end this article right here until I just looked at my "back office."  And here is what I found...

"Add "For a unique version of this article" link? - This will add at the bottom of every article a link to allow anyone who uses your article to instantly spin their own unique variation of the article. This is extremely powerful as it allows for an unlimited number of potential article instances in Google as opposed to only having available the number of unique article spins that you have already submitted to directories or other resources.

Allow Public to View Spins - This will allow anyone to spin a new version of your article through the "Unique version of this article" link. It determines which pages are shown in your Public Article Repository."

Can we say, "Holy Cow!"?

I love this sort of thing.  It makes some otherwise very, very hard work, very, very easy.  In fact, I'm going to submit THIS article using it. ;-)

Darwin was right.  We can be nice to one another but when it comes to survival, it goes to the fittest.  And spinning articles that avoid Google's duplicate content penalties and get spun out to 407 article submission sites AUTOMATICALLY, providing 100s of unique backlinks to any site you want IS PRETTY DARN FIT.

Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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Anonymous said...

This sounds great and I am sure many folks will make a few extra sheckles doing it.

But it sounds like scamming the system Google has in place to help provide unique content and fairness to all it's users instead of a few.

Another "The end justifies the means for the greedy"

Sam Freedom said...

I think it's more like "survival of the fittest" - and it strikes me as a very creative solution. After all, what was so wrong about submitting to 100s of article directories in the first place? Nothing.

Google just didn't want 8,000 instances of the same article showing up in its results so the one's who get penalized are the lazy and the ones who get rewarded are the ambitious.

Think of how many people read trashy romance novels. Is each one REALLY much different from the next?

And it's important to find a distinct line between greed and ambition. Some individuals have a stronger drive to survive than others.

But like anything else, you are correct, in suggesting that misuse is possible.

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