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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Quick Free Tip on How to Get Followers on Twitter Fast!

(if you don't need a spanking but just want the straight dope, skip to the last section)

how to get followers on twitter fast

What I'm about to say in this section is because what I'm about to share in the final section is the kind of tip you likely won't find anywhere else (even Mashable couldn't find a use for what I'm about to show you).  And before I give it, it's my responsibility to crack the shell of the war-weary blogger/visitor that comes here AS IF this were just another blog amidst the 1000s of blogs that are telling you such things as "how to comment properly on other blogs" or how "pagerank is (insert any adjective here)" or that you need to form teams instead of going it alone.  All stuff that can be found in 1000s of other similar articles for merely the price of Googling.

Instead, you need to start realizing that the world doesn't need another typical article on how to properly comment on blogs for traffic (article coming soon).  It also doesn't need yet another slew of rants or treatises on the mysterious, frustrating nature of Pagerank.

sam freedom internet marketing controversy blog freeing minds

What to do now.

What the blogosphere needs are more people who think even outside the "thinking outside the box" crowd.  And that's what you'll find here - even if it upsets certain segments of the blogging community, my loyalty is to freeing and expanding the mind, not to cramming myself into a tiny suit just to belong somewhere.  Visitors here will benefit from this the more they observe, the more they participate.  The more they dare to say, "Shit, now that took balls."


A Small Dose of Reality

It's just a fact that marketing online is a numbers game.  There ARE definitely warm connections to be made but don't even dare attempt to tell me with a straight face that you, or anyone else, came here with simultaneous intentions of making money AND making friends.  You didn't.  And if you believe you DID, then challenge me in the comment section and you'll get an even bigger lesson (but if you're sincere about it, you'll also get my respect).

The fact is you already have REAL friends.  And if you don't, then you need to examine why because it's definitely going to interfere with your online business.

So no more of the fa-la-la-la garbage about communities and friends.  It doesn't get more disingenuous than that.  Marketers talk about communities and friends in order to keep you in THEIR community and thinking that they are YOUR friend.  It's CLASSIC marketing tech and you fall for it every time.  And not only that, when someone like myself warns you of it, you have a tendency to say, "Oh, not me... I know why I'M here." and that's only because I haven't CHARGED you for this information.  If I were charging you, you'd feel compelled to think more carefully about what was being said instead.  It would be FRAMED through the doorway of a payment you value. 


how to get followers fast on twitter using twitterposter

  1. Consider Making a Second Account on Twitter.  You'll be getting a lot of new tweets coming in this way and you don't want to miss your most cherished Tweeters tweets.

    • If you don't want to create a second account, you can always search for, or set up a feed, for tweets mentioning your name at TerraMinds.  This is not an essential step but it is one that I'd be remiss to leave out.

  2. Go to any place that lists Top Twitterers (Big Twits):  TwitterPoster or Twitterholics (thank to Twitter Facts for news of TwitterPoster).

    • Note: It doesn't HAVE to be Top Twitterers.  Any relevant Twitterer is fair game.  It just might take more time and work for your following to grow using smaller Twitterers.

  3. Find and visit Top Twitterers' Twitter page and determine those whose Tweets or presence seems to match the field of your blog's topic.

    • Using 21c as an example, they would be useful if your blog was about global warming or environmental concerns.  They happen to be following a lot of people so they might have done the same thing you'd be doing.  Using them this way could prove fruitful but I think you are better off doing this with the Big Twits who seem more judicious and focussed in who they deem "follow-worthy?"

    • It's also perfectly acceptable to go UNTARGETED if you're just starting out.  It won't be as effective but it's still better than kissing your boss's ass.

  4. Then FOLLOW the Twitterers THEY (Big Twits) are following.  Many will follow you in return (say hello to them if you can).



It's ok to do all your hugging and hand-shaking in your cherished blogging communities but don't ever get so blinded by it that you forget this is truly (and forever will be) a numbers game - relationship marketing could not have existed without the "numbers" to back it up.  When dropping a simple TWEET into Twitter can result in a very quick rush of 50-500 visits to your blog article - ALSO TRIPPING THE COUNTERS OF YOUR FAVORITE BLOG DIRECTORIES (therefore pushing your blog closer to the top) - AND EARNING YOU MORE CREDITS ON BLOG RUSH-LIKE TRAFFIC WIDGETS (resulting in more traffic to do not only the same but to also join you on Twitter), is it any wonder why all the allegedly great minds out there that everyone is following haven't yet thought of how simple and powerful this is?

That is why I say you are getting railroaded.  

You are told from so many established bloggers that Twitter either has NO USE or else they're acting all GA-GA over the most OBVIOUS USES (like Twitting out fire or earthquake alerts and ZzzZzZzz boring stuff) but if you want to build your readership and businesses up like the PIONEERS did years ago, you have to start using things in NEW, UNEXPECTED ways to get better than dismal or average results.

And screw the people who suggest that doing so is bad for your online health.  It is if you want to be an internet marketing cheerleader the rest of your life .  Just imagine what Christopher Columbus had to tolerate.

Thanks to Dazzling Donna, Andy Beard and JoiKoi for Sphinning a couple of my articles this week.

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