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Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Private Label Rights Deal So Ugly Only a Mother Could Love It

I mentioned this before but every time the new month rolls around and I get to see what new goodies I get for a mere 15 more dollars, I am truly overwhelmed with a feeling of happiness.  I'm not exaggerating.  I absolutely and totally love GREAT value.  Good value is OK, but GREAT value is rare.  It's even sweeter when I realize that I'm one of the few who realize it because it means all the less competition for me.

But with so much being given each month, and INSTANT access to archives that contain as much monthly goodness all the way back to December of 2006, I realized there's PLENTY, PLENTY, PLENTY to go around for everybody.  And with Jetspinner's totally free article spinning service allowing me to create unique versions of all the PLR articles I get each month, I realized there'd be NO competition OR Google duplicate content penalties.  But PLR articles are only a fraction of it anyways.

Just look at what I just got this month for less than I spend on dinner!

PLR Private Label Rights Archive for Nov 2007

Bee Keeping Guide

4 Internet Marketing Ebooks with Private Label Rights
1. Building Influence with Free Membership Sites
2. Free Reports Exposed
3. Winning The Affiliate War
4. List Building Strategies That Really Work!

3 Ebooks With Private Label Rights
1. Golf For Seniors
2. How To Get Paid As Professional Speaker
3. Dieting Your Dog

13 ready-made AdSense websites for November 2007
13 ready-made Adsense websites source graphics
13 ready-made Adsense websites PLR articles
This Month’s 13 Topic Names Withheld for Obvious Reasons

250 Niche Articles for November 2007
10 Topic Names (25 articles each) Withheld for Obvious Reasons

Master Resale Rights Products
Also Included Under the One Low Monthly Price

RedirectIt PRO (script)
5 Dollar Internet Marketing Templates
Web Wizard Secrets
Website Protection Guide
How To Design A Profitable Website
PLR Voodoo
Lazy Man’s Guide To Writing Articles
Instant Wordpress Templates by Gobala Krishnan
Get Paid To Build Your List
How To Become A Blogging Pro
11 Steps To Subscription Profits

Power Tools
Also Included Under the One Low Monthly Price

50 Web 2.0 Header Graphics (Personal Use Only)
PSD and JPG blank templates included. The design is very professional, web 2.0 style (glossy and clean). Personal Use ONLY–no resale rights whatsoever.

Check it out by clicking HERE and don't forget to get your free membership with Jetspinner's article spinning service.

And That Was Just This Month! 

When I joined, I also got INSTANT access to EVERYTHING that was given out all the way since December 2006.  Was I so cheap that I downloaded it all and then just quit?  No way.  I think like a BUSINESS person and not a CONSUMER.  Each month has so much value packed into it that even if I was not ready to put a given month's PLR into immediate use, I could still READ it and learn a lot.  I could also trade it with other marketers for products they were selling that I did not already have.  But with that kind of a deal, I sure as heck wasn't quitting.

The Leveraging Power of Having This Much Quality Private Label Rights Material Each and Every Month is Truly Staggering

But many people don't "get" it, do you know why?  Unfortunately, many well-known marketers train them to think like consumers.  Some intentionally, and some by accident.  It's kind of sad, actually, but all I can do is keep mentioning it and pointing out the opportunities of real value.  Like this one.  And that's it.

But if YOU "get" what I'm saying, and you realize that even a total newbie would benefit from Instant Access to almost a YEAR'S WORTH of Private Label Rights material, incl 250 monthly articles, dozens of monthly fresh Master Resale Rights books and scripts, 13 monthly Adsense websites with 13 articles each, and so on and so on and so on... for a mere $15 (including however many months worth are in the archives), then you are poised to succeed.

In fact, I spend $15 per WEEK on laundry alone and it doesn't earn me a dime.

Seriously, even if you're on the ropes just thinking about it, try it out for 1 month, get access to the WHOLE ARCHIVES with NO RESTRICTIONS.  Proceed to download whatever you want and all the high quality PLR you could possibly get your hands on and then just step back and evaluate it for yourself....all for a mere $15!

Sorry, but it just doesn't get much better than that.  Check it out by clicking HERE and don't forget to get your free membership with Jetspinner's article spinning service.

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Hair Loss said...

Although JetSpinner is portrayed as being 'free', there were a lot of sales hurdles after I filled out the opt-in information. After about 10 minutes of messing around, I wasn't even able to login with the username and password I created. Oh well, I have yet to see an article spinner that works properly anyway, so I'm sure it's no loss...

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