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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Big Twitter Experiment - And the Most Awkward Twitter Comment Ever?

Welcome to The Great Big Twitter Experiment!

blue twitter bird for the big twitter experimentThis is not at all a joke.  And this is not even remotely some amateur ploy to gain traffic and/or backlinks even if some of that does occur.

As many visitors have already seen in 2 previous articles titled, A Quick Jaunt Into Data Mining on Twitter and Further Exploitation via Data Mining Twitter, I'm quite serious about discovering some of the cooler, unexplored possibilities with Twitter.  And I'm glad to share most of what I find because, frankly, I've got so many ways of making money on the web that it's almost boring.

And what I really want is to sorta give people a bit of a jolt by showing them some neat ways of using (and combining) FREE services for some completely unexpected revelations.  And for that, your very simple contribution can be of immense help.

So Today's Experiment Is...

twitter experiment on sam freedoms internet marketing controversy blog
My Evil Assistant

All participants will be doing are a couple of activities that they are already doing anyways, just in other venues; and so, that I can get some decent data through Twitter AND so others passing through may learn, as well, I would like YOU to help me with the following tasks:

  1. Post a comment below explaining precisely how you arrived.  If it was by search engine, include the keyword phrase you used.  If it was by one of my Twitter messages, you can just say "Twitter" (and optionally include the tweet).  If you are on my email news list, you can just say so.  Or if you floated in from my newsfeed, well... by now, you know the routine.

  2. At LEAST once, but preferably several times, make a TWEET on Twitter referring to "Sam Freedom's Big Twitter Experiment" with a link to this article.  In other words, tell your followers to come see (and hopefully participate in) the experiment.  Using the actual URL is preferable but a TinyURL will be fine.

  3. OPTIONAL:  Link to this article on your blog.  It doesn't have to be forever but even for just a little while.

paste this into your twitter shout box

In the very least, PLEASE tell us below how you got to this article AND what about what you saw made you come here?

I want to show you some of the latent power in Twitter - the stuff that might not be readily available elsewhere.

Other than one of the most awkward tweets I've yet to spy...

Please participate.  Thank you.

Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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Marina Martin said...

I follow you on Twitter and saw your tweet pop up in Snitter, so I came over :)

Matt said...

I found you via a "secret message" to my inbox. Subsequently, I stumbled the page and left a comment.

Joi Koi said...

Twitter -> Read it -> Spunn it -> Commented ;-)

CB said...

got your email, don't use twitter, thought I'd see what your fuss was all about.

Pamela said...

There's a fuss? :)

Robert Lawless said...

I am on your email list...

Pete said...

saw the post on Twitter. Always find your postings intriguing.
wish I could find it 'boring' making money on the internet.
Just wish I could make money actually.

Anonymous said...

I´m on your mailinglist Sam...
Love, Ursula

Scott said...

Hi Sam.


God bless.

Peter said...

You followed me, so I checked out who you were.

That's a fairly intensive viral approach which is unsustainable en mass, but in terms of developing a power niche, I commend your strategy.

There's little doubt to the power of Twitter, but the majority of tweeters really need to find something interesting to say...

The novelty of "I am tweeting right now" has worn off now.

My favourate tweet so far is "HOW I LOST $150,000 ON FACEBOOK" It's rare to get that much honesty and that much admission to being a dope than that.

I guess in twitter style it should have been "I'm washing my pants after losing money on Facebook" but it doesn't seem quite the same does it?

Yeah, OK, that tweet was mine!
(ReikiMusic on Twitter) and yes, don't ask!

Sam Freedom said...

First of all, thanks to everyone so far. Peter (Buick), kudos on your subtly aggressive advertising technique. I realize you're selling a course about marketing facebook. Good luck with that.

As far as the viral effort being unsustainable en masse, correct.. that's why virii mutate. Sustainability is a matter of reinvention...which shouldn't take more than a minor tweak or two in just the right spot. ;-)


Raimo van der Klein said...

Anonymous said...

Found this through StumbleUpon.

But! I seem to be missing the Most Awkward Twitter Comment Ever ever.

MikeR said...

I came from your own comment at and I seem to have got here a year or so too late.
I've only just found twitter last week, I've got a few hundred following me, following a few hundred... just wondering which night I might manage to slot in get a couple of hours kip ;-)

Thanks: Looking forward to reading more, Sam.

Rizky Indra Nurbayu said...

i follow you just right now, i want to see your experiment. i found this blog from hehe