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Friday, November 30, 2007

Top Sphinner Marty Weintraub: Separated At Birth?

Just yesterday, Marty Weintraub, owner of AimClear blog held the first ever Linkapalooza Sphinn-related Link-Love festival.  It was such a class act, that I got a strange hunch that Marty might have been seperated at birth from someone royal or famous.

As you can see, I plugged Marty's picture into my handy-dandy face recognition software and voila!  I was right!  Marty is none other than the twin brother of Pedro Martinez (who is no longer with the Red Sox)! 

Want your own?  MyHeritage Face Recognition

No, you're not imagining it.  It accurately says Marty and Pedro are a 72% match.  The other 28% is 2% for skin color and 26% something I cannot mention (cough pickle cough) so this definitely confirms my suspicions.

If anyone knows how to contact Pedro, please tell him we found his better half.  And do not be misled.  The other people in the photo are distant cousins except for Fred Durst who stalks Marty in between concerts and Bertolt Brecht who haunts his dreams.

Please send all sightings of Pedro to Marty who can be found hanging out by the Sphinn water cooler between 12am and 12am each day.

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