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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ning! You Heard It Here Third!

Sometimes, words are too much and a lot more can be said with much less.  Coming from a word crafter, that statement should not be taken lightly.

So the short of it is that a company called NING, using OpenSocial, allows you to create your very own community!  That's easy to grasp but still very strange because it's yet another link in an exponentially growing chain-link fence of social media evolution. 

We went from big ol, clunky MySpace and AdBook... whoops, Facebook... places that gave us our own SPACES.

Then we rolled over into StumbleUpon where we just surfed a ton of websites with such frightening ease, voted and "wroted" on them then told friends.

Before SU even made it out of the gate, MyBlogLog, Bumpzee and MyBlogCatalog further ensnared us into big-ass user communities where everyone could see which other members were visiting ir sites and make friends with them.

And now, before any of the other venues gets to even plant its feet, NING comes along and we're given the opportunity to create our OWN communities.  NING has all the feel of SQUIDOO... EXCEPT... and this is a big exception... it's not just a static page...

About Anything... Any little thing your heart desires...

graph by david armano

Can someone get David Armano over here, please!

Have a Look Around and Join Me at FINDOUT Now...!

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Brian Page said...

Thanks Sam always an avid reader an its great to see others creations coming along. I especially like this one called 'Cagora' taken from the Greek word Agora meaning meeting & market place.

Six years in development and ready to take on the big guns!

Sam Freedom said...

Nice example, Brian. Good luck with it!

Blogger said...

Ok Sam I deserved that brush off for the blatant plug. But in all seriousness I was looking for a reaction one way or the other. I have been very close to this since 2002 and spent two years unpaid time with research and the like.

As it seems no one close to it has given you the heads up on this then it's down to me.

There's a whole bag of goodies behind the scenes to come in the New Year.

Its been very much a case of keep the lid on it until now as it's going to cause a stir with some of the big guns in the new year.

The business model has been well thought out with a board of advice that includes fortune CEO's directing the way.

You heard it hear first bud.