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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Comment Whoring Outside the Box

Holy crapcakes, Batman!  You mean I don't need yet another version of the already published 3000 articles on how to comment on others blogs?  Cool!

That's right, folks.  I don't get a burr under my skin too often but lately, seeing so many posts saying similar things, it makes me laugh that SEO white knights could ever get mad at something like an Article Spinner.  To them, it's perfectly ok that 8,000 people write pretty much the same darn article on the mysteries and frustrations of Pagerank every week but for you to write ONE article and have it spun into 8,000 unique versions is anathema.

No, instead, you should just do what the white knights tell you and take your chances competing with the rest of the herd according to rules that are outdated and re-written before you even finish reading them.  Right... lol

The Road Less Traveled for Commenting on Blogs

So, as an antidote to the countless number of posts telling you to go find some A-list bloggers blog and make your comment stand out, I have a highly effective alternative method that will loosen the ball and chain around your ankle a little.  And it's SOOOOO simple that you'll be utterly offended.

You find someone who SHOULD BE an A-list blogger and comment on THEIR blogs.

In fact, you can find a B-list blogger (whatever the heck that is) and if they have a decent following but hardly any comments, then FILL IN THE GAP.  It's yours!  You found it and you owe no one any apologies.  Just have something relevant to say.  Something genuine and say it in a way that makes a passer-by want to come to your blog.  In most cases, you'll be first.  Here's 2 examples:

Two Examples

DazzlinDonna @

Look at the details of her blog relevant to this article:

  • Excellent writing ability

  • Excellent topic selections

  • Lots of Useful, Interesting Resources

  • Passion for what she does

  • Actively involved in growing (Top Sphinner at Sphinn)

  • Alexa traffic rank of:  45,528 and stable

  • 2151 feed subscriptions and growing

  • Avg 5 comments per post (occasional burst to 10)

This is a comment whore's DREAM blog.  So where are you?  While it's only an estimate, I would venture that for every comment on a particular article, you're looking at 20-30 times more who read it but didn't comment.  So yea, the billions of "how to comment on others blogs!" authors are correct that its valuable, but they don't tell you that competing with 100s of others on an A-list blogger's blog is nothing short of an act of futility.  So off you go to make some blogger look more popular than he or she deserves because you see others JUST LIKE YOU are doing the same thing on those blogs.

It reminds me of a bunch of muscleheads crowding each out on stage to give the judges a better view.

So here's an example of my genuine, relevant comment on her most recent post regarding fisticuffs between Matt Cutts and Aaron Wall that hadn't any comments yet.  Naturally, the comment's a tad controversial but relevant and sincere.

By the way, for those of you who are curious as to why Donna gets relatively few comments compared to her worth?  In my opinion, it's because she's mostly immersed in communities of SEO people who don't always follow their own advice (re: commenting on others blogs for traffic and potential linkbait).  Other than that, thumbs up to Donna!  And thumbs up to you for leaving a decent comment on any of her posts.

Example 2

Aprit Jacob - Clazh Tech & Design

"Hi There my name is Arpit Jacob and I run The Clazh - Tech and Design Blog. I launched this blog on the 1st of April 2007, with a focuse on Technology, Web Development and Design. I try my best to provide quality content, articles and tutorials. The blog aims to build a community around which people can grow and learn from each other."

Details of Aprit's Blog relevant to this article:

  • Appealing layout

  • Passionate and well-informed

  • Excellent writing ability

  • Excellent topic selections

  • Actively growing (89 MyBlogLoggers and growing)

  • has a traffic rank of:  38,644 and is stable

  • Feed subscriber amount unknown

  • Avg 5 comments per post w/rare bursts to 20s

ANOTHER comment whore's dream blog.  Here's an example of my genuine, relevant comment on Arpit's site regarding Google 411.  The goal here is not to score insane traffic overnight but to SEED your (genuine, sincere, relevant) comments out there on popular, growing, but definitely undervalued blogs.  And over an amount of time you've likely already spent spinning your wheels, you'll eventually see a "tipping point" of traffic coming to your blog from these places you may or may not have long forgotten.

Now the aim of this post is not only to share this idea but also to inspire visitors to think for themselves and find unusual ways of doing things or tweaking white knight advice to find your own secret treasure vaults of juice for your endeavors.

In my next post, I'll teach you how to properly STEAL... yes, that's right... PROPERLY and ETHICALLY. ;-)


Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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Reasonable Robinson said...

I rekon ther's alot in what you say, I've been blogging for year and been bamboozled by all the 'here's how to build traffic' tricks and techniques, lately I've been commenting alot more on posts and my averages are starting to creep up...I gues the whold thing hines on dialogue which I think Blogs are brilliant back to the roots forget gee whizz 'marketing' tosh and 'join the conversation!

Reasonable Robinson said...

I does help if your spelling matches your typing speed too!!

Doug Champigny said...

Another fantastic post from one of the few 'thinkers' amongst all the 'followers'! You've taken a theme everyone is talking about, and shown how to be much more effective with it - brilliant!

Keep up the great work, Sam - it's always a pleasure to read this great blog of yours!


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