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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Free Internet Marketing Ebooks - Caroline Middlebrook Is At It Again!

Caroline Middlebrook is at it again...

In "Why I'm Angry with Caroline Middlebrook And Her Big Juicy Guide to Twitter", I pretended to be dismayed as a fun way of saying, "Ya better hurry up and pick up Caroline's Twitter Guide before she changes her mind!"

This time she's giving away the house.  Ok, maybe not the house.

But, in an effort to become better known and, therefore, better "visited", she's compiled a list of free ebooks by well-known marketers and put them all in one place for you in, "Free Internet Marketing Related Ebooks". 

So What's The Catch?!

There's no obvious catch and Caroline certainly doesn't intend one but there's a cautionary tale told between accomplished internet marketers about the perils of conditioning people to become "freebie seekers."  Although, I've always said, "Inside every freebie seeker is a customer waiting to be born."

Later, as my experience grew, I added, "And inside every customer is a business owner waiting to be born..."

So there's nothing wrong with giving out a bunch of freebies if it's done in good measure.  Besides, with my very first website, "Sam Freedom's Sharing the Love!"...

Who Am I To Call the Kettle Black?

Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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That strategy definitely sports the "if one wins, we all win" attitude, almost a kind of solidarity. does a better job of rallying support for a common cause and helping everyone involved win in some way.

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