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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Super Advanced EntreCard Strategy - Squeezing the Most Out of Your Chain Droppers

It just gets better and better, doesn't it?

In just a second, I am going to show you how to PROFIT from almost EVERY, SINGLE Entrecard chaindropper that comes through your site, but first I need 30 seconds to set the stage for it:

If there's one thing about which I'd bet almost anything that I'm one of the best, it is discovering SYNERGIES - even between things that seem almost totally unrelated.

So You Thought Chain Droppers Were No Good, Did Ya?

You Called Them Untargeted Traffic Did Ya?

As many of you know, I've been writing EXTENSIVELY about EntreCard because every last bone in my body tells me that it is has potentials vast, light years beyond what are immediately obvious right now. Not only did I explain extensively how people could initially benefit, even from chain droppers ("10 Simple Ways to Squeeze the Most Out of Entrecard for Your Greater Advantage") but I've also told people from day 1 that...

...Online Marketing and Problogging Is A NUMBERS GAME!

Those of you who have been following me, especially recently, are experiencing it directly... even gaining just one more loyal reader puts you, potentially, within reach of his or her whole network of friends. You saw the "Entrecard Meme" and you felt the goodwill and connectivity coarsing through you.

Now, that is not really a mystery or a huge revelation but it is WILDLY underestimated...WILDLY.

If, for example, you followed my advice in, "Quick Free Tip on How to Get Followers on Twitter Fast!", you'd have learned how to quickly get lots of followers on Twitter. Just imagine, then, making a really hot, interesting tweet on Twitter and then, "BANG!", 20 of your new Twitter friends tell THEIR followings of 20-100, or even more, Twitter friends. And then some of THEM tell people.

It Can Be THAT Quick! Seriously!

So Do NOT Underestimate the Power of Merely One New Reader or Friend

Especially now that I'm going to show you how to PROFIT from EVERY SINGLE PERSON that visits your site...

No, on second thought, I'm going to just show you...

Click Here

In short, though, not only will every single person who spends 5 seconds at your site earn you "Pay-Per-Play" revenue, but you'll earn in other ways, too, without doing, or paying, for anything new. You just put the code on your site and, all of a sudden, those supposedly "untargeted", "no good", "junk traffic", chain droppers become...

...Instant Honeybees!

All collecting honey for... YOU. ;-)

Click Here

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Tim said...

Wow Sam, this is a VERY insightful post!

This has really opened my eyes to "synergies". I had never thought of this concept, and now after reading your post, it seems so obvious!

Amazing man, thanks a bunch.

By the way, I've written a review of your blog here: Sunday Blog Review

Hope you enjoy it!

MyChronicLife said...

You got me hooked! I just signed up for your RSS feed. Thanks for some great info. I need some time to digest it all so I'll keep reading.
Brain Foggles