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Thursday, December 20, 2007

ENTRECARD Contests That Never Made It - And One That Did

Entrecard Contests That Never Made It

And 1 That Did...

The following comprise three of the worst Entrecard contests that have ever made it off the drawing board.  In fact, they were so bad, they never saw the full light of day.  For the sake of professional courtesy, and whatever little bit of kindness is left in me, I will not be revealing the origins of these contests.

Just review them and shake your head silently.  But have hope!  They are followed by an Entrecard Contest that is rocking the world!

Failed Entrecard Contest Number 1

Prize: 1000 credits
Entry Fee:
  Blog about the contest with a link pointing back.
Why It Sucked:
  In a nutshell, it wants you to give them a beautiful link buried in perfect anchor-text within a juicy, keyword-rich article - a backlink lover's dream merely for the OPPORTUNITY to stand in line for 15 weeks at John Chow's "Advertise" link.  To add insult to this injury, you would, ultimately, be inviting all of your readers to become your competitors by sending them to the contest blog to do exactly the same.

Failed Entrecard Contest Number 2

Prize: 1000 credits for each 5 people who enter.
Entry Fee:
  100 Entrecard credits
Why It Sucked:  This was a standard raffle where someone's kid throws a dart at a dartboard or pulls a piece of paper out of a hat and, quite frankly, someone forgot to do the math.  One hundred people entered (10,000 prize pool) and 20 prizes equalled 20,000 credits and they couldn't make up the 10,000 credit deficit.  The operative word is "Ponzi" or "Ooops!"

Failed Entrecard Contest Number 3

Prize:  0 Credits
Entry Fee:
  Do nothing.
Why It Sucked:
  It was rigged.  Right from the start, it was impossible to do nothing so everybody lost.

But Here's An Example of
A Successful Entrecard Contest...


Yes, you heard me right!  The Big Bald Blog is having a contest for some really cool prizes including an 8 Gig IPOD, Entrecard Credits, a Blog Review by a Great Reviewer and some Big Pappy WorldWide Gear!

All I can say, folks, is that any time there's a contest with a BIG BAD IPOD involved and it doesn't require me to give my credit card info and fill out 30 forms, I'M IN!

After all, the entry fee costs twat-diddly and, when you really think about it, people have to leave your blog at some point anyways... so why not send 'em to a friend?  or a guy who you'll end up wanting as a friend?  Or a guy you'll end up wanting as a friend with...


What are you waiting for?  Go Enter Now!

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Contamination said...

Of all the blog post entries for competitions I have ever seen, that one was the BEST!

That post is about to get some misdo link love.

Sam Freedom said...

Thanks, compadre...

pcguy said...

Nice post, very original. Had to Stumble it.

Sam Freedom said...

@pcguy thanks to you, too.

C-Squared said...

epic level post. i totally remember that third contest. it sucked. :(

Gary R. H. said...

I actually did #1 and it was quite successful (was even for 1000 entrecard credits!). Of course, there were other ways to enter it as well, but I still received some nice backlinks for it.

Lucky said...

I just started an entrecard give-away contest at and didn't even think about some of the points you made. I'm thinking about giving away some free advertising spots on my site as prizes as well. Any thoughts on that?

testking 650-180 said...

well there are other ways as well to enter the card. i did it number second and it really works.